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Customer Loyalty for Organizations Input for Replanning


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Session given to MCPs and MC VPs to implement CLO. Find the video here:

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Customer Loyalty for Organizations Input for Replanning

  1. 1. Customer Loyalty for Organizations
  2. 2. Our Team Purpose We take a bold stand to deliver our promise to the world. We develop leadership in every experience; We grow like never before. By being fast, focused and listening to our customers, we achieve the 2015 Measures of Success.
  3. 3. Don’t allocate talent capacity to do it Don’t focus on it Don’t deliver our product well
  4. 4. Vision of CLO 2011 Customers 2012 Customers 2014 Customers 2013 Customers
  5. 5. How to Get There Re-raising in the shortterm based on the 100 Days Challenge and the CEPT Model Customer Loyalty in the long-term with product and process improvements based on customer insight
  6. 6. CEPT Model
  7. 7. CEPT Model Product and Process Improvement • Surveys and focus groups bringing initial hypotheses • CLO Summit planned Talent Capacity • Every account should have a person responsible • Talent Capacity Strategic Meeting output including structures, JDs, and learning and development for raising, account management, and re-raising
  8. 8. ANALYSIS. Of survey responses 13 NPS score 35% % of promoters 43% Professional skills of trainee, Professionalis 50 Level of m of AIESEC, trainee's 45 motivation, 44 Communicati Personal skills on with of trainee AIESEC 41 39 % of passives 22% % of detractors Promoters Issues Level 1 Selection Process 39
  9. 9. ANALYSIS. Of survey responses Selection Visa Process, 33 Documents and Information, 31 Communication with AIESEC Professional Accessibility of 27 skills of trainee information Logistical support upon 26 25 arrival 24 Passives Issues Level 1 Selection Communication Process, 32 with AIESEC, 32 Visa Documents Professional and Information skills of trainee 27 28 Personal skills of trainee 23 Detractors Issues Level 1 Information provided 21
  10. 10. ANALYSIS. How likely are you to take another intern with AIESEC GIP? passives promoters detractors 5 34% 66 16 42% 5 22 29 18% PROBABLY WILL NOT 2 2 11 5% DEFINITELY WILL NOT 1 5 2% DEFINITELY WILL 55 PROBABLY WILL 49 MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT 45
  11. 11. GATHER CUSTOMER INPUT Target specific LCs and follow up weekly SJ Arizona Illinois LCs have until Thanksgiving to reach out to partners NST + MC will contact all partners who have not submitted feedback by that point
  12. 12. UTILIZE CURRENT CUSTOMER INPUT 1. Release project update to national plenary 1. Include: successes, bottlenecks, insights 2. Video Testimonial Collection to mobilize promoters 3. Provide LCs with a referral framework to mobilize promoters 4. Create an AD Account Manager Certification process. Every account manager must pass the following trainings: 1. 2. 3. J-1 Visa Delivery Process Partnership Management 5. Change to US ER Principles: Partners must be met with once a quarter according to CRM. If not, LC loses partner after two quarters and contract is re-allocated to another LC 6. Re-vamping website content for companies 1. Clearly lay out process online
  13. 13. INCREASE ENGAGEMENT WITH AIESEC  Have EPs (at NPM) write thank you letters to our partners for creating exchange experiences and include these in our Christmas Cards  Send a letter to all our detractors/passives in January with “AIESEC New Years Resolution-Our Commitment to our Partners” addressing the top areas of improvement that were identified and what AIESEC US did in Q4 to address them  Signed by MCP and LCP
  14. 14. What Have You Learned from Your Customers?  Estonia: Companies need help integrating trainees. Companies want to connect with AIESEC’s other GIP partners  Germany: Communication is the key and good communication can overcome problems in the process  Belgium: We should speak to the companies every 2 weeks. Companies care about the experience AIESEC provides to the EP  Russia: Companies are ready to re-raise if AIESEC approaches them
  15. 15. How Can You Drive CLO with Your LCs?  Estonia: For smaller entities, create a calendar that has all account management activities nationally so they can be tracked and seen by everyone  Brazil: Create NST role to track and consult about account management and re-raising. Create account management plans for every account—include them EB transition  Germany: Provide a clear guideline to LCs of how to implement 100 Days Challenge and a guide for running these sales meetings  Russia: Implement a CRM, and require LCs to use it—motivate them with a sales campaign tracked through the CRM
  16. 16. What Are You Doing Next in CLO?  Brazil: Showcasing EP LEAD to our partners. Creating education booklet on account management for members. Implementing team structures for account management in their LCs  Germany: Hosting a CLO Summit with key LCs to drive re-raising and partner retention. Running a campaign to get endorsements and referrals from current customers  Belgium: Hosting a partners gala. Offering discounts to current partners who refer us to Implement a CRM, and require LCs to use it—motivate them with a sales campaign tracked through the CRM
  17. 17. How Can CLO Go Wrong / What Are the Challenges? MCs/LCs focus on surveys, but not on re-raising or customer loyalty MCs/LCs move their resources from new raising to re-raising MCs/LCs don’t improve their products or processes MCs/LCs view customer loyalty as a one-time initiative, rather than the way we do iGIP
  18. 18. How Can We Include CLO in Re-Planning? Activity Set goals for new raising and re-raising for Q1 and Q2 CRM that has all accounts, who is managing them, what stage they are in, when they were last contacted, dashboard of most active LCs and members Account Management minimums—person allocated to every account, companies contacted every X Design engagement channels for all customers (advisory boards, hosting and attending events, strategic partnerships, etc) Seek referrals from all current customers When? Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Now X X X By end of Q4 X X X By end of Q4 X X X By end of Q4 X X X By end of Q4 X X X
  19. 19. How Can We Include CLO in Re-Planning? Activity When? Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Innovate product and process improvements based on customer Q1 X X feedback Help LCs create structures for new raising, By end of X X account management, and re-raising Q4 Implement national structures (like NST) Before for account management and re-raising X next NatCo consultancy Re-Raising
  20. 20. Is This a Priority? We are the caretakers Make the fundamental changes for the future