Journey to cloud openstack nexus ipma 2013


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Presentation on mobile app development, methodologies and platforms using Continuous Integration and OpenStack

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Journey to cloud openstack nexus ipma 2013

  1. 1. 877.286.39871Cloud App DevelopmentPeople Process InfrastructureConnected VSPEXTMConnected VSPEXTMColin McNamara CCIE#18233Chief Cloud ArchitectOPEN@NEXUS
  2. 2. 877.286.39872What I am going to talk about§  NOT TALKING about our products§  Come by the booth if you want to do that§  Cloud / Mobile Shift§  CI tools and methodologies§  Open Source Platforms to support them
  3. 3. 877.286.39873Our Lessons(we are still learning)
  4. 4. 877.286.39874What is driving my perspective§  330MM Systems Integrator§  550 assoc / 270 engineers§  Original focus contact centerdevelopment§  Corporate Sponsor ofOpenStack Foundation§  Current Amazon User (andreseller) integratingOpenStack into currentofferings§  Industry shifting from SI toSoftware Dev
  5. 5. 877.286.398755What Drives our Perspective
  6. 6. 877.286.398766Last nights conversations – interesting note
  7. 7. 877.286.39877Industry is shifting
  8. 8. 877.286.39878Client server apps – The new mainframe
  9. 9. 877.286.39879New way consumers interact with apps
  10. 10. 877.286.398710Built Differently§  40% of mobile apps built oncloud§  Constructed of looselycoupled services§  Ubiquitous platforms§  Client provided
  11. 11. 877.286.398711How are these built, and what do they run on
  12. 12. 877.286.39871210 Deploys a Day – John Allspaw : Flickr§  Fully tested§  Fully QAd§  FullyDocumented§  ITIL Compliant§  Push Button
  13. 13. 877.286.39871313Building quality into the system§  Evaluate the system as awhole, not the components§  non-automated process is atheory§  Tests are as important asfeatures (BDD)§  Proper rigor avoids bugs§  Infrastructure must besoftware defined
  14. 14. 877.286.398714Classic software development - SDLC§ SDLC§ Long releasecycles§ High bugcounts
  15. 15. 877.286.398715Perfect for the Client Server world
  16. 16. 877.286.398716SDLC Shops are evolving§ Agile§ Sprinting§ Faster,better,stronger
  17. 17. 877.286.398717Hi I’m Speed Racer (Agile Developer) I …Maintain a Single Source Repository.Automate the BuildMake the Build Self-TestingEveryone Commits To the Mainline Every DayEvery Commit Should Build the Mainline on anIntegration MachineKeep the Build FastTest in a Clone of the Production EnvironmentMake it Easy for Anyone to Get the LatestExecutableEveryone can see whats happeningAutomate Deployment
  18. 18. 877.286.398718New Tools and Techniques
  19. 19. 877.286.398719Tools I’ve fallen in love with - Jenkins
  20. 20. 877.286.398720Jenkins Work Flow
  21. 21. 877.286.398721Jenkins Work Flow
  22. 22. 877.286.398722New Match – Agile to ITIL
  23. 23. 877.286.398723CI/CD creates tension between Dev and IT
  24. 24. 877.286.398724ITIL based IT – built to support these apps
  25. 25. 877.286.398725Let’s get the love back
  26. 26. 877.286.398726What do you do?
  27. 27. 877.286.398727Easiest answer – not always an option
  28. 28. 877.286.398728IT CAN be as flexible as Development
  29. 29. 877.286.39872929Mapping IT Ops to Agile Dev
  30. 30. 877.286.39873030Agile Process Optimization§  Map IT to SoftwareProcess§  IT Process Optimization§  Development / IT Ops ValueStream Mapping§  Agile optimization§  Scaled Scrum§  Kanban§  Dev / PMO methodologyoptimization§  Process mapping toexisting ITIL methodologies
  31. 31. 877.286.398731Deployment Automation
  32. 32. 877.286.39873232IT Deployment Automation
  33. 33. 877.286.398733Deployment Automation
  34. 34. 877.286.398734Tools – Automating Hardware deployment w/ Razor
  35. 35. 877.286.398735Integrate this process with IT Operations
  36. 36. 877.286.398736But what about the cloud platform?
  37. 37. 877.286.398737
  38. 38. 877.286.398738OpenStack Vision
  39. 39. 877.286.398739OpenStack Cloud Operating System
  40. 40. 877.286.398740OpenStack CapabilitiesComputeProvision and manage large pools of on-demandcomputing resourcesObject StoragePetabytes of reliable storage on standard gearBlock StorageVolumes on commodity storage gear, and driversfor more advanced systems like NetApp, Solidfire,and NexentaNetworkingSoftware defined networking automation withpluggable backendsDashboardSelf-service, role-based web interface for usersand administratorsSharedServicesMulti-tenant authentication system that ties toexisting stores (e.g. LDAP) and Image Service
  41. 41. 877.286.398741Community Developed
  42. 42. 877.286.398742Ecosystem Growth
  43. 43. 877.286.39874343Contributors per month (ohloh)175 Contributors in the last 30 days
  44. 44. 877.286.39874444Lines of code (ohloh)Nearly 600,000 Lines of Code
  45. 45. 877.286.398745OpenStack = History in brief§  NASA Launches Nebula§  Built by and for Fed Govt§  Chris Kemp§  March 2010§  Rackspace Open SourcesSwift (Cloud File)§  May 2010§  NASA Open Sourcesvirtualization software -Nova§  June 2010§  OpenStack Formed§  April 2011§  Quantum is released (lotsof Cisco code)§  Now – Cooler thenAmazon ;)
  46. 46. 877.286.398746Early user examples§  NASA§  CIA / NSA§  JPMorgan Chase§  RSA WEB§  Dreamhost – Web Hosting /Cloud Provider§§  Cisco Webex§  Cisco Development –§  40% cost reduction§  Cisco CITIES§  Best Buy
  47. 47. 877.286.398747OpenStack Development Ecosystem: 500+
  48. 48. 877.286.398748ConsolidationManagementClient / Server appsDifferent platforms, Different workloads
  49. 49. 877.286.398749OpenStack, CI and Cloud to success§ Software developmentmethodologies arechanging§ Cloud apps requiredifferent platforms andmethodologies§ IT and Developmentcan coexist this newworld
  50. 50. 877.286.398750Open DiscussionThank