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FAMU Libraries Celebrating 125 Years in Literature: 1887-2012


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125 outstanding books that chronicle events that were pivotal to the University's history.

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FAMU Libraries Celebrating 125 Years in Literature: 1887-2012

  1. 1. FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES Celebrating 125 years of Excellence in Literature 1887-2012As we celebrate the 125th anniversary of FAMUs founding, the UniversityLibraries have chosen 125 books, one from each of the years that the Universityhas been in existence. All titles can be found in the Library’s collections, mainlythe African American Collection, located in Room 403 Coleman Library. Somemay be accessible from the Library’s online collections via the Internet and othersare in the Heritage Collection, Room 412, Coleman Library.Books that chronicle events that were pivotal to the University’s history or AfricanAmerican history and literature were selected. Some were very controversial at thetime of publication such as Richard Wright’s, Native Son and James Baldwin’s,The Fire Next Time. Some were selected based they repeatedly appeared on thebest seller lists, such as Toni Morrison’s Beloved. Others were chosen based ontheir popularity with the faculty and students and constantly appearing on classsyllabi.
  2. 2. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121887 Book: Alexander, W. T. (1887). History of the colored race in America: Containing also their ancient and modern life in Africa ... the origin and development of slavery in the Old World, and its introduction on the American continent; the slave trade; slavery, and its abolition in Europe and America. The civil war, emancipation, education and advancement of the colored race, their civil and political rights. Kansas City, Mo: Palmetto Pub. Co. Electronic Resource Overview: Expounds on slavery, military life, and other experiences of African Americans in the quest for equality1888 Book: Williams, G. W. (1888). A history of the Negro troops in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865. New York: Harper & Bros. AAC E540.N3 W7 Overview: Soldier George Washington Williams describes the Negro experience in the War of the Rebellion.1889 Book: Deland, M. W. C., & Harlow, L. K. (1889). Florida days. Boston: Little, Brown and Co. Florida Collection F317.S2 D3 Overview: From the original Carnegie Library, Florida Days describes some of Florida’s most beautiful spots with illustrations included.
  3. 3. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-2012*Available as an Electronic Resource1890 Book: Hagood, L. M. (1890). The colored man in the Methodist Episcopal Church. Cincinnati: Cranston & Stowe. AAC BX8435 .H3 1890a Overview: Explains the plight of the black man in the Methodist Episcopal Church in the past.1891 Book: Smith, H. (1891). Fifty years of slavery in the United States of America. Grand Rapids, Mich: West Michigan Printing Co. AAC E444 .S63 1891 Overview: Smiths narrative relates not only his personal experiences, but also includes many anecdotes about other Kentucky slaves and masters.1892 Journal: Liberia Overview:Jojdfj Liberia The African Repository changed its name to Liberia in 1892. Issues included the names of slave owners, estates, and freed slaves. AAC E 448 .L66 1967-69
  4. 4. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121893 Book: Smith, A. (1893). An autobiography, the story of the Lords dealings with Mrs. Amanda Smith, the colored evangelist: Containing an account of her life work of faith, and her travels in America, England, Ireland, Scotland, India, and Africa, as an independent missionary. Chicago, Ill: Christian Witness Co. Heritage Collection BV3785.S56 A3 1893 Overview: The story of the Lords dealings with Mrs. Amanda Smith, the colored evangelist; containing an account of her life work of faith, and her travels in America, England, Ireland, Scotland, India, and Africa, as an independent missionary1894 Book: Langston, J. M. (1894). From the Virginia plantation to the national capitol; or, The first and only Negro representative in Congress from the Old Dominion. Hartford, Conn: American Pub. Co. AAC E185.97 .L27 Overview: Insight into the story of John Mercer Langston a former slave turned politician.1895 Book: McClelland, M. G. (1895). Mammy Mystic. New York: Merriam Co. AAC PZ3.M133 Ma Overview: Fictional book about a white male’s interpretations and observations of African-American behaviors and rituals.
