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CFL Our Services


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CFL Our Services

  1. 1. IntroductionAs energy bills rise and budgets continue to be squeezed, pressure is increasing companies tobecome more efficient.Carbon Friendly Lighting focuses on the latest T5 energy saving lighting trends, which are aimed at assisting organisations in reducing their electricity costs for lighting, also offering a consultation service to organisations regarding reducing carbon emission by replacing inefficient lighting products with new high-tech low energy lighting. T12 T8 T5
  2. 2. Provisional Survey & Report  Once on site we ascertain what the client is looking for  Optimum energy savings, overall appearance of the finished project,  Maintenance saving s that can be achieved.  It is at this point that either carries out a provisional survey to prepare basic information which shows the client the anticipated savings that can be achieved as well as the costs involved.  This information is presented in a report.
  3. 3. Final Survey  The next step if the client wishes to proceed is a more in depth survey to present the exact costs involved and how the project will be carried out, which includes the installation procedure, at this point all the different conversions required are then designed.  The client places the order for the works that are to be done and the process of manufacture begins, times scales for delivery and install if required are agreed.
  4. 4. Reduce Running Cost  Reducing running costs, these can be reduced by up to 70% subject to the existing lighting.  Reducing the carbon footprint; to bring you in line with the government.  Requirements to reduce the amount of wasted carbon to help the environment.  Address your Carbon Reduction Commitment.
  5. 5. Reduce Maintenance Costs  Extended lamp life over existing fluorescent lamps.  Maintained levels of illumination of the life of the lamp.  Use of existing wiring.  No disruption to the existing circuits.  Flicker free operation of the lamp.  Instant strike up when switched on.  No disruption to the existing decor (subject to project).  Quick installation
  6. 6. Trials  Levels of illumination are one particular area where concerns can be raised.  One of the ways we overcome this concern is by providing a trial.  Which enables the client to see the prosed lighting levels once conversion has taken place
  7. 7. Financing Your Lighting Project Why Energy Efficiency Financing makes business sense:• Convenient and fast – arranged through your chosen recognized Energy Efficiency Financingsupplier• Affordable – designed so that financing payments can be offset against the anticipated energysavings• Flexible – payments can be tailored for individual circumstances• Easier budgeting – payments are fixed, not subject to fluctuations in interest rates – whichmeans easier budgeting• Maintains existing credit lines• Tax efficient – payments may be offset against tax, depending on individual circumstances• Future proofed – allows the flexibility to change with your business requirements• Conserves working capital - the flexibility to conserve your existing working capital for otherbusiness projects.
  8. 8. Before After Conversion of 1200x600mm 4x36w T8 fittings complete with a prismatic controller, (as seen in the before picture). Converted to 3x28w T5 complete with new louvre and high frequency control gear, (as seen in the after picture). This produced an approximate energy saving of 57%, with better light levels on the working area. Extended lamp life approximately 20,000 hours, flicker free operation, instant strike, makes this conversion a viable proposition for all office applications. All fittings are supported by a manufacturer’s guarantee of up to 5 years. Available in 600x600mm versions to replace 4x18w T8 lamps with 3x14w T5 lamps Emergency Back Up available for up to 3-hours.
  9. 9. Replacing Sodium and Metal Halide High and Low Bays 4 x 49 Watt T5 High Frequency Low Bay A 4 x 49watt T5 high output energy efficient low bay light fitting. For warehouses, school halls and commercial lighting applications. A low bay light fitting for 4 x 49 watt T5 high output tubes controlled by high frequency control gear for greater energy efficiency and long lamplife The robust steel body has a textured white powder coated finish. A polished aluminium reflector is fitted for maximum efficiency. This fitting has many sensor and control gear options including dimming versions and 3 hour maintained emergency packs
  10. 10. INDUCTION LIGHTINGNew from Carbon Friendly Lighting is a range of surface, suspended and recessed low bay fittings, incorporating the Induction lamp technology, for industrial and commercial use.  Electronic ballast Wide voltage range Wattage range (80w-300w).  Colour temperature 2700K/3500K/4100K/5000K/6500K.  Excellent Lumen maintenance over life  Reliable ignition at -35°C  Colour Rendition CRI 82 with no shifting over life High Luminous Efficacy, 80lm/W.  Low total harmonic distortion efficient power factor of 0.98  Instant strike even when warm  5/10 times longer life than metal halide Approximately 100,000 hours, No flickering or strobing  Reduced glare, Lower maintenance costs Better Colour rendering - 82 CRI v 65-75Lower min start temperature -35°C v -20°C. Less Heat Output – reduced cooling costs. HigherLumen Maintenance 70% at 60000 hrs
  11. 11. Surface Mounted IP65 fitting Incorporating switch start control Gear and T8 lamp, these units converted to T5 lamps with High frequency control. Average savings 52%Surface mounted 1500 2x58wFitting converted to 1x49w T5producing energy savings of….Approximately 60% Surface mounted 1500x300mm 2x58w T8 fitting convert to 2x49w T5 producing energy savings of…… Approximately 26%
  12. 12. - By-pass Nurseries IpswichThis nursery under took the conversion of all its existing lighting from, an assortment of T12 and T8fluorescent lamps within a mixed batch of fluorescent fittings, they used Carbon Friendly LightingLtd bespoke Conversions.The project was fully financed using an interest loan provided by the Carbon trust; all thearrangements for the loan were carried out by Carbon Friendly Lighting Ltd. Before AfterThis particular project provided a running cost saving of approximately £4,500.00 per year, betterlighting and maintenance an overall saving of 63.5%In the main the existing luminaries’ bodies were retained making for a fast and non-disruptiveinstallation.
  13. 13. Converting your Warehouse Before ConversionThe immediate savings and payback period for upgrading your lighting are so attractive that manycompanies do not require cash incentives to upgrade. A typical lighting upgrade can save from 50%of your current lighting costs. You can also claim enhanced capital allowances for your lightingupgrade and you may be able to get a loan from Siemens Financial Services. Energy EfficiencyLoans from Siemens Financial Services are a cost effective way to replace or upgrade your existingequipment with a more energy efficient version. This means an immediate benefit from carbon,energy and cost savings.
  14. 14. Converting your Warehouse After ConversionLighting can often be overlooked in many commercial buildings and the technology has developedrapidly over the last few years. Generally, the lighting installed has the lowest capital investmentcost but a high running cost, as they are not going to be paying for the lighting bills. By upgradingthe fixtures and fittings and the types of lighting used, dramatic savings can be made offeringphenomenal pay back periods. Carbon Friendly Lighting offers a free Lighting Survey which willgive you an accurate costing and projected savings which generally demonstrate a maximum twoyear payback.
  15. 15. Quality AssuredFor your peace of mind Carbon Friendly Lighting carry out in depth quality assurance testing andoffer a number of guarantees.  All the conversions and fittings are designed to fit each installation.  All conversions and fittings are fully tested prior to delivery to site.  All the by Carbon Friendly Lighting as well as having extended guarantees, from the manufacturers on the control gear and lamps, subject to usage. All conversions and fittings only using control gear and components from reputable manufacturers.  All conversions and fittings are guaranteed