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  1. 1. Cole RossMarch 20112nd PeriodMs. Tillery Senior Project Speech- Education Wow! Education is something that will totally amaze you once you see the “background”of it and see how it works. Hello, my name is Cole Ross and I have wanted to be a teacher sincethe second grade. For my senior project, I decided that education would be my topic. I chose toteach a language arts class because of my love for English and the concepts within. In my seniorproject, I was able to teach a seventh grade Advanced Language Arts Class with my seventhgrade teacher, Chad Lanier. For my product, I chose to create three weeks worth of lesson plans and assignments forthe students. I did this, with approval, because I felt it would give me the full affect of being aclassroom teacher. Also, I created a grade book where I graded the assignments that I gave thestudents. Lastly, I created a participation point chart; it was a discipline agreement between thestudents and me. Every time a student had an issue, they received five points off of; they startedoff with twenty points each day. At the end of the week, I would total the points and put them inthe grade book. If a student got a seventy or below on their participation grade, they wererequired to write a two paragraph paper to receive their points back. There were very little problems with my senior project. The ones that I did experiencealtered my project greatly. One main problem that I encountered was time. In the midst of mysenior project, my schedule changed for a few weeks, this caused me not to be able to go to theclassroom. Since this happened, I had to alter my project to be just two weeks worth of lesson
  2. 2. plans instead of three. Another problem, I was limited on what I could do because I was not acertified teacher. To fix this problem, we ran the classroom like a team-taught class; my projectfacilitator and I were always in the room when I was teaching. My project facilitator was Chad Lanier. He is a seventh grade social studies and languagearts teacher at Creekland Middle School. He has taught for multiple years in both middle schooland high school. I chose him not only because he was my seventh grade teacher but I knew thathe would be more than willing to communicate and collaborate and let me work with his class. My research paper and product are similar. My research paper was about “No Child LeftBehind,” curriculum legislation for schools. “No Child Left Behind,” is used in Cherokee CountySchools, therefore, I had to make my lesson plans fit the standards that the government has set inplace for schools. Also, my research was on issues within school districts. Even though I did notsee all the issues, I did notice a few. Since there are standards set in place, teachers are limited onwhat they do and how they do it. Standardized testing limited actual learning time that thestudents need. All in all, my research paper helped me with my product. This experience confirmed my love to work with children and teaching. After highschool, I will be moving on to Kennesaw State University to study secondary education.Personally, I have gained so much respect for educators and I only got a glimpse of what they doon a daily basis. Judges, thank you for taking time out of your day to listen to my presentation, atthis time, are there any questions?