California an Overview


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  • California an Overview

    1. 1. CALIFORNIA:AN OVERVIEW Colin Evans
    2. 2. A TROUBLED TERRITORY1821, Mexico gains itsindependence from Spainnews of Mexican independencedoesn’t reach Alta California fornearly a yearAugustin Iturbide ruled as emperorfor a short timeAlta and Baja California become afederal republic in 1824becomes a territory
    3. 3. A TROUBLED TERRITORYBrevet Brigadier Jose Figueroa, acivil administrator and honoredsoldier, served as Governor seen by many as the most competent governor of the mexican eraopposed the colony system, favoredusing mission lands strictly forindians partly because he himself was of Native American descenttook charge of the secularizationprocess
    4. 4. A TROUBLED TERRITORYA new social institution gainedprominence; the land grant rancho600 land grants were made duringthe Mexican erathis system of land grantsdominated the economyfamilies were large and extendedrancho life was California at its bestduring the Mexican era
    5. 5. GREAT EXPECTATIONS most of California is desert terrain 67% of California’s annual rainfall falls in the Northern 33% of the state in the 1890’s the public works infrastructure of California was created built dams, reservoirs, power plants, industrial sites, bridges, roadways, aqueducts, stadiums, and public buildings
    6. 6. GREAT EXPECTATIONS William Hammond Hall was appointed to be state engineer In 1878, the Drainage Act gave $100,000 for studies regarding irrigation, drainage, and navigation Hall published several studies that laid out a plan for California’s water projects considered to be a founder of the state used the Colorado River as California’s main source of water
    7. 7. GREAT EXPECTATIONS October 1904, a second canal is cut into the Western bank of the Colorado River disaster waiting to happen Spring 1905, Colorado River overwhelms the second canal water begins pouring into the Salton Sink at a tremendous rate 2,500 carloads of rock, gravel, and clay are dumped into the break in an attempt to stop the flow thus, the Salton Sea is formed
    8. 8. ECUMENOPOLISethnic diversity is crucial toCalifornia70 to 80 language groups in theNative American eraevery combination of European,Native American, and Africanbloodlines existedCalifornia Gold Rush onlyintensified this diversity as more andmore varying ethnicities traveled toCalifornia in search of wealth
    9. 9. ECUMENOPOLIS1965, the Immigration andNationality Acts amendments werepassed program of reform for the U.S. immigration lawsformerly excluded groups, likeAsians, were granted expandedimmigration quotasled to dramatic increase in Asianpopulation in the United Statesfavored the reuniting of families
    10. 10. ECUMENOPOLIS1991, a group of Los Angelespoliceman pull over a blackmotoristthey beat him severelythe man’s name was Rodney KingApril 29, 1992, the four officersinvolved were acquitted of allcharges by an all-white juryone of the worst urban riots ensuedrace was still a tense issue in LosAngeles