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A poem


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A presentation of a series of short poems to learn by heart for ESL students of 1ESO, with audio.

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A poem

  1. 1. A POEM Learn it by heart and say it with rhythm
  2. 2. Ieat mypeas with honey, I’vedone it all mylife. Itmakes the peas taste funny, But it keepsthem on theknife Anonymous
  3. 3. A rabbit Bit A little bit Anitty, bitty, little bit Of beet. Thenbit By bit Hebit Because he liked Thetaste of it. But when hebit A wee bit more Itwas morebitter Thanbefore TheRabbit –Mary AnnHoberman
  4. 4. “This bit is bitter” Rabbit cried, “I feel a bit unwell Inside.” But when hebit Anotherbite Thatbitter beet Seemed quite alright. Besides, Whenall is said and done, Better bitter beet Thannone.
  5. 5. Brother –MaryAnnHoberman I had a little brother AndI brought him to mymother AndI said I want another Little brother for a change. But she said don't be a bother So I took himto myfather AndI said this little bother Of a brother'sverystrange.
  6. 6. But he said one little brother Is exactly likeanother Andevery little brother Misbehaves a bit hesaid. So I took the little bother From mymother and myfather AndI put the little bother Of a brotherback to bed.