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Jody Ouziel - YMCA Diabetes Prevention


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Jody Ouziel presented on the efforts by the New York YMCA to fight diabetes.

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Jody Ouziel - YMCA Diabetes Prevention

  2. 2. StatisticsDIABETES•25.8 million AmericansPREDIABETES•79 million Americans (35% of all adults) with progression to diabetes at rate of 5 – 15% per yearDIABETES•25.8 million AmericansNEW YORK CITY• 23.5% or approximately 1.4 million New Yorkers have pre-diabetes.2 CREATING POWERFUL ALLIANCES | ©2012 YMCA of Greater New York
  3. 3. ResearchDIABETES PREVENTION PROGRAM –based on the original National Institutes of Health ( NIH ) led study.•27 research sites (centers)•3,234 participants•25 years or older•BMI > or = 24 (22 for Asian)•Impaired Glucose Tolerance and Fasting Blood GlucoseLIFESTYLE INTERVENTION An intensive program with the following specific goals:•> 7% loss of body weight and maintenance of weight loss•> 150 minutes per week of physical activity3 CREATING POWERFUL ALLIANCES | ©2012 YMCA of Greater New York
  4. 4. ResearchDPP LIFESTYLE INTERVENTION WORKED FOR:•All ethnic/racial groups•Men and women•All adults, especially those over age 60DEPLOYDiabetes Education & Prevention with a Lifestyle Intervention Offered at the YMCA4 CREATING POWERFUL ALLIANCES | ©2012 YMCA of Greater New York
  5. 5. Study done at the Indiana University School of Medicine and piloted in the YMCA’s of Greater Indianapolis. Results were better than those collected in a clinical environment.5 CREATING POWERFUL ALLIANCES | ©2012 YMCA of Greater New York
  6. 6. 6 CREATING POWERFUL ALLIANCES | ©2012 YMCA of Greater New York
  7. 7. History of National RolloutFrom 2005-2009 – 1 Y with a few program locationsFrom 2009– June 2010 – 2 Ys with a handful of program locations Initial funding to disseminate the program by CDCJune 2010-December 2011 – 50 Y’s with more than 170 locations in 26 states Trained more than 500 Life style coaches – NYC included Program reimbursable by insurers /employers through the Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance- DPCAJanuary 2012 – present- Program is available in 261 locations, 186 Y and 75 nonY. 651 coaches have been trained. A total of 4,166 people have enrolled and attended the program. This is roughly 1/3 more than were enrolled in the original NIH trial.7 CREATING POWERFUL ALLIANCES | ©2012 YMCA of Greater New York
  8. 8. Snap shot of NYC programPilot classes held in 2010 2 at Vanderbilt- Manhattan- funding secured through CDC 3 at Bedford Stuyvesant- funding secured through NYS foundation 52 participants enrolled – 56% reach weight loss goal of 5% or higherJanuary 2011 – August 2011 11 Classes roll out throughout NYC 75 participants enrolled - 45% of the participants reached the 5% or higherJanuary 2012- present 15 Classes roll out in January 119 participants *4 classes are being held at Montefiore Clinics *1 class is being held at Mt. Sinai *all participants are physician referred8 CREATING POWERFUL ALLIANCES | ©2012 YMCA of Greater New York
  9. 9. THANK YOUJudy OuzielSenior Executive Director,Strategic InitiativesYMCA of Greater New York