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Crystal and Martingale Collars


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Collar Planet in a leading supplier of designer quality dog apparel and accessories including collars, leashes, and much more. For more details call us at (888) 948-2345.

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Crystal and Martingale Collars

  1. 1. We are a leading online provider of fashionable dog clothing and outfits for canine enthusiasts around the globe. Our extensive line of fashion apparel for dogs includes seasonal dog costumes, sports apparel, bandannas, t-shirts, hoodies and more. We have a ton of stylish dog wear accessories like collars, sunglasses, and harnesses. Our selection of dog collars is out of this world, with a complete variety of collars for every season, holiday, occasion, and everyday wear including Martingale collars, spiked, jeweled, leather, LED collars, and many more. Express your dogs style and taste with our collar charms, so your pet never has to go out without some "bling." Enjoy a little high-tech piece-of-mind with our brand new QR Code Pet ID dog tags. The future of digital dog identification tags for mobile devices is here. A Designer Inspired Dog Collar Selection of Galactic Proportions You might dress your dog in all sorts of cute dog apparel from time to time, but your dog's collar is the one fashion accessory that will almost never be removed. We want to be sure that you're getting the perfect collar that both you and your furry friend will love and enjoy for years to come. This is why we've put together one of the most comprehensive selections available here.
  2. 2. Dog Sports Gear for Pooches with a Sporty Temperament What’s your dog’s league support penchant? Is it a MLB dog, a NBA dog, a NFL dog or a NCAA dog? No matter what it is though, the dog sports gear range that we present can help you to pamper your pup’s cheerleading temperament in the most fashionable of ways. Check out the assortment of pet sports apparel and accessories we have in store – they are made to meet the finest principles in sports and can help you add your pup to your favorite football or baseball team roster in full gear. All products in the range are imprinted with official emblems of the sports teams in distinctive colors.
  3. 3. Holiday-Pet-Wear to Spread the Cheer It’s that time of the year where you get together with your loved ones and make merry. It’s the time to spread joy and happiness amongst your family members and dear ones. You want to take part in the revelry and have fun, make memories that you will cherish for long. And since your pets are members of your family as well, you can dress them up in Holiday Pet Wear that will not only make them stand out but feel special and loved too. Christmas Easter Halloween Hannukah Independence Day St Patricks Day You can contact us at: or by phone at (888) 948-2345.