Mind Body Connection Exercises


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Learn these simple Mind Body Connection Exercises that will help you de-stress and regain your body and mind's natural balance.

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Mind Body Connection Exercises

  1. 1. Mind Body Connection Exercises ©2014 Colin G Smith http://AwesomeMindSecrets.com
  2. 2. Stressful Energies ● ● With all the stresses and pollutants in our environment, noise, overcrowding, increasing workloads, commuting time etcetera, it’s no wonder the bodies energies get out of balance. All of these things can easily affect our thinking processes too.
  3. 3. Getting Back In Balance ● The good news is that there are many simple techniques available from fields such as Acupressure and Energy Medicine that can help rebalance your bodies systems just with the use of your own hands...
  4. 4. Mind Body Connection Exercise: The Thymus Tap ● Use your fingers to tap at the center of your sternum; The thymus gland. Tapping this point helps keep your immune system in balance by helping produce T-lymphocytes (T cells).
  5. 5. Mind Body Connection Exercise: Cross Crawl ● Simply bring one leg up as you touch it with the opposite hand. Now swap to the other leg and hand. Repeat about twenty times. This exercise will help balance your brain hemispheres.
  6. 6. Mind Body Connection Exercise: Crown Pull ● ● ● Relieve stress, headaches and mental congestion by performing the Crown Pull: Place both hands in the middle of your forehead. Now pull apart the hands applying pressure to stretch the skin. Maintaining deep breathing, move your hands further up your head and perform the stretching again. Continue until you reach the back of the neck.
  7. 7. Mind Body Connection Exercise: Ear Lobes Rub ● You can wake yourself up by rubbing your earlobes. Rub and stretch the lobes starting from the bottom and moving up to the tops of your ears.
  8. 8. Mind Body Connection Exercise: The Hook Up ● ● ● This exercise that will help hook up your energies making your feel connected and whole again: Place your middle finger of one hand on the third eye point. Place the middle finger of the other hand in your navel. Now gently press each finger into the skin and pull upwards. Hold for about twelve to thirty seconds or longer if you wish. You will often experience a deep sigh or yawn. This lets you know your energies have hooked up.