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Slow Down to Speed Up! Green Festival DC 06072015


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Slow Down to Speed Up! Sustainable Living in a 2.0 World
Even if you’re constantly on the go, working long hours, or are extremely busy it IS possible to make healthy lifestyle changes when you have the right tools and support. Learn how to adopt proven healthy eating and sustainable lifestyle techniques. PLUS, receive motivational guidance from Coach Colette to help you ditch your stress and anxiety for LASTING results.
Colette Ellis is an author, coach and transformation speaker on mindfulness, motivation, and workplace stress. She is contributing author to “Transform Your Life With One Call: America's Top Life Coaches Reveal What You Need to Know” in which she describes benefits of wellness coaching and debunks common coaching myths. Her book, “Focus on Your Vision,” helps readers clarify priorities and optimize their work-life balance. Clients transform their lives and realize results faster via her insightful coaching and interactive seminars on wellness, leadership, and team building. Colette is a certified instructor of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®, FOCUS: Achieving Your Highest Priorities, and Coping with Work & Family Stress™. As co-host for Brooklyn Savvy TV, she facilitates substantive conversations about issues that impact women in Brooklyn and beyond. A featured contributor on Workplace Morale, her advice on Optimism and Motivation appeared in Real Simple Magazine and Small Business Chronicle.

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Slow Down to Speed Up! Green Festival DC 06072015

  1. 1. Slow Down to Speed Up! Sustainable Living in a 2.0 World Colette Ellis | @Coach_Colette |
  2. 2. What Is Your SOMEDAY?
  3. 3. The Endless Loop • Because you don’t know what is really important to you, everything seems important. • Because everything seems important, you have to do everything. • Other people, unfortunately, see you doing everything, so they expect you to do everything. • Doing everything keeps you so busy, you don’t have time to think about what is really important to you.
  4. 4. The Personal Impact 60% 14% 13% 13% Cause of Disease STRESS Other Other Other
  5. 5. The Collective Impact
  6. 6. The Environmental Impact
  7. 7. What Can You DO?
  8. 8. FIRST, I’ve Been There …
  9. 9. Who Is Coach Colette?
  10. 10. Know the Difference: Important vs. Urgent
  11. 11. Slow Down to Speed Up: Live Above the Line
  12. 12. Reconnect to Your WHY
  13. 13. Recognize How Stress Impacts Your Health
  14. 14. Develop Stress Coping Skills
  15. 15. Manage Your Health
  16. 16. Change Your Perception
  17. 17. Minimize Your Footprint
  18. 18. Be Intentional
  19. 19. We All Have A Stake In Sustainability
  20. 20. How I Can Help • Reconnect to Your Purpose Workbook: Help reframe your perspective on time and priority management • Focus on Your Vision eBook: Help you break free of clutter and distractions to focus on what you really want • Inner Sanctuary Guided Meditation: Help you achieve a greater sense of calm and inner peace
  21. 21. How I Can Help
  22. 22. Slow Down to Speed Up! Sustainable Living in a 2.0 World Colette Ellis | @Coach_Colette |