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Electricity History


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Electricity History

  1. 1. How Electricity Changed Communication By Austin Rivera
  2. 2. How we communicated back in the day • Before electricity was practical for everyday use (up until the 1860’s), mail by horse was the most common way of sending messages and parcels.Today, the USPS has the same functionality, but time to ship is quicker due to airplanes and motor vehicles.
  3. 3. Electricity Kicks in! • In 1836, Samuel Morse develops a code for sending messages over an electrical line using electrical pulses.This code was known as morse code and is still used in aviation radio towers today.
  4. 4. Now everyone can communicate • In 1876,Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, a device that allowed people to communicate via sound waves.This broadened the range for the audience that could communicate electronically.
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