"NSTIC Pilots on the trust network" Webinar Slides 10-12-2012


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Matt Woodhill of Resilient Network Systems, and Brian Ahier of Gorge Health Connect, both long time CHC members, introduce these pilots and what the pilots will make possible in the near future. The webinar includes a discussion of pilots related to the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, or NISTIC.

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  • TWIMC, Given the time since this presentation was made, and the updates we performed while completing the pilots, I think it would be fine to remove this from the web when you have a chance. Thanks.
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"NSTIC Pilots on the trust network" Webinar Slides 10-12-2012

  1. 1. Investor Intro – NSTIC Trust Network Pilots CHC Presentation Q22012 October 12, 2012
  2. 2. & National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace • Signed by the President in 2011 •  Resilient awarded 12 month, $2M • Create new Identity Ecosystems grant to pilot innovative solutions for to assure security and privacy both healthcare and education • Pilot grants and an adoption requirement for .Gov websites •  Trust Network will connect over 15 nationally recognized leaders for identity, policy and online content •  Goal is to commercialize solutions and capabilities for rapid adoption by public / private sectors “Making Online Transactions Safer, Faster, and More Private”Page 2 www.resilient-networks.com
  3. 3. The TrustTrust Network Resilient Network An “overlay” that makes existing security stronger, and provides unmatched capabilities for cross-enterprise collaboration and commerce.   Achieves security and privacy - anonymous authentication, privilege management and monitoring support identity verification and matching without exposing identity information   Enhances data security because the data is not actually shared; making is safer to use to prove claimsPage 3 www.resilient-networks.com
  4. 4. Goals of the NSTIC PCC and ZIPPS Pilots Combined Goals   Enable trust for sensitive health and education transactions on the Internet   Provide secure, multifactor, on-demand identity proofing and authentication across multiple sectors, at national scale   Commercialize solutions and underlying capabilities, beyond Year 1 Healthcare: Patient-Centered Coordination of Care (PCC)   Implement an identity ecosystem encompassing patients, physicians and staff which facilitates coordinated care through secure, HIPAA-compliant access to:   Electronic referral and transfer of care messaging   Advanced, on-demand decision support service Education: Zero Knowledge Identity & Privacy Protection Service (ZIPPS)   Demonstrate secure access to school records, messaging and online learning applications that is compliant with FERPA and COPPA   Provide secure, multifactor, on-demand authentication for educational contentPage 4 www.resilient-networks.com
  5. 5. Education: Zero Knowledge ID & Privacy Protection Service Pilot Sites for Operations and Identities: Highlights of Pilot Broker transactions between multiple systems that coordinate identities and enforce policies to: •  Verify parent-child relationship•  King City Unified School District •  Deliver content (records, messages)•  Riverside Unified School District •  Deliver services (educational software)•  Santa Cruz County Office of Education •  Gather content for research analytics •  Facilitate compliance with:Online Education Software: •  Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) •  Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)Identity & Attribute Providers: Principal Investigator Jonathan Hare President and Founder,Advisors on Governance / Protocols / Policy: Resilient Network Systems jonathan@resilient-networks.comPage 5 www.resilient-networks.com
  6. 6. Healthcare: Patient-Centered Coordination of Care Pilot Sites & HIE Software: Highlights of Pilot •  Populations of seasonal agricultural workers from SD work and received care in Oregon too •  Identity matching and policy enforcement enables coordinationDecision Support Partners: •  Enable NwHIN Direct messaging across HIE platforms and state lines •  Novel, cloud-based decision support available to doctors in both states •  On-demand, privacy-preservingIdentity & Attribute Providers: authentication and authorization •  Commercialized identity matching, secure messaging & cloud-based decision support can scale rapidlyAdvisors on Governance / Protocols / Policy: Principal Investigator Dr. David Hartzband, D.Sc. Chief Technology Officer Resilient Network Systems david.hartzband@resilient-networks.comPage 6 www.resilient-networks.com
  7. 7. Coordination of Care eReferral Messaging input Clinical input •  “Closes the Loop” Decision •  Handles Identities Support “In the Network” Primary Care & Cardiologist Powered by: for use of portals Physician results results and web services •  Resolves policies within and across: •  Organizations •  Tech platforms •  State lines • Interoperable Transfer of Care MessagingPage 7 www.resilient-networks.com
  8. 8. Identity Syndication Verified Identity 1. “I am Dr. John Smith” Dr. Smith 2. “I am a Cardiologist” Enabled for Use user Identity Syndicate 2nd Claim Confirmed Identity Broker Aggregates and organizes 1st Claim Confirmed Correlates, verifies identity attributes and authenticates (inputs from ID Broker) and identities of users calculates Levels of Certainty and records. Identity Syndicate Inconclusive Maybe Maybe Identity Providers Yes Yes Yes - Commercial ID Providers - Professional associations HIE / HISP LexisNexis NaviNet AMA - Other applications, directories and services Page 8 www.resilient-networks.com
  9. 9. Trust Enables : Authorized Relationships Notification of information requiring authorization Physician Staff Staff Physician Office 1 Office 2 Establishes Trust Graphs byDr. Smith enforcing the policies that form Dr. Brown Dr. Smith’s Office these relationships Dr. Brown’s Office Authorized Authorized Relationships Relationships Patient Patient Trust Encrypted exchange Trust Graph 1 can now occur Graph 2Page 9 www.resilient-networks.com
  10. 10. Expansion and Connections to Other Initiatives DIRECT Projects Western States Initiative – focus on how state-level provider directories and trust services can be federated at a regional level to promote privacy and security and facilitate interstate exchange •  Oregon and California will implement a proof of concept pilot that will support the solutions agreed upon by the group •  Alignment of interests and outcomes creates synergy between projects Automate Blue Button Initiative (ABBI) – develop standards and specifications that allow patients to download their health information, and to privately and securely automate sending records to their preferred holding place. •  Pull Workgroup: allowing a third party application to access personal health data on demand •  Plans to leverage identity ecosystem from NSTIC Collaborative and Cloud-based Healthcare Apps/Services Aetna Strategic Services •  ActiveHealth CareEngine™ •  Medicity HIE, and iNEXX PlatformPage 10 www.resilient-networks.com
  11. 11. Questions Answers DiscussionPage 11 Resilient Proprietary Information
  12. 12. The Resilient Team Principal Investigators PCC - Dr. David Hartzband, D.Sc. – Chief Technology Officer •  David.Hartzband@resilient-networks.com •  Phone: 415-291-9600 x109 617-501-4611 (cell) ZIPPS - Jonathan Hare – Founder/President •  Jonathan@resilient-networks.com •  Phone: 415-291-9600 x102 415-265-3250 (cell) Program Management •  Brit Wanick – VP Technical Services – Program Director •  Britton.Wanick@resilient-networks.com •  Phone: 415-291-9600 x115 •  Ethan Ayer – Chief Financial Officer – Legal Finance •  Ethan.Ayer@resilient-networks.com •  Phone: 415-291-9600 x103 •  Pat Reilly – EVP Business Development – PR, Marketing and Commercialization •  Pat.Reilly@resilient-networks.com •  Phone: 408-667-8302 (cell) •  Matt Woodhill – Business Development Manager –Logistics, Scheduling Communications •  Matt.Woodhill@resilient-networks.com •  Phone: 415-291-9600 x106Page 12 www.resilient-networks.com