Making Collaboration Stick: where will 2013 Help: 10 OOTB Features


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So you have SharePoint, you've experienced some success and maybe a dose of failure. Now 2013 has been fully out in the world for 6 months, Microsoft is pushing the online model that focuses on Out-of-the-box (OOTB) features, and you're wondering if 2013 will enhance your current deployment. First, we'll take a look at the top 5 OOTB features that I've seen solve end user/business needs across 2007-2013. Second, I will unveil the newest 5 features that 2013 brings to the game, and may help you make your decision. Whether you're a business user just being introduced to the full features of SharePoint or a developer building sophisticated applications, these are features that no deployment should live without.

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  • Users don’t understand what permission level to grant to other usersUsers generally don't know who all has permissions on a siteUsers can’t see the invitations that have been sent out to external users.Users don’t understand what rights they are giving people when they add them to a SharePoint group
  • Making Collaboration Stick: where will 2013 Help: 10 OOTB Features

    1. 1. June 19, 2013Where Will 2013 Help?Making Collaboration Stick@collabadam
    2. 2. So you have SharePoint, youve experienced some success and maybe a dose offailure. Now 2013 has been fully out in the world for 6 months, Microsoft is pushing theonline model that focuses on Out-of-the-box (OOTB) features, and youre wondering if2013 will enhance your current deployment. First, well take a look at the top 5 OOTBfeatures that Ive seen solve end user/business needs across 2007-2013. Second, I willunveil the newest 5 features that 2013 brings to the game, and may help you make yourdecision. Whether youre a business user just being introduced to the full features ofSharePoint or a developer building sophisticated applications, these are features thatno deployment should live without.2@collabadam
    3. 3. Who Do I Work for? Portal Solutions10+Years inBusiness4Practice Areas (Advisory/Design,Implementation, Managed, Govt Serv.)3Times selected forSP Early AdopterProgram200+SharePointImplementations2Locations – DC &BostonOur customers are organizations thatneed to improve performance througheffective information
    4. 4. Who Am I?
    5. 5. Agenda› Typical SharePoint› 5 OOTB Features that work acrossversions› 5 New OOTB 2013 Features› Questions
    6. 6. A Mess6?@collabadam
    7. 7. Success7• Strategy• Benefits• Features@collabadam
    8. 8. 5 OOTB Features that work across versions
    9. 9. 5. Custom Column• Business Need Reduce document sprawl and creation of low use documentation Accountability and tracking of assigned activities• Solution – “Virtual Meeting Agenda” Individual Task Assignment Up-to-date reporting Views9@collabadam
    10. 10. Adding a column10@collabadam
    11. 11. Creating a view11@collabadam
    12. 12. 4. Connecting Lists• Business Need Recording decisions made during meetings Tracking meeting progress• Solution – Meeting Minutes List Utilizing Custom Lists with a Custom Columns Views & Pages12@collabadam
    13. 13. Connecting Lists On a Page13@collabadam
    14. 14. 3. Document Templates• Business NeedReduced time and rework involved in creating proposalsEasy to find status of proposals and value of pipelineQuick identification similar past proposals• SolutionDocument TemplateAutomatic document taggingViews14@collabadam
    15. 15. 3. Document Templates15@collabadam
    16. 16. 2. Display View Forms• Business Need Centralize distributed information throughout e-mail and networkdrives Understanding status of document Rapid on-boarding of new team members• Solution Single point to access all information Connecting web parts within standard display view form16@collabadam
    17. 17. 2. Display View Forms@collabadam
    18. 18. 1. Process automation• Business NeedsReduce rework performed by Human Resources Form approval status and approval tracking Accountability Green computing• Solution One-click built-in automation Custom forms & process workflows Paperless18@collabadam
    19. 19. 1. Process automation@collabadam
    20. 20. NOTE TO THE OBSERVERAll Pieces of a content type20TemplateMetadataWorkflowInformationManagement
    21. 21. 5 OOTB Features that work across versions• Custom Column• Connecting Lists• Document Templates• Display View Forms• Process automationJune 20, 2013@collabadam
    22. 22. Stop holding your breath: Where does 2013 Help?Quickly add a column through GUI22@collabadam
    23. 23. Where does 2013 Help?Much better rich text editor23@collabadam
    24. 24. OOTB Features – Where does 2013 Help?Further office web app integration24OneNote Word Excel PowerPoint• Ink• Search• Image paste• Print Layout• Smart ArtRendering• Line andParagraph spacing• Page setup• Word count• Print• Sheet operations• Auto-fit• Animations• Shapes• Inserting text box• Styles@collabadam
