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iGIP for Big AIESEC - Purpose and Growth Together


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Delivered for AI Consultancy Week to MCPs and MC VPs of iGIP. Find the video of the session here:

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iGIP for Big AIESEC - Purpose and Growth Together

  1. 1. Incoming GIP For big aiesec
  2. 2. Talent Capacity for Growth Raise Market – Product Strategy BI for Growth Match CLS LXP Realize CLO
  3. 3. Current State of iGIP Raising Grew by 30 TNs Ra in Q3 Growing: Colombia, Romani a, Japan, Spain, T unisia, Hong Kong, Greece Dropping: India, China, The Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Chile Capacity Only 13 entities have iGIP as their first focus, only 6 of Tier 1 entities Many entities claim poor sales knowledge and lack of sales culture is main gap in sales intensity Not enough entities selling iGIP, and not enough people selling iGIP Sales people use inefficient methods—time-intensive, high effort
  4. 4. What is the purpose of the GIP program?
  5. 5. How does iGIP develop leadership? Providing organizations with fresh and unique talent. Therefore, driving the economy of the county. iGIP means youth interacting with business and learning Provides the members the experience to get in touch with big companies We partner with young companies that need skilled HR . Ep's help our TN taker to improve their result and be more competitive I honestly don't know how to answer this question. It offers a cross-cultural experience with the support that XPP requires, but I really don't know if this is developing leadership or not. training our members to be great sellers, packaging products
  6. 6. We are the youth leadership provider of the world Really? Yes! Through us, young people can learn how to lead by living international internships that prepare them to solve the greatest needs and issues facing society Wow, sounds amazing. What do these internships look like?
  7. 7. Leadership development is not a natural by-product of an internship Bridging the talent gap is not the purpose of the GIP program The ideal TN should have a purpose in society, creating better members, better leaders, better experiences, and better partners
  8. 8. Organisational Value Market Value Individual Value
  9. 9. The Story of AIESEC in Spain
  10. 10. Organizational Value: A young person witnesses and contributes to responsible and entrepreneurial leadership overcoming the environment Market Value: Individual Value: Entrepreneurs can sell their A young member learns sales products in international and delivery, and learns how markets, survive, and support to contribute to society Spain’s economy through market solutions
  11. 11. The Story of AIESEC in Russia
  12. 12. Organizational Value: A young person practices their teaching and tries to influence a whole school to teach differently Individual Value: Market Value: Members learn sales and Schools can have better delivery, and how they can teaching to serve their improve the education system students’ needs with market solutions
  13. 13. How Can We Make a PurposeDriven Market-Product Strategy? • Choose your markets: If you could place 1000 EPs in any companies you wanted in your country, which ones would you choose?
  14. 14. How Can We Make a PurposeDriven Market-Product Strategy? • Identify their need: What talent can solve their problems (in terms of sub-product)?
  15. 15. How Can We Make a PurposeDriven Market-Product Strategy? • Determine feasibility: Can we provide that talent?
  16. 16. Leadership is developed when we deliver challenging and purposeful experiences Relevant Market Segment Industry Talent Needs In what industry can you develop leaders What are the who will have a talent needs in positive impact that industry? on society? JD that Develops Leadership What can the EP do that will develop leadership and serve the industry’s talent needs? Supply Do we have the EP supply to fill this need? Where are the EPs from, and how can we match with them? BO Alignment How do we align our marketing and TC to sell and deliver these experiences on a major scale?
  17. 17. And How Do We Start Doing This from Scratch??
  18. 18. iGIP Global Support Team Has Your Back
  19. 19. Proposed Market – Product Strategies for IGN  Providing marketers and software developers to help healthcare facilities  Providing teachers to schools that want to teach English, integrated with learning about leadership or entrepreneurship  Providing marketers and software developers to social business
  20. 20. Proposed Market – Product Strategies for Africa  Providing marketers from China to help African companies capitalize and integrate with the incoming Chinese companies  Provide marketing interns from Africa to help Chinese companies understand and integrate with the local market—to also retain how these companies work
  21. 21. Proposed Market – Product Strategies for CEE  Providing teachers with modern teaching approaches to schools  Providing market research EPs to start-ups that are working on relevant products or providing rewarding working environments
  22. 22. What You Will Get
  23. 23. Do we have to change everything??  No, don’t stop raising TNs  No, you don’t have to drop your current market – product strategy  No, we don’t have to raise with only non-profits, schools, and hospitals
  24. 24. Make specific changes to what we’re doing now Start doing new things to build a purposeful GIP program
  25. 25. How to Change What You’re Doing Now  In the JDs your EPs are currently doing, add activities that develop leadership  Ensure TN-takers understand and want to co-deliver leadership experiences  Embed purpose into your sales member education, your marketing, and your sales process
  26. 26. Market – Product Process 1. Research trends in business, education, government, social issues, IGOs, NGOs, etc 2. Choose relevant needs of society and the industries that address these needs 3. Interview with industry leaders and experts, use research to understand talent needs and create hypothesis of sub-product solution for the industry 4. Test sub-product solutions and choose top market – product combinations 5. Make a targeting list of companies to sell these products to 6. Align marketing an talent capacity to be able to reach these markets, sell the right product, deliver it, and showcase it
  27. 27. How to Add Relevant Market Segments  Adopt the GST’s Market Segments  Replicate the GST’s market segmentation process and do your own market research to find the most relevant segments
  28. 28. Will This Solve All My Problems?  Still need to train people  Still need to market, sell, and deliver well  In Colombia sales members see the impact so clearly it’s difficult to move their focus to other sub-products  In Russia the sales members were so successful they don’t feel pressure to perform anymore
  29. 29. What Will Be the Impact When We Do This?  More sales intensity because members understand the why  Better leadership experiences for EPs and members as they contribute to society’s needs  More TN raises with better customers for our purpose
  30. 30. How Can We Address this in Re-planning? Activity Choose what market segments you want to sell in based on ―If you could bring 1000 EPs to your country . . .” Message purpose of GIP to LCs in all channels Add purposeful elements to JDs of current market-product strategy Integrate CLO Summit Output based on your tier Share CoW of GIP with TN-takers and help them plan to co-deliver leadership experiences Embed purpose of GIP in all marketing, talent capacity, and showcasing for iGIP When? Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Now X X X By end of Q4 X X X By end of Q4 X X X By end of Q4 X X X Q1 X X X By end of Q4 X X X
  31. 31. How Do We Address This in Re-Planning? Activity Integrate 1 new market segment from GST research Help LCs adjust their market – product strategy to have purposeful internships Create a new market – product strategy based on purposeful GIP Test new market – product strategy on national level When? Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Q1 X X By end of Q4 X X Q1 X Q1 X Raises that create leaders
  32. 32. Why Go Through all the Trouble? What are we trying to achieve? Be the leader who confronts the fundamental problem Make an organization whose purpose and actions are aligned Create purposeful leaders