How to Podcast: As simple as A, B, POD!


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This is a presentation I give on How to Podcast, which I've delivered to higher education staff, businesses and students.

The slides give an overview but you can find my "How to Podcast" book on Amazon, or a series of tutorials at

I also offer training and guidance over at The Podcast Host.

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How to Podcast: As simple as A, B, POD!

  1. 1. How to Podcast From your Pen to their Ears Colin Gray – The Podcast Host -
  2. 2. A Series of Episodes Video or Audio Can be Subscribed To An Online Radio Show
  3. 3. Listening to Podcasts Through your Computer Internet, a computer and a headset On the Move Internet, a computer and a digital audio player Automagically Internet, a computer, a digital audio player and an RSS feed
  4. 4. Podcasting like Clockwork You Need:
  5. 5. Activity Find a Podcast You Like
  6. 6. What Equipment do I Need? Digital Dictaphone MP3 Recorder Mobile Phone Telephone Computer and Microphone
  7. 7. Planning it Out To Script or not to Script A detailed, bulleted list is Usually best Background Noise Watch for noisy equipment / lights Watch for noisy people or places The Echoey Hallway Effect Large room, facing open air Or small room with soft walls
  8. 8. Activity Script and Record a Clip
  9. 9. What Software do I Need?
  10. 10. Activity Editing and Publishing it