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Creating document workflow with digital signature for google docs


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How to embed a digital signature on a workflow document for google docs.

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Creating document workflow with digital signature for google docs

  1. 1. Creating Document Workflow with Digital Signature for Google Drive/Docs Electronic Approval Digital Signature Timestamp Comment/Feedback
  2. 2. ENABLE E-SIGNATURE FOR YOUR DOMAIN In the Admin menu, Go to ‘Workflow’ and turn on ‘Signatures’ and Save changes.
  3. 3. UPLOAD A SIGNATURE FILE A user eg. John goes to ‘Update My Profile’ and uploads a signature file (size 100 x 80 pixel)
  4. 4. Once uploaded, Click the ‘Save Profile to Start Collavate’ button to save changes.
  5. 5. REVIEW THE DOCUMENT Now a user submits a document to John. John opens the document, reviews, and clicks Approve.
  6. 6. REVIEW THE ‘APPROVED’ DOCUMENT User can find that John approved the document with a timestamp. Click the ‘Pencil’ icon to see details.
  7. 7. DIGITAL SIGNATURE ON A WORKFLOW DOCUMENT John’s signature will show up on the document detail view window. Also, a user can click ‘Print Process(Download as PDF)’ to print the approved document with approval history.
  8. 8. APPROVAL REPORT An approval report with signatures, google document links, and documents are generated in a single PDF file.
  9. 9. ➔ Submit a document to any user with email ID and get an approval with a comment, timestamp and a digital signature ➔ Upload an image of your signature to your Collavate profile ➔ Process and approve documents using your digital signature ➔ Store a digital signature on an approved google document ➔ Create and print an approval report containing your digital signature ➔ Turn on/off digital signature function for your entire google apps domain users Sign up FREE Collavate TECHNICAL HIGHLIGHTS