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Final Project for Digital Strategy Crash Course on Skillshare


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Final Project for Digital Strategy Crash Course on Skillshare

  1. 1. Final Project for “Digital Strategy Crash Course” on SkillshareTutor: Julian ColeMay 2013Joan Collado@joancollado
  2. 2. AVERAGE NETFLIX CONSUMER IN USA (Feb13 - mar13)- Past month: Netflix: 37.200.000, Hulu: 11.100.000, Redbox: 4.090.000, Blockbuster:2.740.000- Results to December 2012:“Netflix”: 100,“Hulu”: 22,“Redbox”: 18 “Blockbuster”: 7.(100 = Maximum interest)- “House of Cards” increased from getting 8 points in January to 100 in February. Within a singlemonth of intense promotion the objectives of the whole communications planning wereachieved.- Same happened with “Kevin Spacey”. Rush up.- People generally watches Netflix at weekends and tend to look especially for movies.- “Netflix” searches have grown while TV services searches have decreased.ABOUT SEARCHES ON THE INTERNET- Woman- Between 25 and 34 years old.- With no kids.- Income: $100 – 150k- Went to Grad School- Caucasican
  3. 3. QUARTER 4 2011: The company had 1.86 milliontotal subscribers in its international streamingdivision.QUARTER 4 2012: The company had 6.12 milliontotal subscribers in international streamingdivision. His leadership among other companieslike Redbox, Blockbuster or Hulu is clear.In the first three months of 2013, when theoriginal Netflix series House of Cards waspresented, Netflix increased their subscribers evenmore: from 6.12 million to..7,14 million.
  4. 4. Netflix created a new successfulstrategy about releasing originalNetflix series, with the best qualityof cast and production.HEMLOCK GROVE will be thenext one.On April 19 it will be presentedand its complete first season(13 episodes) will be available.So, let’s get to work.
  5. 5. Netflix wants to create a digital strategy to promote therelease of Hemlock Grove and use it to get more subscribers.To increase the low awareness of Hemlock Grove by 80% andget 50.000 new subscribers among digital natives for april2013 with a budget of 125.000$.
  7. 7. Young couple, moved recently to live together.They are addict to shows and movies.They remember when, afew years ago and living with their parents, waited anxiously theirweekly Lost chapter. Of course, they also remember the feeling ofhelplessness that pervaded them when the chapter ended andthey had to wait for another whole week to taste just a bit more.One of the things they like about fiction is to forget everythingand get transported to the fictional universe.They do not come home until afternoon. During weeknights theyalways watch television while texting with friends or tweeting,from the tablet or smartphone.Weekends are more to get out.They are fully integrated in social networks, posting constantlly,searching info, watching webs and videos…They know Netflix as the reference platform in its sector.Theyknow that you can choose loads of shows and movies and alsothey see positively their exclusive series like House of Cards, butsomehow they have never taken the step to register because theyhave enough television and certain films downloaded illegally, eventhough they have unconfortable about their absolute poor qualityand the fact that you spend so much time looking around to getwhat you want.
  8. 8. Jay and Megan, like many other people,also have a “dark side”.They love fiction about intense andextreme situations (zombies,vampires and werewolves…), thingsabsolutely impossible to see in oursociety and in our normal lives.Shows like The Walking Dead, gameslike Resident Evil…They enjoy fear and anxiety fromtheir home. It’s fiction, but thefeelings are real.
  9. 9. They are addicted to FEEL.But they have restrictions:They can’t get whateveremotions and sensations they want at theirfauvorite hour and on their fauvorite device.NETFLIX CAN HELP BRINGING THEMHEMLOCK GROVE.
  10. 10. So, if Netflix satisfies this needing, the“feeling addiction”will become“Netflix addiction”:(We’ll fix that :))
  11. 11. CREATIVE BRIEFSTRATEGYCommunicate a better way of enjoying horror series.INSIGHTWhen it comes to entertainment, fear and stress are primitive and deep emotions thatmust not be limited by time, chapters, catalog or platform. We are talking about private,intimate and unique moments.BRANDTRUTHWith Hemlock Grove you can enjoy your fear moments with the freedom you need.SINGLE MINDED PROPOSITION“Release your fears without restrictions”
  13. 13. BUDGET ALLOCATIONSocial: $37,000Facebook Ads: $10,000Twitter promoted: $5,000YouTube intervactive ads: $20,000Vine (production): $2,000Google Search: $8,000Site: $30,000Banner ads: $25,000Earned media: $15,000Blogger outreach: $10.000TOTAL: $125.000
  14. 14. RETENTION+100% of FB page likes, 2.500 new FB fans, 5000 newfollowers on NetflixTwitter page and 1.500 con HemlockGrove’s.PURCHASE50.000 new subscribers, 100.000 month trialsPREFERENCE40% preference for our brand among others, 25% increase inpurchase preference, increasing image as inventor of thecategory; 15% increase in FB likes and retweetsCONSIDERATION8,333 visitors to fb page + 130.000 visitors to site viaGoogle Search (CTR= 2%)AWARENESS80% awareness increase, 10.416.250 impressions via FB +500.000YT ad views + 6.500.000 impressions via GoogleSearch + 4.000.000 Twitter promoted impressionsKpi
  15. 15. THANK YOU!