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  1. 1. "The WAGTT Championship Tour, would like topresent the World Amateur Golf Team Trophy, golftournaments that will generate tourism and business toyour country. We extended an invitation to yourcompany to consider hosting the WAGTTChampionship, amateur golf tournament in yourcountry. The WAGTT Championship begins inFebruary 2013 in Tunisia, these tournaments willincrease tourism and growth for your company andlocal community.The WAGTT team of professionals will work togetherwith you on the planning, organizing and marketing ofyour event, on global social network TV program ofyour event, supplying contacts globally, construct golfholiday, corporate golf packages and programs for boththe home and international markets, marketingpresentation documentation (all in English), andconsulting services, and much more a support packageto ensuring any event you organize is a success.The WAGTT Championship and partners are dedicatedabout growing the game of golf and committed thoughamateur tournaments and golfing holidays by investingback into our event hosting countries from thetournament and golf holiday programs. To allocatingrecourses and funding and support from both on thegolf course and off the golf course activities we areinvolved in, for the development of teaching andtournament programs for young people playing golf,and to support local charities, schools andcommunities, (The youth of today are the future of golftomorrow).
  2. 2. The WAGTT Championship Tour provides your travel company with a new visionof golf tourism for your golf market, by bringing together companies with vastexperience, new ideas and young visionaries’ in the global golf, marketing, mediaand sport industry..Our World Amateur Golf Team Trophy Championship Tour are golf tournamentsthat begin with qualifying rounds at selected countries and golf courses worldwidein search of the best 3 teams from each country event directly qualifying them intothe World Amateur Golf Team Trophy Championship World Grand Final.WAGTT Championship is tournaments that give amateur golfers the excitementand thrill of a championship event receiving the same status as the professionalsplayers that represent their counties and to experience the proud feeling ofrepresenting their country in a World Championship Grand final.
  3. 3. Marketing your DestinationWAGTT Championship and Country Partner destinations and venues, offer selection of hotel accommodation and golf course facilitiesand services to clients. These companies will be closely linked with the WAGTT Championship Tour, though the partnership with yourcompany and all our travel partners.Venues for WAGTT Championship our golf travel partners will select golfing destinations, positioned to host golf tournaments and golfholiday package programs, forming part of the WAGTT Championship Tour’s International Amateur Events Calendar.The Travel Partners and WAGTT Championship will provide consistent levels of operational and strategic support, ensuring that ourAmateur Championship and Golf Holiday Destinations maintain their status among amateur golf players worldwide.The WAGTT Championship Tour network will link all travel partners for the promoting of golf, tourism, corporate business, and localcommunities, providing a business network for your home market within a large number of global markets and amateur golfers in a greaternumber of countries.
  4. 4. The World Amateur Golf Team Trophy Tournament PackageWAGTT Championship represents profitable golf tournament product that will increase your company profile within your home travelmarket and international tourism markets . These tournament packages, are constructed so that both golf players and travel partners willenjoy being apart of, and providing a business platform for home market growth from golf tourism in international and national markets.The WAGTT tournament events represents a significant source of income generating growth into your company. The simplicity of theproduct enables individual partners to commercial opportunities in both developing and establishing new products and services into golfmarkets. The licensee will gain advantages by using these product in both the home and international markets Travel partners benefit from tailoring these tournament to their home golf market, WAGTT Golf Championship provides a series oftournaments with planning and organization information, documentation, to our travel partners to ensure the correct delivery andrepresentation of the golf events.
  5. 5. The WAGTT Championship tour Golf HolidaysThe WAGTT Championship Tour, ID Communications and Exclusive Sports Media is a gateway for information about our travelpartners countries golf, tourism, corporate businesses, golf tournaments, golf holiday packages and hotel and services which welaunch though the network of the WAGTT and aliened golf travel partners. Offering you a direct link with a great number of travelcompanies for your companies golf holiday travel packages,. In general we present all golf product packages from all our event destinations designed specifically to meet the requirements of allclients budgets, with accommodation, golf, sightseeing and excellent standards of service for the client, to experience while being aguest with our golf travel partner on their golf holiday.We include in the golf holidays a selection of the destinations, hotels and other accommodation, golfing venues and services that willensure the golf holiday will be comfortable, challenging, relaxing and enjoyable for guests and prices that will meet their holiday budget.
  6. 6. Corporate Golf DaysWe make planning and organizing corporate golf daysas easy as possible for our clients, whilst providingexcellent service and competitive prices. We will find thegolf venue that will suit all the requirements of yourcompany so your corporate guests and friends will havea enjoyable golfing day, even non-golfers ourprofessional staff will make sure they enjoy the day..Golf and Business are the perfect match and manybusiness partnerships, friendships and business dealsare often made on the golf course. In todays largestcorporate businesses the personal have high educationand training for the business world, and a great numberof them are amateur golf players.The business world is changing and companies bothlarge and small are looking to expanding businessgrowth. Golf provides this opportunity for a business thatwants to grow and improve their position in home andinternational business markets.Corporate Days are one of the most successful companyteam building tools in todays corporate industrialmarkets! Let our team of professionals show you whythe game of golf is a great way of saying thank you toyour clients, friends and staff for a job well done. All ourCorporate Golf Days are planned and organized in a firstclass manner to fit your companies budget. CorporateGolf Days are custom made for your company and aredesigned to present your company and achieve yourgoals in the challenging industrial markets of today.