    25. 25. OOTB Features – Where does 2013 Help?Loops, new powerful workflows25@collabadam
    26. 26. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!5 New OOTB 2013 Features
    27. 27. System users are trained by consumer appsand expect enterprise apps to act the sameway.2013 starts to takes technology out ofcollaboration
    28. 28. Share28@collabadam
    29. 29. Quick Edit/Browser Independence@collabadam
    30. 30. All Inclusive Search (FAST)30@collabadam
    31. 31. Community Template31@collabadam
    32. 32. Personal Site32@collabadam
    33. 33. QUESTIONS
    34. 34. Other 2013 Features
    35. 35. Organize: Drag and Drop
    36. 36. Organize: Focus On Content
    37. 37. Organize: Task Timeline
    38. 38. AudioCamerasComputersHome appliancesPhonesTV and videoTERM STORENAVIGATION TAXONOMYSearchFilter query byCATEGORY:COMPUTERSFriendly URL pagemaincategory.aspxCONTENT SEARCH WEB PARTManaged navigation, search and topic pages
    39. 39. Refiners and faceted navigation• Define refiners for catalog content drilldown in catalog drive scenarios• Provides easy filtering capabilities forcatalog information• Content editors can define whichmanaged properties are available asrefinements• UI rending can be customized for eachrefiner• Different data types have differentrendering options
    40. 40. Unified Discovery across Exchange, SharePoint and Lync• Find it all in one place (unified console)• Find more (in-place discovery returns the richest data)• Find it without impacting the user (Give legal team discovery, leave IWs alone)Discovery Center inSharePointUnified Preserve, Search and ExportExchange Web Services Connect to Exchange to get mailbox dataLync Archiving to Exchange Exchange is the compliance store for LyncSearch Infrastructure Exchange and SharePoint use the same searchplatform
    41. 41. Liking• Offers a way to keep track of specific posts across all the microblogging activity• Likes: is a personal view to see things you liked* Other people dont have access to the list of everything you liked, but they can see what you liked if they look at yourprofile feed (About me).• Useful to track Social activities The popularity of an item Tracking a specific post – thread• It shows in the main consolidated feeds web part
    42. 42. @Me (aka: Mentions)• Mentions give the ability to refer to a person in a microblogging post• it works independently from following if a person gets mentioned that post will show in his or her mentions feed.• People can mention People who are in the “Followed People” list People in the Profile DB• User who gets mentioned receives a notification email• Newsfeed page also provides a visual notification of number of mentions
    43. 43. SkyDrive Pro/My Documents• Provides a single place for users to create, share, collaborate and follow important documents• In 15 my sites have a single document library that can be user for private document as well as documents shared with others• So it is “the” document library of your personal site and a set of views that give access to content people want to be connectedwith: All: provides an overall view of documents in the My Documents Shared with me: provides the ability to show all documents that have been shared with you across people’s My Documents
    44. 44. SkyDrive Pro: Folder Sync• Provides quick and easy access to Document Libraries in the familiar Windows Explorer experience. Works for My Documents as well as other SharePoint 15 Document Libraries.• Makes your documents accessible online, offline or in-between and your changes are automatically synced Syncs libraries across multiple devices• Overlays on files and folders so you can easily tell if your content is in sync.• Enables quick access to useful options in the System Tray area.
    45. 45. New 2013 Architecture• In general model has stayed same as in previous version• Numerous platform level improvements and new capabilities Shredded Storage SQL Improvements Cache Service Request Management Themes Sharing
    46. 46. Build workflow apps integrationManage security information rights eDiscoveryDiscoversearchbusinessintelligenceOrganizedocumentstasksprojectsSharesocialcollaboratecommunity• Centralize projectinformation andcommunications• Store and sync yourdocumentation• Create Site templates withtasks, workflows, calendarsand custom libraries.• Deep Integration with Officeapplications• Availability of informationinside and outside of theorganization• Capture ideas, discoveranswers and followcolleagues activities• Connect with people acrossyour organization• Discover Interests, projectsand documents they’veworked on, tagged or rated• Customize search to delivermore relevant results,recommending people anddocuments
    47. 47. Things to consider…• Technology Security System/Computer Variations Who ownsSharePoint?(Users,Business,Network,Database)47• Culture Is this required Who’s in myorganization• In Government Policy Compliance