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Social media and Arab youth: a case study


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Some great insights into the ability of social media to mobilise youth and political voice.

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Social media and Arab youth: a case study

  1. 1. Arab Youth And Social Media Abeer Najjar (PhD) Assistant Professor Dept. of Mass Communication- American University of Sharjah
  2. 2. Grouping and Classification Is there Arab youth? 1. Geography  2. Culture  3. Socioeconomic  4. Consumption  5. Education (literacy, bilingual, …)
  3. 3. a fantasy or empowerment  according to media theories what are the possible changes  on the youth behavior regarding social/ political / cultural  and consumer activism  functions and purposes /liability to be influenced  room for proactiveness when it comes to their own lives  how does this translate when it comes to real life as in  relation to  the pleasure they can get online (space, function, lack of  accountability and choice)  comparing to their lives where they have to live within the  boundaries of accepted behavior and  social appropriateness 
  4. 4. The sky is the limit  Users are empowered to create and add a large number of applications  express their opinions without being liable for  accountability make connections that are not monitored by  family & friends  construct a desired self image (unattainable in life) explore options and self potentials 
  5. 5. Arab Social Sites  Arab company The Social Media it mimics Language Country of Origin No. of Posts/comments/ hits Possible Marketing Applications WatWet Twitter- 12,266 members Arabic Jordan 25,000 users mostly in Jordan with a It allows you to link your account to Started 2007 in the Arab world growth rate of 25% since March. twitter+fb+receive smses NaqaTube YouTube Arabic Saudi Arabia 5,000 to 6,000 posts within the first two Politically and socially clean version of 2009 months according to the site's youtube moderator TamTem Arabic Jordan Daily Pageview-5963; Daily Ads 2009 Revenue-$17.89;daily Wizards MMOG-Online gaming Arabic Jordan 94,400 registered player Games are free Productions over 30 million page views and 500,000 Prepaid cards for upgrade March 2009 visits Viral marketing through giving points to players once they invite their friends Shop Gates Ebay Arabic Ecommerce English UAE and sells to 45,000 users the Gold ‘UAE Web Award’ in the ‘Best e- 2005 Saudi and Jordan commerce website’ category Nahel Ebay B2C selling English Dubai,UAE not enough information not enough information July 09 CashU Online credit card English UAE cashU is now available in 28 countries not enough information July 02 payments around the world Azharna Order flowers online English Jordan not enough information not enough information Shawshara community project English + Arabic Palestinian based in 51,000 hits Use of advertisements on website 09 documenting Arabic music USA lyrics. Anyone can edit this information
  6. 6. Rose Desert‐Facebook
  7. 7. Khaliha Tsaddi (Leave it to  Rust) Saudi  youngmen It was against a decision by car agents in KSA to raise  the car prices by 12% at the beginning of the finacial  crisis journalist Muhammad bin Abdellatif al Sheikh asked  the Saudi customers to stop car purchasing and delay  it for 6 months   The slogan of the campaign is (Khaliha tsadi) The campaign was taken to face book 
  8. 8. Khaliha t3anes campaign‐Spinster  
  9. 9. Oral to visual culture 
  10. 10. Religiosity to social liberation  
  11. 11. Role models and loyalty 
  12. 12. Twitter  12,266 members in the Arab world (Spot PR 09) Iranian elections  Metro Dubai  Users are focused in the GCC especially UAE where  40% of the Arab users reside
  13. 13. Watwet‐the Arab Twitter   
  14. 14. Tamtem‐the Arabic copy of Fmylife 
  15. 15. Naqa Tube‐ the religious version of  You Tube 
  16. 16. Blogsphere  Diary style‐personal Local news‐criticism against leaders International news‐negative  One topic of focus significance across countries is  Palestine (Israel war on Gaza) Differences across nationality Arab bloggers are generally, young and male  Arab blogsphere is organized around countries  Arab bloggers (Egypt, KSA & Kuwait) English Bridge (Levant & Iraq) Maghrib/French Bridge (relevant to religion focused group) Islam focus (various countries) 
  17. 17. Trends‐ Arab users of social media  Male biased users (i.e., twitter, face book, social media  production, blogging) Empowerment in expression and creating impression  Conservatism, religiosity  Politically oriented (alsheikh al Shatri) fans of al skeikh /  marawaa sherbini case  (june 09) More political courage than social : anonymity and power   things happening on social media are not communicated  in reality Language and ideology