Made to measure Cloud


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Secure, reliable, made to measure hosting for
enterprise applications, e-commerce systems
and ISVs.

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Made to measure Cloud

  1. 1. Made to Measure. Cloud Solutions & Services.J10-4164 Cloud Brochure Front Page.indd 1 09/11/2010 13:28
  2. 2. Contents.Introduction 4Private Cloud 8Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) 10Cooperative Cloud 12Cloud Hosting 16
  3. 3. Introduction. Get ahead in the Cloud How we view Cloud Cloud is a transition that is changing the way you will Cloud is a flexible, secure, and reliable ICT infrastructure buy, build, operate, and consume ICT infrastructure and or service that can be used by commercial and public applications. sector organisations to support their strategic or tactical ICT delivery needs. If you are looking to make internal ICT Cloud is something you can own as a private internal infrastructure as efficient to own and operate as possible, cloud, and something from which you can consume cloud mitigate the cost of replacing an end-of-life data centre, services, delivered by a trusted service provider. Cloud will move ICT infrastructure provisioning to a trusted services continue to mature, evolving the way organisations think partner, meet requirements for externally provided about constructing and deploying ICT infrastructure and Disaster Recovery (DR) services, need to host core changing the way organisations consume and pay for ICT business applications such as ERP or e-commerce sites, services. or require extra compute or storage capacity to manage business burst, then cloud should be a consideration. Cloud is a technology, a service, and a strategy; and as one of the UK’s leading Systems Integrators, Managed You’re bound to have questions Service Providers, and Managed Hosting Providers, Logicalis We believe cloud shouldn’t be complex or confusing. appreciates the full potential of cloud for our customers, But cloud is evolving fast, and if you’re creating a strategy whether cloud is a private infrastructure you manage around cloud there are many questions you will need yourself or a set of services we deliver to you. answering: Where do I start with cloud? Which bits of cloud are right for me? Where is the cloud? What does cloud cost? Logicalis can build any size of bespoke private cloud, can What service levels can I expect? What security measures are deliver a readymade cloud to your site, or provide secure in place? Where is my data? cloud services from our UK based Data Centres, and because our cloud services come with a contracted SLA, Our belief is that we are uniquely positioned to answer you can start to consume cloud services with confidence. all of these questions, and have the ability to demonstrate that cloud isn’t something that represents a risk to your ICT infrastructure or your business, but is a technology architecture, solution or service you can confidently adopt.4
  4. 4. Sounds good – why Logicalis?Logicalis offers a unique portfolio of Cloud Solutions andservices, from private cloud all the way through to hostedcloud.Logicalis Cloud Solutions are...• Built with best practice expertise and years of experience in providing virtual data centre solutions.• Enterprise class and secure, not a service out there on the internet.• Governed by SLAs and service contracts.• Constructed to individual or community requirements.• Built with enterprise class technology infrastructure and software.Logicalis design, build, host and manage…• Private Cloud – highly virtualised and automated data centre infrastructures managed either by your own ICT department or by our managed service experts. Our Bespoke On-Site Cloud Service (BOCS) delivers our unique Virtual Container (VC) solution, delivering ‘virtual’ features to nearly any enterprise application.• Infrastructure as a Service – Logicalis hosted Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for Network, Compute and Storage services, charged by bandwidth, blade or storage consumption.• Cooperative Cloud – hybrid private and hosted integrated cloud solutions for cloud burst, cloud DR, cloud application test and development and shared service infrastructure.• Cloud Hosting – cloud based application hosting for individual organisations, government shared services or ISVs.All of our cloud service offerings are hosted and managedin the UK so your data never leaves UK shores. 5
