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B2B Marketing Introduction


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This is a session delivered by Cassie Ruggiero, VP PR, and Cole Wirpel, VP Operations for GIP, about B2B Marketing. You can use this as a brief overview for national and local activities to drive more sales meetings, higher conversion rates from meetings to TN raising, and larger contracts

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B2B Marketing Introduction

  1. 1. B2B Marketing With Cole and Cassie
  2. 2. Is there a problem with our marketing?
  3. 3. Sales is convincing people to buy our product. Marketing is reaching more of the right people, so that sales leads to results Reaching more customers. Less work for more meetings. Higher conversion from meeting to raise
  4. 4. So do we have a problem? • How much work does it take to raise a sales meeting? • How many meetings does it take you to raise a TN? • How many companies call AIESEC in your country because they want to take an intern? • How many of your TN-takers introduced you to 5 or more other companies you could work with?
  5. 5. Lead Generation Methods • Cold calling: Low conversion, time-intensive • Networking events: Low conversion, a lot of follow up, timeintensive • Warm leads from alumni / BoA: High conversion rate, low in quantity
  6. 6. Meetings Converting to Contracts • Companies don’t know us, takes many meetings to build trust and credibility • We don’t provide the information the companies want in the first place, so we have to have many meetings
  7. 7. Contracts Converting to Many TNs • Companies rarely take many TNs in their first try
  8. 8. B2B Marketing’s Potential in the Sales Process # of iGIP members? # of Meetings per Member # of Sales Meetings # of meetings per Contract # of TNs per contract Raise – Match Rate Match – Realize rate 200 8 1600 20 2 55% 90% 79 200 10 2000 16 2.5 55% 90% 155
  9. 9. Bringing qualified leads to our members means more sales meetings, higher conversion from meeting to contract, and larger contracts
  10. 10. But how do we do this?
  11. 11. Expectation: “You think you know, but you have no idea.”
  12. 12. Our 5 B2B Marketing Tactics Events Alliances Social Media + Online Content Referrals Endorsemen ts
  13. 13. • Working with umbrella organisations to connect with your target audience • Ex. Chamber of commerce, IT organisations, etc. Alliances • How do you find these? • GOOGLE EVERYTHING! • Check your national/local business directory • Look for events in your city, find out who organises them
  14. 14. • Attending events not for general AIESEC representation, but specifically because your target audience is there. • How do you find them? Events • GOOGLE EVERYTHING • Look on eventbrite • Find out where companies you target are speaking/attending
  15. 15. Referrals • Asking those who know about AIESEC to refer you to someone else who might be interested • Just like an EP bringing a buddy along to an info-session night, or telling their friend about their internship • Ask your current partners, BoD, alumni if they know anyone who might be interested • Alumni referral programme
  16. 16. Endorsemen ts • Ask your current partners and champions to write an endorsement letter. • Find those quotes about your organisation!
  17. 17. Social Media + Online Content • Use the insight you gain, and experience you have to tailor content to your target audience • Position AIESEC as the expert in the field of your target industry • End game: Bring them to your website and sign up on the ORS for more information
  18. 18. An Example of all this? Events Cassie googled IT events in Europe Events Cassie found Gartner Symposium ITXpo Alliance Cassie contacted them about attending the event and possibly speaking to provide youth perspective to their delegates Gartner agreed to provide AIESEC with 2 all-access passes and 2 roundtable sessions Events Online content Using insight, we write a blog around “Top questions employers have about Gen Y” Drive ORS registrations Alliance We gain insight and knowledge around what the industry is looking for We collect business cards to follow up with them Warm leads Cassie and Crisette attend the event and provide roundtable discussion Drive ORS registrations
  19. 19. What does B2B Marketing driving iGIP look like?
  20. 20. How Can You Make Sure These Tactics Are Bringing Results?
  21. 21. How Can You Make Sure These Tactics Are Bringing Results? Events VP COMM: # of company leads on ORS* VP iGIP: # of TNs raised *Specifically from this tactic
  22. 22. How Can You Make Sure These Tactics Are Bringing Results? Alliances VP COMM: # of company leads on ORS* # of alliances formed VP iGIP: # of TNs raised *Specifically from this tactic
  23. 23. How Can You Make Sure These Tactics Are Bringing Results? Endorsemen ts VP COMM: # of endorsements gained # of ORS registrations* VP iGIP: # of TNs raised *Specifically from this tactic
  24. 24. How Can You Make Sure These Tactics Are Bringing Results? Referrals VP COMM: # of referrals gained VP iGIP: # of TNs raised* *Specifically from this tactic
  25. 25. How Can You Make Sure These Tactics Are Bringing Results? Social Media VP COMM: Consistent positioning on Linkedin # company ORS registrations* VP iGIP: # of TNs raised *Specifically from this tactic
  26. 26. How Can You Synergize Between iGIP and Marketing? iGIP Should Provide Marketing Should Provide Be totally clear in what market you want to attract Numerical goals for leads, meetings, and TNs Ra in target industries B2B Marketing tactics Tracking activities creating leads Converting leads to meetings at and educating the LCs on how to MC and LC level do it Always make sure who does what is clear