  7. 7. SPONSORWAGTT Championship presents a product, witha advertising network, designed to meet therequirements of your companies business in theinternational and home markets. This product,provides partners and sponsors, with acorporate platform for there products andservices that generates future home marketgrowth from both the national and internationalbusiness markets..Enhance local, regional & global brandawareness of your company and existing ornew products and services.The ability to market your business through TV& radio broadcasts improves your company’scredibility. Drive more traffic to your website by improvingyour websites SEO with links to TheChampionship website with articles featuringyour company, products & services.Take advantage of an extensive advertising &marketing campaign in home and Internationalmarkets.We have a variety of corporate sponsorpackages to suit your company ororganizations budget.
  8. 8.  MARKETING RESOURSES Yes there is a cost to your company Sport Promoting Management The Travel Partners License is a way of investing in your home Golf Associations. market and beable to present and promote organize all golf Golf Resorts, Golf Clubs. tournaments that ahead to Amateur Golf Team Trophy Event By internet to mass media, Program. This is simple, proven and successful product for the Facebook, twitter, and blog site licensee, that provides you a business platform for future home market growth and from global markets to your local community. Website website links. World travel tour operators Linked TV, Radio, Newspapers, Golf Magazine, Local Golf society and websites Travel Partners Corporate Businesses
  9. 9. FRANCHISING OR LICENSINGGolf franchise or licensing a lot of golf companies orsports companies ask for large initial investment.With our golf licensing opportunity only requires alow initial investment.WAGTT Championship Tour does not take anypercentage of income from sponsors, you take onboard for your events, we don’t take any incomefrom entry fees or golf holidays, the golfers all paydirect into your company by the method of paymentyou decide on your website, all income from travelpartners selling your packages make payment directto your company.With world economies being what it is companiescut advertising budgets, this makes gaps in the golftourism market, which is letting other moreaggressive countries golf markets make a strongerbid for these customers. WAGTT ChampionshipTour Event program and golf holidays gives you’recompany the advertising tool and products togetherwith your company services and full supportpackage to go out get these customers.In todays economy, golf courses are looking forevery way possible to generate income, theWAGTT Championship Program is the perfectsolution that you can present to golf clubs &resorts and hotels that need to have a competitiveedge in attracting more new clients.
  10. 10. BRAND BIULDING: WAGTT Championship Tour allows you to share and promote its trademarked brand name, thereby, helpingyou build a recognizable, national brand name for your own company within the golf tourism markets giving your company thecompetitive edge over your competition in the home market.The WAGTT License Package includes:WAGTT International Golf Championship Tournament for tourism markets worldwide and home market.(Compulsory),WAGTT Corporate Golf Tournaments for home market. ( up to you)WAGTT Golf Holiday Packages both inbound and outbound from your home market. ( up to you)WAGTT Golf Club Tournaments for your home markets. (only if you want to organize this type of event). ( up to you)Your company will generate both income and growth from these golf programs with your own national brand name.
  11. 11. Benefit to you company :The Travel Partnership rights and benefits for having exclusive partnership license for The World Amateur Golf Team Trophy Events inyour home Country.All income from partners and sponsors you take on board for your events is paid direct to the licensee, all team entries are sent direct toyour company website and all entry fees are paid directly into your company by the method of payment you determine all golf holidaypackages you sell all income is goes direct to your company.Your company will be the only Travel Management that is licensed to represent and use the name of The World Amateur Golf TeamTrophy and it’s logos to make business for your home Country.Country Partners have the rights to sublicense within their named country market. Your company will have exclusivity and will own theCountry Partnership license for their named Country.The Country Partner licensed will have non-exclusive rights to exploit all sponsorship or advertising pertaining to the World Amateur GolfTeam Trophy Event in their country.The Country Partner will receive full marketing advice and support with promotions which represent to all The World Amateur Golf TeamTrophy Event programs, Tourism, Corporate, and Golf Club Events. The Country partner will receive approved marketing material topromote and support The World Amateur Golf Team Trophy Corporate Image.
  12. 12. The World Amateur Golf Team Trophy InformationBook has been produced for the sole purpose andbenefit of helping you with some simple guide lines fortravel partners in the planning stage, organizing stage,and the actual tournament stage of the WAGTTChampionship Golf Events.Should you decide to host a tournament as a travelPartner with the WAGTT we would discuss with you allof the points you may want to talk over.The WAGTT takes no income from sponsors money,entry fee, corporate golf, or golf holidays packagesyou only pay for what is included in the licensingagreementThe WAGTT events team will be on hand workingalongside your team in the planning stage, organizingstage, and on the actual days of WAGTT Event, withinformation, knowledge, experience, and service to ouraliened travel partners team and extensive hands onexperience making the tournaments of WAGTT aWorld Class Golf Championship Event for yourCountries Tourism industry. Colin Crowe. Email: colinwagtt@gmail.com Skype: colin.561