  5. 5. A quick run through of the Logicalis Transitioning to the cloud doesn’t have to Cloud history be risky Private cloud building is in our DNA. As accredited expert In the same way we think cloud shouldn’t be complex or data centre partners of Cisco, HP, IBM, NetApp,VMware confusing, migrating to the cloud shouldn’t be risky – in and CA technologies we can build private clouds based on fact, removing risk through all stages of cloud adoption is all major server and storage platforms. And of course, we something Logicalis Virtualisation and Cloud Consultants have virtualisation experts on all major hypervisors and take pride in. operating systems so we can provide cloud infrastructures from Intel through to Mainframe. Our Virtualisation Migration Risk Assessment (VMRA) service focuses on the migration from non-virtual Something innovative and really beneficial infrastructure to private cloud and our Cloud Migration Logicalis has innovated in both our Private and Hosted Risk Assessment (CMRA) takes customers from private Cloud solutions through our unique Virtual Container cloud to hosted cloud. Both services take our customers (VC) technology. VC technology will change the way you on the journey to the cloud, and are a tried and tested think about provisioning all aspects of a cloud service, methodology for producing a successful outcome every making resources simple to manage, provision and move. time. With VC technology an Oracle database, including all of its computing, data, network, security and other necessary elements, can be moved between data centres or between on-site and hosted clouds within minutes. Virtual Containers are unique to the Logicalis BOCS and Hosted Cloud offerings, and are enabled through the innovative technologies of Cisco, NetApp and CA technologies.6
  6. 6. Virtualisation to Cloud Professional Services capabilities Logicalis Virtualisation to Cloud Service offerings What can Logicalis do for you? Logicalis offers a complete cloud engagement, and because we are a Systems Integrator, Managed Services Provider, and Managed Hosting Provider, offering all major forms of cloud solutions and services, we are able to deliver cloud in a way that meets your specific business and technology needs. Creating space for new possibilities Come to our Data Centre Innovation Centre and see what Logicalis Cloud has to offer. To book a visit contact 0800 876 6987 7
  7. 7. Private Cloud. A bespoke and highly virtualised data centre infrastructure that’s built specifically for a customer’s ICT infrastructure capacity needs. So why should I build a Private Cloud? The chances are that you may well already be in the process of moving some of your ICT infrastructure to something that resembles a cloud. If you are virtualising then you’re already on your way. Private Cloud isn’t simply about putting a hypervisor on your Intel estate (but that’s a good start), it’s really about taking all the infrastructure components you already have and making them work more efficiently and then linking them, which means you can provision and manage them more simply. Linking virtualised servers, storage, network, security and management tools and turning them into a pool of resource is what the term ‘cloud’ really means. Does Logicalis have a pre-built Private Cloud solution? It’s called BOCS (Bespoke On-Site Cloud Service). Logicalis has worked extensively with Cisco, NetApp and CA technologies to build an optimum solution for on-site cloud infrastructure and can package any size of BOCS and deliver this to our customers in self-contained racks. The BOCS includes all the management and automation tools needed to run a cloud, as well as our expertise in integrating new cloud solutions into your existing infrastructure and operating processes. Could I get a Private Cloud from any ICT supplier? Clouds are highly consolidated, efficient, operational pools of ICT infrastructure resource and Logicalis is one of the few partners in the UK who can deliver cloud solutions across all major server and storage platforms. We also have the capability to deliver the operational and automation tools and the experience that enables cloud to be run as one highly efficient IT business resource.8
  8. 8. Why should I work with Logicalis? Okay, what about a few specifics?Logicalis build Private Clouds that are made to measure • Logicalis deliver a complete range of customer ownedto our customer’s needs. We offer ‘Cloud Principles’ for private cloud solutions.every corporate application and our tailored approach of • We are cloud skilled with major vendors includingintegrating network, compute, storage and infrastructure Cisco, IBM, HP, NetApp,VMware, and CA technologies.automation gives you an adaptable and powerful solution • We have 20 years experience in computing, storage and networking, and are one of the few partners ablefor all your enterprise applications. to create truly integrated private cloud solutions. • Our tried and tested VMRA process helps customers Our partners are your partners too plan and de-risk the move to highly virtualised Certified by Cisco, HP, IBM, NetApp, CA private cloud. technologies,VMware and others as data centre • We are able to create ‘clouds’ that support all major partners, Logicalis can design, build and service technology platforms and operating systems (from any size and type of private cloud infrastructure; Intel to Mainframe); not just hypervisor based ‘cloud’ solutions. whether it is sitting on a Mainframe or Intel, • Logicalis has architected a packaged enterprise operating a hypervisor or a mainstream operating class Private Cloud; Bespoke