Advertisement on social networking sites research


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Advertisement on social networking sites research

  1. 1. Advertisement on social networking sites
  2. 2. Through the stages of distribution, a product such as my magazine will need to beadvertised to gain a following and attract people to buy it. Advertisement ofmagazines can be done via television, billboards, internet and in local newsagents.Using the media platforms such as the internet allows the product to bebroadcasted worldwide, which will attract a much broader spectrum of consumersand allow more access to the magazines world wide.Most big magazines from the institution Brauer like MOJO all have there ownwebsites to update information about the magazines and what they can offer in thefollowing issues to the customer. Advertisements, prizes, free C.DS are the sort ofthings other companys can include in the magazine as a way of advertising orselling there product, The magazine can be used broadcast other products as well.But as technology and access to media platforms such internet, magazines andradio advertisement can be broadcasted over an even bigger spectrum. I havefound that most of the social networking sites have offers and flashedadvertisements for music, sport and other hobbies and interests in enjoy. But oftenthe links can lead to the exposure of other related links and recommended linksfrom the subject. As most big magazines are on social networking sites such asfacebook and twitter I think that creating a group or fan page will increase theexposure of the magazine.
  3. 3. The following links on this slide show the percentages of male and female use, Incomeof the consumers, the age of the consumers, and the education level they are at. Thisdemo graph allows me to understand the primary consumers of each of the followingsocial networking sites which allows me to think more on my decision to which I chooseto advertise with. Important aspects such as the male to female ratio will allow me todecide would my magazine that appears to have a more male dominated audience inparticular have the best exposure on a site with a higher female audience.Looking through this information I feel I am in a bit of a compromise between twitterand facebook. This is because they both have a wide range of ages, the incomes ofpeople for both are between working and middle class, the educational levels are spreadacross the board from high school to a graduate degree but show more dominance fromthe college audience.Overall, they both seem great on paper but as I found on in my later research that mostmagazines have both of these social networks as part of there advertisement. I feel thatas both sites offer the this service free to create a group but then add charges foradvertisement I feel that to keep up with the modern society of technology socialnetworks are the most accusable form of media and is used by mixed cultures and ages.Therefore, I will use both as I feel this will be an effect use of the world of media tobroadcast my magazine and gain a following.