iGIP Summit in Brussels - Why of iGIP


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This was delivered to 20 LCVPs and LCPs from Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, and France. It explains the purpose of AIESEC, how AIESEC develops leadership, how the GIP program specifically develops leadership, and how we can run GIP with purpose in mind

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iGIP Summit in Brussels - Why of iGIP

  1. 1. Why gIP?
  2. 2. When I was a kid, I asked my smart oldest brother . . . If the US has so much money and there are poor people everywhere in the world, why don’t we give them our money?
  3. 3. Sharing Activity • Blank piece of paper • Write in a sentence what issue you were passionate about as a kid • If you wanted to solve that issue today, what would you have to do?
  4. 4. People naturally dream of making the world better
  5. 5. A group of dreamers founded aiesec in 1948
  6. 6. But making the world better isn’t easy. Lots of people have tried
  7. 7. A History of Making the World a Better Place • Plato and Aristotle • Plato imagined how to bring about the ideal society • Some people understand justice, and these people should lead • Society with wise philosophers leading everyone else
  8. 8. Plato vs AIESEC Some people are born to be great leaders Leadership can be developed With those people leading, we will create the best society for humanity Every young person in the world should discover their contribution to creating the best society
  9. 9. How Do People Discover and Develop Their Leadership Potential?
  10. 10. Is this actually Happening in GIP?
  11. 11. We asked the people who have experienced our program 600+ responses on global survey on leadership development in AIESEC Interviews with ELD participants
  12. 12. The Leadership We Develop in GIP Believe in yourself Proactive learning Independent & results driven Able to work in a multicultural environment Open-minded Fast adapting Professional expertise
  13. 13. Think of a GIP experience you’ve seen in your country. How did it develop leadership?
  14. 14. How Does iGIP Develop Leadership? Organisational Value Market Value Individual Value
  15. 15. The Story of AIESEC in Spain
  16. 16. Organizational Value: A young person witnesses and contributes to responsible and entrepreneurial leadership overcoming the environment Market Value: Individual Value: Entrepreneurs can sell their A young member learns sales products in international and delivery, and learns how markets, survive, and support to contribute to society Spain’s economy through market solutions
  17. 17. The Story of AIESEC in Russia
  18. 18. Organizational Value: A young person practices their teaching and tries to influence a whole school to teach differently Individual Value: Market Value: Members learn sales and Schools can have better delivery, and how they can teaching to serve their improve the education system students’ needs with market solutions
  19. 19. What would the ideal GIP Participant do with the rest of their life?
  20. 20. Sharing Activity • Blank piece of paper • Ten minutes to answer: • If you could bring 1000 interns to your country, what industries would you want them to work in, because you know they would develop leadership, have an impact on society, and your members would feel a contribution to the world?