On-Site Cloud Service system. (BOCS), pre-packaged infrastructure including management and automation tools (Cisco, NetApp Virtually everything is virtual and CA technologies). We can even run it remotely. Private clouds are the next generation of highly • Logicalis can virtualise everything through our unique virtualised data centres, but in a Logicalis Cloud Virtual Container (VC) technology. EVERYTHING is virtualised; network, computing, storage, security and operational tools. Logicalis Can I sit down and discuss my Private don’t simply build ‘virtual’ infrastructures, we Cloud requirements with Logicalis? architecture environments that enable the Absolutely, cloud is no different than any other ICT provisioning of new capacity and the movement of architecture. We expect to spend time discussing and key business workloads. designing your cloud environment requirements with you. Visit our new Data Centre Innovation Centre where you can see the Logicalis BOCS in action and examine the possibilities it could offer your business. There is practical, hands-on experience available, as well as a consultation process to genuinely assess your requirements. To book a visit contact 0800 876 6987 9
  9. 9. Infrastructure as a Service. Readymade compute, storage and networking solutions built with enterprise grade technology and delivered as an SLA-based, contractual service. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – there’s a lot of it about? There is, but we believe the Logicalis IaaS solutions, Compute as a Service, Storage as a Service and Network as a Service, are perfect for all mission critical business applications or storage requirements. As a Systems Integrator we build Private Cloud infrastructures every day, and our IaaS services are designed to the same architectural and service standards. So our IaaS solutions provide a truly enterprise class service, based on technology you would use yourself – probably better because we use the most advanced computing, storage and networking platforms available, from leading vendors you will recognise. Our highly secure, multi-tenant hosting platform is ideal for individual clients or communities of clients, and is a UK based IaaS offering, charged on a capacity over time, contracted model. Crucially, it’s enterprise grade technology Our kit is the best there is because we deliver against a contracted SLA. So, though you might care about the platform it’s built on, you will care about the service it delivers even more. The Logicalis IaaS offerings are truly enterprise class; built on recognised technology platforms and operated from our own UK Tier 3+ Data Centre.10
  10. 10. So, what’s the deal?We believe in working for you and Customers can select from simple capacity over time onwith you blades or storage capacity, to flexible purchasing options toUnlike most ‘pay as you go’ IaaS offerings, the provide the elasticity many will need for specific times ofLogicalis Cloud is designed to work for customers year or changing capacity a long-term ICT infrastructure service and is able • Compute, Storage and Network Servicesto run mission critical workloads. • Pay per use (blade, storage, bandwidth), contracted capacity over timeIaaS is a service that our customers depend on. • Massive capacity capability / high density hostingSLAs form the basis of a long term contractual • SECURE platform, run in the UK, by a trusted UK ICTservice delivery model, incorporating service and solutions and services providercapacity flexibility and agility, based on a managed • SLA based contractual model over 1, 3, 5 yearsservice contract. • Pre-provisioned and SLA based burst capacity • ‘Blade Days’ offer access to ad-hoc agreed capacityWe also work with... resourcesLogicalis uses Cisco, NetApp and CA technologies • Logicalis unique Virtual Container (VC) technologyfor our Compute, Network and Storage as a Service – creating secure, virtual resources on a multi-tenantofferings, which means our IaaS services are built cloud serviceon the same technology that an enterprise would • Built on enterprise class technology (Cisco, NetApp, CA technologies etc.)use itself, but to a scale and a density that offers • Hosted in a state-of-the-art, high density, Tier 3+ Dataenvironmental efficiencies and cost reduction Centre estatethrough technology consolidation. These efficiencies • Accessible through private and closed connectivitymean that using IaaS makes perfect business and networks (commercial and public sector class)ICT sense. • Internet Connectivity as a Service for e-commerce applications available • Ideal for government class, G-Cloud services. Building solutions for your future Visit our new Data Centre Innovation Centre where you can see the Logicalis IaaS offering in action. Meet our dedicated Cloud Architects who will work with you to see which elements of your ICT infrastructure could be moved onto a Logicalis IaaS service. Work with us to design and build your IT future. To book a visit contact 0800 876 6987 11
