3 Steps to Re-Raising for LCs


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Here's the PPT used for a webinar with LCs about how to re-raise more TNs using the output from the Customer Loyalty for Organizations Summit.

Find a recording of the webinar here: http://aiesec.adobeconnect.com/p7c4me4whb6/

Find the CLO output here: http://www.myaiesec.net/content/viewwiki.do?contentid=10284592

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3 Steps to Re-Raising for LCs

  1. 1. CLO Summit Output Tier 1
  2. 2. The Problem : Gap in Need Assessment Lack of understanding of our customer needs. Customer Dissatisfaction leading to Clients dropping out Inaccurate Profile Selection for our Customers
  3. 3. Process : Better Profile Selection Understanding the needs of our customers help us match their requirements faster and meet their expectations Understanding the future talent needs of our customer we can improve re-raising By asking our customers the right questions in the JQ (Job Role, Skills required ) we will be able to provide better job profiles and re-raise them in the future Using the New Global Talent Profile during Sales Meetings and Re-Raising Meetings will help us select Accurate Profiles for our Customers and meet their Talent Expectations. Results: 1. Matching Faster 2. Match More 3. No client drop-outs 4. Satisfied Customers
  4. 4. Profile Selection Challenges with current JQ Solution JQ has Unclear Job Roles Introduction of Minor and Major Job Roles and Goals for the internship will help Interns prepare for the internship and result in clear expectation setting. The length of the Job Questionnaire / Profile Selection Tool The new JQ is only 4 pages long including cover page and the contract. JQ Unaligned to Sub-Products Customers see skills and backgrounds specific to different sub products JQ Unaligned to Demand and Supply Entities can customize JQ according to global supply and partnerships for specific Sub-Products JQ Limited to current HR Needs Asks about customers’ long-term HR needs / Recruitment patterns to help Re-Raising in the future
  5. 5. The all new Job Questionnaire
  6. 6. The Solution : New Job Questionnaire 1. Use the New Job Questionnaire at all your Sales and Re-Raising Meetings. 2. Customize the JQ according to Demand and Supply and Sub-Products your entity works with. 3. Follow the JQ guideline ( A guideline document that describes the flow of a JQ Meeting) document to know how to fill and follow-up on the same effectively. Link for the Global Talent Profile Guideline Document :http://www.myaiesec.net/content/viewfile.do?contentid=1 0284569
  7. 7. Things to keep in mind while filling the JQ Introduction Make sure to follow-up on the company’s Mission, Vision and Values. Explain AIESEC’s Mission and Vision to the company and the Why of GIP? Position Info Be as specific as possible and make sure the organization answers the purpose of the internship. Make sure to define the Key Deliverables of the intern and translate the same in selecting intern profiles Sub-Product Information Edit the JQ based on the sub-product / Field of work the customer chooses. Align the skills , backgrounds and supply according to the same. Future with AIESEC Inquire about Customer’s future needs and projects that could require Global Talent
  8. 8. Profile Selection – LC Implementation iGIP Go through the new JQ and understand usage of the same Educate the GIP Peeps on how to use the new JQ Effectively and run JQ meetings successfully. Use the new JQ to understand the needs of the company and align them in your processes. oGIP Educate your EPs on the new features like qualities expected from the intern, the purpose of the internship and results expected from the intern. Highlight the importance of the personal qualities as one of the selection criteria for TN takers
  9. 9. Problem Description Companies dont get enough qualified CVs and proccess is long Selection Process Improvement Companies are matched with right EPs faster and easier
  10. 10. Selection Process Improvement 6 weeks matching plan Training members to search for candidates and shortlist better
  11. 11. Step 1 : Signing the contract Understanding the company needs 6 Week Matching Plan Step 2 : TN Global promotion Step 3 : EP Screening Step 4 : AIESEC interview Step 5 : Short-list candidates Step 6 : -Company interview Step 7 : Match
  12. 12. Timeline that Company sees Step 1: Signing contract Step 2: Trainee Profiling & definition of job description Step 3: Global promotion for the opportunity Step 4: Candidate Short-listing by AIESEC Step 6: Company Interview Step 7 : Match
  13. 13. STEP 1: Signing the contract & Understanding the Company Needs Behind The Scenes Together With the Company Communicate the expectations Set dates for all meetings and steps leading to match Day 1 Agree on the channel of communication Communicate the expected visa timeline based on country preferences Assess whether the company wants AIESEC to make a pre-selection of 3-5 CVs or provide many a large shortlist of 10-15 CVs
  14. 14. Step 1: Signing the contract & Understanding the Company Needs Behind The Scenes Together With the Company Set expectations for the company based on global supply Understand the company’s need in terms of sub-products Day 1 Confirm the EP profiling by showing the company example CV Separate responsibility, what is the responsibility TN need to fulfill Understand the global Supply Determine the best time company need to pay base on cash flow (Negotiation bottomline)
