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Making flash work on iPhone & iPad April 2011


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This Whitepaper by Collabor Labs explores Adobe's attempts to get Flash working on iPad & iPhone through its experimental Flash to HTML5 converter called Wallaby.

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Making flash work on iPhone & iPad April 2011

  1. 1. Making Flash work on iPhone & iPad A Collabor Labs Whitepaper, Apr 2011 ABSTRACT This whitepaper discusses
  2. 2. Apple, Adobe & HTML5The Apple: Adobe rift over flash is well known. To keep things interesting, HTML5 furtherruined e to installadditional plugins. HTML5 already has become the future of rich interactive Web contentand advertising, HTML5 is supported in most Web browsers, but, most importantly, itssupported on Apples iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, where Flash is banned.On the flip side, Adobe Flash has always been the choice of designers for rich interactiveweb content and for banner advertisement. Thats a problem when exciting new smartphone and tablet platforms dont support Flash.What is Wallaby?On 8 March 2011, Adobe Systems released an experimental Flash to HTML5 convertercodenamed Wallaby: a program that converts Flash files to HTML5, using JavaScript, CSS,and SVG to produce Flash-like graphics that dont need plug-ins.The release is especially significant for the Mac community because this technologywould make some content previously unavailable on the iOS platform viewable on theiPad and iPhone. Apple does not support Flash on its iOS devices, arguing that Adobesmultimedia technology is vulnerable to exploits, consumes too much battery life, andcrashes too often. Adobe has fired back that Apples Flash ban is an overly restrictivepolicy that hurts users and software makers.Wallaby has a very simple UI, which accepts as input a FLA (Flash Animation) file andexports or outputs it as a HTML and support files to a user-selected folder.Research by: Collabor Labs Page 2January 2011 All trademarks belong to their respective owners
  3. 3. It also has a window where warning and errors are displayedThis initial version of Wallaby has several unsupported features due to the complexity ofFLA files and the inability to represent some Flash Professional features in HTML5. Themajor ones include no conversion of:  Action Script  Movies  Soundvideo content.Collabor Labs Summary: 1. Since Wallaby is an experimental project, expect to see changes and completeness of features over time. 2. This is a promising first step and we hope to see this being made final and released to the development communityReferences: 1. Wallaby is available as a free download at the Adobe Labs Web site 2. Wikipedia pages -- Adobe Wallaby - 3. Reviews and articles in blogs and technical mediaResearch by: Collabor Labs Page 3January 2011 All trademarks belong to their respective owners