  11. 11. Cooperative Cloud. A matched architecture, integrated private and hosted cloud providing a single cloud service delivering next generation data centre capacity. What is a Cooperative Cloud? Logicalis Cooperative Cloud is an integrated private and hosted cloud solution providing a single infrastructure ‘resource pool’ with the freedom to move application services or data between private infrastructure and the Logicalis Cooperative Cloud service. Cooperative Cloud is ideal for customers looking to cap the size of their own ICT infrastructure or those who may have run out of power or space. It is also ideal for those who may need a representative infrastructure for DR or application test and development and need to have a trusted and integrated service they can use in the same way as they do their own. The Logicalis Cooperative Cloud makes two clouds look as one, act as one, and creates a hybrid cloud solution ideal for commercial and public sector cloud customers. How is it constructed? The Logicalis Cooperative Cloud is a highly integrated matched architecture solution, with private and hosted clouds working together to deliver a hybrid, secure, flexible, enterprise class cloud offering. We use the same reference architecture for both the on-site and hosted clouds, giving full freedom of movement for applications or data. Both sides are constructed from the same technology architectures and, using some of the clever features of the Cisco UCS computing platform, we can even make a customer’s blade (all the way down to mac address) move between clouds – and that makes this a true enterprise enabler.12
  12. 12. What are the two key elements of How can the Cooperative Cloud help? Cooperative Cloud? Our BOCS is delivered as a self-contained cloud • Bespoke On-Site Cloud Service ( BOCS) – infrastructure with enough compute, storage and network on-site, highly efficient, Private Cloud. capacity to meet expected local demand and local capacity • Cooperative Hosted Cloud – Logicalis hosted capability. Additional future capacity, in the form of DR secure multi-tenant Cloud Service. services or burst capacity for example, is provided by the Logicalis Hosted Cloud, with agreed capacity availability over the long-term. The customer simply sees one set ofWhat is the technology behind it? infrastructure. This is a highly integrated solution providingThe BOCS and the Logicalis Cooperative Cloud are based maximum flexibility and scope for innovative capacityon Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) stateless provisioning.computing technology, coupled with automation innovationfrom CA technologies, which enables us to move work Give me examples of how it works?loads that cannot be ‘virtualised’ with the same ease as The Logicalis Hosted Cloud could provide full HA / DRthose that can. This allows customers to choose whether services for the on-site BOCS. So, if your DR data centreto run a virtual or non-virtual workload on their own is running out of steam, you could move all DR serviceprivate environment or move it up into the hosted cloud requirements directly onto our cloud.when they need more application capacity or if they needto free up private space for a new workload. Or, if at certain times of the year an on-site application needs more capacity, you can simply ‘move’ a localThe solution is hypervisor and workload independent, and workload back onto our cloud to free up room as andcan operate VMware, HyperV or Citrix hypervisors and when it is needed. Once the ‘burst’ requirement has endedmost other major operating systems. Our architecture is you can move workloads back locally. The blades youdesigned for delivering enterprise class services and you used in our hosted cloud could have been your DR blades;can choose to run part of the cloud as a non-hypervisor so you can burst into your own DR facility and makeresource for applications or operating systems that cannot significant cost savings.or should not be supported through virtual technologies.It is a truly made to measure environment.This powerful feature means the Cooperative Cloud isideal for supporting any enterprise application workload,making it a highly efficient choice of on-site cloud services.In fact, you can consider a BOCS as a data centre in a rack– all pre-designed, sized and configured by some of the bestengineers in the UK. 13