  15. 15. STEP 2: TN Global Promotion Behind The Scenes Together With the Company Make TN form in my@.net available Create promotion material Contact target countries Meanwhile contact available EP using OP and my@ and contact EPs that previously applied to your entity Day 2- Day 14
  16. 16. Behind The Scenes STEP 3: EP Screening Together With the Company Collect all the CVs (If we don’t have enough qualified CV, make sure to finish according to timeline) Analyze all the CVs and select the candidates according to criteria most important to the company (communicated in JQ) Approve/Reject candidates Go to Interview Process Day 15 – Day 18
  17. 17. STEP 4: AIESEC Interview for Shortlisting Behind The Scenes Arrange the interview with candidate Together With the Company Get prepared for interview according to the company's needs Interview Make candidate reports Reject/Approve Candidates Send the CV package to Company (Minimum 3 in one package, number can be variable depending on the company ) Day 19Day 25
  18. 18. STEP 5: Shortlist Candidates Together With the Company Behind The Scenes Share shortlist with company Update EP about the process and the timeline (You will get feedback from company within 3 days) Day 26 – Day 28 Highlight the candidates who we recommend again Emphasis on timeline again, and ask result from company within 3 days Check whether the candidates align with other company’s need Reject the EP who didn’t pass @ interview and company short-list
  19. 19. STEP 6: Company interview Behind The Scenes Together With the Company Get EP AN Ask the company availability and schedule interview time slot Communicate the interview time with candidates ( bookme.com) Send company induction materials to candidates to help them Remind company and intern one hour before interview’s time Communicate the interview result to candidate Day 29 - Day 42 Check with the company if they need support for the interview Help company prepare ideal interview Remind both company and intern one hour before interview’s time Ask for interview result after interview Get TN AN & Invitation Letter
  20. 20. How to track new process ? Contract Sign Date TN: example, If you are in 22nd November : TN2 TN3 1st November 2013 Step1 (Day1) done Step2 Step3 Step4 Step5 (Day 2- (Day 15- (Day19- (Day2614) 18) 25) 28) Not done Not done X (meaning we should be here according to timeline, but LCs didn’t do previous steps !) Step6 (Day2942) Step7
  21. 21. Solution 1 – LC Implementation iGIP Allocate one account manager to every account Get bookme accounts to schedule all the interviews between company and EP TM Analyze the new selection process and allocate HR Train members to improve their interview skills
  22. 22. Account Management For customer  Better quality in customer service: • • • • one contact responsible for the account company gets the information they need easy to reach AIESEC AIESEC provides proactive and fast-responding service
  23. 23. Account Management Solutions One person is Structure responsible for every adaptation to have account, standardizeONE account responsible d process and timeline of servicing, clear account transition scheme. Implementation of account management flow Account management education and customer loyalty behavior drive
  24. 24. ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT CUSTOMER FLOW For every account you must have the following meetings: Legend: Physical Meeting Virtual Interactions (Fast calls, mails) RE RAISING
  25. 25. JOB DESCRIPTION – ACCOUNT MANAGER       
  29. 29.         
  30. 30.   •  •  • •
  31. 31.    
  32. 32. Intern’s supervisor & Account Manager / Reception Manager     1-2 weeks before realization (meeting or call)  
  33. 33. Intern’s supervisor & Account Manager / Reception Manager    
  34. 34. By phone with intern’s supervisor & Account Manager      • The check in with the intern must happen in the same frequency 
  35. 35. Intern’s supervisor, HR responsible       •This is the right moment for the account transition to the new account manager    
  36. 36. Intern’s supervisor, HR responsible and New Account Manager    •This should be aligned during all the internship process that the Account manager will change after every 6 months in the quarterly reviews          
  37. 37. Intern’s supervisor, HR responsible and/or CEO (if possible), Account Manager & newly elected VP •Explain the role of the LCVP iGIP for the company and give the company the contact of LCVP iGIP      
  38. 38. By mail and phone with intern’s supervisor & Account Manager   
  39. 39. Intern’s supervisor, Account manager, CEO or HR responsible      •1-2 week before intern leaves
  40. 40. Account Management– LC Implementation iGIP 1. Account Managers allocation to each Company 2. Make a ReRaising plan for every account for the next year following the customer servicing flow 4. Deliver education about Account Management + Customer servicing flow 5. Meet every Account before New Year with for ReRaising following customer servicing flow 6. Set ReRa as MoS of Account Management performance TM 1. Change team structures for effective Account Management
  41. 41. Overall Timeline Education about account management and JQ Introduce, adapt, translate new JQ Allocate one account manager to every account New Years Campaign to meet respective accounts and plan 2014 Create Selection Process Tracking Tool Train your members to slect candidates and implement slection timeline Track your members selection process and deliver the GIP for customers!