  5. 5. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121896 Book: Davidson, J. N. (1897). Negro slavery in Wisconsin and the Underground Railroad. Milwaukee, Wis.: Printed for the Parkman Club by E. Keogh. AAC F576 .P24 Overview: Book composed of many letters from people who helped fugitive slaves escape through Wisconsin in the mid-19th century.1897 Book: Anderson, M. (1897). Presbyterianism; its relation to the Negro. Philadelphia: J.M. White. AAC BX 9211.P5 B4 Overview: Explains the Berean Church, a Presbyterian Church, and its relationship with Negroes.1898 Book: Macaulay, T. B. M., & Smith, H. A. (1898). Macaulays Essays on Addison and Milton. Boston: Ginn. Heritage Collection AAC PR3306 .M3 1898 Overview: Rare book which was often a required reading in English Literature curriculums.
  6. 6. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121899 Book: Johnson, Edward A. History of Negro Soldiers in the Spanish- American War: And Other Items of Interest. Raleigh: Capital Print. Co, 1970. Print. AAC E725.5 .N3 J6 Overview: Includes sections on African Americans in the Navy, on San Juan Hill, the Buffalo Soldiers, and African American officers and regiments. Contains photos and illustrations.1900 Book: Dunbar, P. L., & Kemble, E. W. (1900). The strength of Gideon: And other stories. New York: Dodd, Mead & Co. AAC PZ 3 .D 911 .St8 1969 Overview: Book written by Paul Laurence Dunbar an early pioneer in African-American literature.1901 Book: Dunbar, P. L., Armstrong, M., Armstrong, M., Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute (Va.)., Oliver Wendell Holmes Library Collection (Library of Congress), & Margaret Armstrong Binding Collection (Library of Congress). (1901). Candle-lightin time. New York: Dodd, Mead. AAC PS1556 .C2 1901 Overview: In black dialect Candle-lightin’ time describes slave experiences with illustrations.
  7. 7. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121902 Book: Taylor, S. K., & Romero, P. W. (1988). A Black womans Civil War memoirs: Reminiscences of my life in camp with the 33rd U.S. Colored Troops, late 1st South Carolina Volunteers. New York: M. Wiener Pub. AAC E492.94 .T3 1988 Overview: Taylor traces her matrilineal line back to Africa to impart her story. A freed slave at age fourteen she became a volunteer field nurse for black Union soldiers advancing through South Carolina*Reprint (originally publishedIn 1902)1903 Book: Cotter, J. S. (1903). Caleb, the degenerate: A play in four acts; a study of the types, customs, and needs of the American Negro. Louisville, Ky: The Bradley & Gilbert Company. AAC PS3505.O862 C3 1903 Overview: A four-act play that’s a study of the types, customs, and needs of the American Negro.1904 Book: Henderson, E. B. (1904). Plantation echoes: A collection of original Negro dialect poems. Columbus, O: Press of F. J. Heer. AAC PS3515.E434 P6 1904 Overview: A collection of a variety of Negro poems with dialect used during slavery.
  8. 8. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121905 Book: Johnston, A. F. (1905). In the desert of waiting: The legend of Camel-back mountain. Boston: I.C. Page & Co. AAC PS3519.O3 I5 1905 Overview: This small book relates the story of Shapur, a salt merchant traveling across the desert to sell his wares at the palace of the Rajah. Along the way, misfortune overcomes Shapur and he is faced with decisions that change his life.1906 Book: Dumas, A. (1951). The three musketeers. New York: Dutton. Heritage Collection PZ3.D89 Th Overview: The Three Musketeers tells the story of three great swordsmen, Porthos, Aramis, and Anthos, with their protege, DArtagnan, who match wits with the sinister Cardinal Richelieu who seeks to divide the royalty in his own quest for power.1907 Book: Washington, B. T. (1907). The negro in business. Boston: Hertel, Jenkins & Co. AAC E185.8 .W31 Overview: Sheds light on Negro businesses in America in the early 1900s and the formation of the National Negro Business League.