  13. 13. Basically... Remind me – the Logicalis Cooperative The great benefit of the Cooperative Cloud is that with cloud has... matched architecture, designed for enterprise class • Highly integrated Private and Hosted Cloud Services services, you can move applications from your site to • Compute, Storage and Network IaaS packaged our hosting site with ease. It is a packaged on-site cloud services connected to a packaged hosted cloud giving you a single, • Logicalis unique ‘Virtual Container’ (VC) technology seamless, packaged solution. The Logicalis Cooperative creating secure and movable virtual resources Cloud offers customers or communities of customers a • Supports most enterprise applications straightforward route to cloud adoption. • Ideal for long term growth capacity outside of existing data centre • Predictable application test and development • High Availability (HA) or Disaster Recovery (DR) • Secure public sector / government shared services • BOCS for all on-site private cloud capacity • SLA based contractual model over 1, 3, 5 years • Built on enterprise class technology (Cisco, NetApp, CA technologies) • Hosted in the Logicalis UK Tier 3+ Data Centre estate • Accessible through private and closed connectivity networks (commercial and government class) • Ideal for government class G-Cloud services. Where can I see it in action? The Logicalis Cooperative Cloud offers customers, or communities of customers, a straightforward route to cloud adoption. Come and see it for yourself in our new Data Centre Innovation Centre. To book a visit contact 0800 876 698714
  14. 14. 15
  15. 15. Cloud Hosting. Secure, reliable, made to measure hosting for enterprise applications, e-commerce systems and ISVs. We give you an ideal environment Many commercial and public sector organisations and ISVs need a secure and reliable environment in which they can host core business applications, e-commerce sites or deliver services to a group of customers as Software as a Service (SaaS). Logicalis Cloud Hosting offers an ideal environment for all of these requirements. Putting you on the map We host your applications and services in our Tier 3+ UK Data Centre. High bandwidth internet services are already available and we have interconnects to major internet exchanges and other networks. Cloud capacity and storage is all UK based and the service is managed from UK managed service centres. This is especially important to industries where information security is paramount. Government customers can be assured that Cloud Hosting with Logicalis meets the highest security and operational standards.16
  16. 16. Get it exactly right with us Host with the mostLogicalis Cloud Hosting is a made to measure solution • UK hosting environmentfor any size of requirement. Customers work with us • Tier 3+ Data Centreto design and select a bespoke environment. Our cloud • Flexible costing based on Network, Compute andoperations and architecture team ensure that we work to Storage as a Serviceyour specific hosting requirements. • Highly efficient hosting environment based on enterprise class technology platformsOur managed services team can also help you manage your • Virtual Container (VC) to deliver a single hostedoperating system or hypervisor technologies, removing a virtual environmentlayer of management, and ensuring that you truly are in a • High bandwidth internet connectivity available oncloud hosting environment that is enterprise class. request • Managed Services to help run your operating orInnovation through consultation hypervisor environmentLogicalis Cloud Hosting is designed for fast access, • Connectivity to major internet bringing your application on board is managed byour dedicated engineers, who will help you size and Have a closer lookscope. Logicalis use its innovative Virtual Container Come to our Data Centre Innovation Centre and see(VC) technology to create a specific virtual cloud which Logicalis hosting possibilities in action.customers can deploy their operating system andapplication stack of choice. To book a visit contact 0800 876 6987 17
  17. 17. Overview. Logicalis design, build, host and manage… • Private Cloud – highly virtualised and automated data centre infrastructures managed either by your own ICT department or by our managed service experts. Our Bespoke On-Site Cloud Service (BOCS) delivers our unique Virtual Container (VC) solution, delivering ‘virtual’ features to nearly any enterprise application. • Infrastructure as a Service – Logicalis hosted Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for Network, Compute and Storage services, charged by bandwidth, blade or storage consumption. • Cooperative Cloud – hybrid private and hosted integrated cloud solutions for cloud burst, cloud DR, cloud application test and development and shared service infrastructure. • Cloud Hosting – cloud based application hosting for individual organisations, government shared services or ISVs. All of our cloud service offerings are hosted and managed in the UK so your data never leaves UK shores.18
  18. 18. What can Logicalis do for you?Logicalis offers a complete cloud engagement, andbecause we are a Systems Integrator, Managed ServicesProvider, and Managed Hosting Provider, offering all majorforms of cloud solutions and services, we are able todeliver cloud in a way that meets your specific businessand technology needs.Creating space for new possibilitiesCome to our Data Centre Innovation Centre and see whatLogicalis Cloud has to offer.To book a visit contact 0800 876 6987
  19. 19. UK: 110 Buckingham Avenue | Slough | Berkshire SL1 4PFTel: +44 (0) 1753 777 200 | Fax: +44 (0) 1753 777 203Logicalis Cloud and Cloud Hosting services built in partnership with: © Logicalis Group 2010. All trademarks are acknowledged.