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Research into practice


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This was used to facilitate a discussion about how to think about different theoretical frameworks in terms of putting them into practical classroom action.

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Research into practice

  1. 1. into Practice SAMR and TPACK Technology in the classroom
  2. 2. Reproduced by permission of thepublisher, © 2012 by
  3. 3. Instructional Core
  4. 4. Learning Goals – Structures Gr.3• Learning that how things are built and that how structures look, what they are used for, how strong they are and how they last are all related.• Figuring out how to design and build structures so they can be strong.• Explaining what we know about structures strength and stability.
  5. 5. Redefinition Modification AugmentationSubstitution
  6. 6. Redefinition Modification AugmentationSubstitution
  7. 7. Redefinition Modification AugmentationSubstitution
  8. 8. Redefinition Modification AugmentationSubstitution
  9. 9. Your turn!Redefinition Now think about tasks that you see in schools or can imagine in schools. Modification Pick a grade, subject, strand, topic … Augmentation See if you can list 4 tasks that may fit into each of the 4 categories.Substitution Prepare to share with everyone!