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Storyboard 3


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storyboard for chinese med

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Storyboard 3

  1. 1. July 20, 2007 Image Video cue Audio Cue Production Time Code Notes Fade In Through the Volunteer Doctor 00:-00:15 achievements (Actor) and Pa- of generations of famous doc- Title tors, it has developed tients (Adult) into a sophisticated medical system of Shot at Chinese Diagnosis and theory, methodology, Medicine clinic Treatment prescriptions and with Signs pre- drugs sent and Exam Opening Credits room Title: The alternation between Related text 00:15-1:15 Yin (literally shadow) and images pulled The role of Yin Yang (literally from library and Yang light/sun) sustains the existence of with pans and the universe. close ups Fade out None of Yin and Yang can be identified as good or bad. The Fade In ideal condition is to have both in harmony. Title: The basic premise of Chinese Related Text 1:15-2:30 medical theory is that human body itself images from External and and the environment the library the body. The are an integral entity, and interact with with Adult body as a mi- each others. The Volunteer crocosm health condition can Showing Hu- be deduced through observing the mani- man body in festation of the body. work out gear Title: The Theory of Zang Fu Related Text 2:30-3:30 (Organs) The Theory of Images Zang Fu (Or- gans) Organs do not exactly Related Text (though partly) Images mean the same to that of modern theories. In es- sence, it means the manifestations of the inside or- gans outside the bodies
  2. 2. July 20, 2007 Image Video cue Audio Cue Production Time Code Notes Title: The pathways connecting Related Text 3:30-4:30 the whole body, Meridians where Qi and Images blood run. The pathways con- Fade Out necting the whole Fade body, where Qi and blood run. In 12 main meridians col- lect the organs. Title: boy volunteer 4:30-4:45 Causes of Ill- looking ness ill Title: External Causes 4:45-6:00 External • The Six Qi that exists on Causes the earth: wind, coldness, hot- ness, humidity, drought and fire. Wherever any of these become too much or appears at times when they should not, it would cause dis- eases . Title: Wind Sky shot at Wind HKBU Title: Damp Prop brought to Damp S h o w p a t h o- g e n quality of damp Title: Heat Heater used Heat as prop Title: Cold Cold ice cube shot on location or freezer interior
  3. 3. July 20, 2007 Image Video cue Audio Cue Production Time Code Notes Fade out 7 emotions and 6 desires, 6:00-7:15 diets and tired- ness etc. Fade in Title: Internal Causes Joy Joy Child Volunteer B between 6-10 Anger Anger Child Volunteer A Between 6-10 opposite sex of child B Fear Fear Child B Pensiveness Pensiveness Child A Grief Grief Child B Fright Fright Child A Title: Injury, insect, intoxi- To be mimed 7:15-7:45 cation etc. b y Adult Neither Internal volunteers or External Causes Fade In 7:45-8:15 Fade out Title: Observation Actor Portray- ing Doc- tor
  4. 4. July 20, 2007 Image Video cue Audio Cue Production Time Code Notes Mainly encompasses the Tongue observations of Diagram from appearances, recommended shapes, bodily Text color and the tongue Tongue of volunteer The observation of bodily color is Actor Doctor inter-connected with the theory of 5 ele- and ments. e.g. red is patient at connected with fire while white is con- HKBU nected with metal. Redness means hot- ness and white means coldness The color of the left fore- adult volun- head indicate the condition of the teer liver and the right indicate the condi- tion of the lungs. Whatever the color, the adult volun- absence of shini- ness usually indi- teer cates diseases. Title: Actor Doctor 8:15-8:45 Touching (including pulses) Most commonly the touch- Live action of ing of pulses, sometimes also Pulse involve touching taking and of joints, skins etc. Left wrist: heart, liver also and kidney, right: Pictures from lungs, spleen Recommended Text Title: Actor doctor and 8:45-9:15 patient showing interview Listen/Smell/ portion of Asking examina- tion By listening to the voice/ sounds, e.g. cough
  5. 5. July 20, 2007 Image Video cue Audio Cue Production Time Code Notes Asking the subjective feel- ings of the pa- tients To be acted out 9:15-10:15 Title: using Eight adult volunteers and Principles make up External Pattern: acute illness with sudden onset fever and chills, body aches, headache, aversion to wind, cold and/or heat. Tongue: normal, thin coat. Internal Pattern: chronic con- ditions, internal organ dys- function, pain and discomfort in trunk, digestive disorders, changes in stool and urine, fever with no chills or dislike of cold, changes in tongue color and coat. Excess Pattern: Ponder- ous, heavy movement, heavy, coarse perspiration, pressure and touch in- crease discomfort. Tongue: thick coating. Deficiency Pattern: Frail, weak movement, tiredness, shortness of breath, pres- sure relieves discomfort, inactive, passive appear- ance, low voice, little appe- tite, dizziness. Tongue: pale color, thin coat. Heat Pattern: Red face, fever, sensation of heat, dislike of heat, cold re- duces discomfort, rapid movements, outgoing manner, thirst or desire for cold drinks, dark urine, constipation. Tongue: red color, yellow coat.
  6. 6. July 20, 2007 Image Video cue Audio Cue Production Time Code Notes Cold Pattern: Pale, white face, cold limbs, fear of cold, heat reduces discom- fort, slow movements, withdrawn manner, no thirst or a desire for hot drinks, clear urine, watery stools. Tongue: pale color, white coat. Yin Pattern Yang Pattern Determination of treatment method after con- sidering the symp- toms, nature of diseases and the strength of bod- ies. Title: Real Doctor 10:15-11:30 and Acupuncture Patient but no faces Insertion of needle/heating Also using of meridian Pur- pose: adjustment recommend of functionalities images of organs from texts Title: Jason Li has not been 11:30-12:30 feeling very well. Case study He went outside on a cold day wearing a hat coat and gloves During recess at school he a took them off to play He came home as usual
  7. 7. July 20, 2007 Image Video cue Audio Cue Production Time Code Notes The next day he woke up Child A feeling ill pantomimes cold He has not been able to go Child A made to school because he has fever, up to chills, sneezing, a look ill stuffy nose,and coughing. So jason goes to the doctor. He has a full examination Examination done at HKBU He is diagnosed having influenza caused by excess cold It has affected his lungs and has made him ill THe doctor prescribes him Doctor at a course of treatments. HKBU Case Study Emily Chan Child B made 12:30-13:30 Has not been able to enjoy Two summer fun to look ill Her Holiday was ruined by a high fever , a red face, a coated tongue, and a craving for cold things . She goes to the doctor She is diagnosed having 13:30-14:30 influenza cause by heat. It has affected her organs and has made her have a fever and other symptoms
  8. 8. July 20, 2007 Image Video cue Audio Cue Production Time Code Notes The doctor prescribes her a course of treatments Both children are shown going through therapy and getting better Last 30 Ending Credits 14:30-15:00 seconds preventative medicine and credits Notes Music to be selected Images and text to be pulled, and scanned Actors to be selected from HKBU Staff, Actors Meet-up, and HK film Academy. because there is no audio actor should be select on availability as opposed to ability. To be shot on HD Three Voiceovers Two Sets of subtitles