  9. 9. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121908 Book: Braithwaite, W. S. (1908). The house of falling leaves: With other poems. Boston: J.W. Luce and Co. AAC PS3503.R246 H7 1908 Overview: A compilation of various poems.1909 Book: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. (1909). NAACP Annual Report. New York: National Association for the Advancement of NAACP Annual Colored People. AAC E185.5 .N275 Report Overview: The NAACP Annual Report published in the 1909 is a journal that provides articles related to the organization.1910 Book: Johnston, H. H. (1910). The Negro in the New world. London: Methuen & Co. AAC E29.N3 J7 Overview: Detailed information concerning the Negro in every part of the Western Hemisphere.
  10. 10. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121911 Book: Du, B. W. E. B. (1911). The quest of the silver fleece: A novel. Chicago: A.C. McClurg & Co. AAC PZ3.D8525 Q Overview: Silver Fleece was black activist Du Boiss first foray into fiction. The 1911 novel remains true to the authors roots, as it tells the story of a Southern woman and Northern man while expounding on politics, power, finances, and corruption.1912 Book: Udall, N., & In Child, C. G. (1912). Ralph Roister Doister. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co. Heritage Collection PR3176.U3 A7 1912 Overview: One of the oldest plays in English history.1913 Book: Dunbar, P. L. (1913). The complete poems of Paul Laurence Dunbar: With the introduction to "Lyrics of lowly life,". New York: Dodd, Mead and Co. AAC PS1556 .A1 1913 Overview: A compilation of Americas first African-American poets work
  11. 11. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121914 Book: Cromwell, J. W. (1914). The Negro in American history: Men and women eminent in the evolution of the American of African descent. Washington: The American Negro academy. AAC E185 .C92 Overview: Book which explains slavery and showcases African-Americans that were critical in obtaining equality.1915 Book: Work, J. W. (1915). Folk song of the American Negro. Nashville, Tenn: Press of Fisk University. AAC ML3556 .W78 Overview: An investigation into traditional American Negro folk songs with lyrics and sheet music examples1916 Book Schomburg, A. A., & Heartman, C. F. (1916). A bibliographical checklist of American Negro poetry. New York: C.F. Heartman. AAC Z1231.P7 S3 Overview Bibliography of the poetical works of Phillis Wheatley
  12. 12. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121917 Book United States., Jones, T. J., Phelps-Stokes Fund., & United States. (1917). Negro education: A study of the private and higher schools for colored people in the United States. Washington: Govt. Print. Off. AAC L111 .A6 1916 no.38-39 copy 2 Overview This book focuses on the study/evaluation of private and public schools for colored people1918 Book: Porter, K. H. (1918). A history of suffrage in the United States. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. AAC JK1846.P8 Overview Describes the vigorous fight which had been going on since 1776 to secure suffrage for some large and discontented groups1919 Book: Beasley, D. L., & Bancroft Library. (1919). The Negro trail blazers of California: A compilation of records from the California archives in the Bancroft Library at the University of California, in Berkeley, and from the diaries, old papers and conversations of old pioneers in the State of California : it is a true record of facts, as they pertain to the history of the pioneer and present day Negroes of California. Los Angeles, Calif: Times Mirror Print. and Binding House. AAC F870.N38 B3 1919b Overview: A compilation of records from the California archives in the Bancroft Library at the University of California, in Berkeley; and from the diaries, old papers and conversations of old pioneers in the State of California.
  13. 13. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121920 Book Woofter, T. J. (1920). Negro migration: Changes in rural organization and population of the Cotton Belt. New York: W.D. Gray AAC HD207 .W6 1920a Overview Accounts of agriculture, land tenure, and economic aspects in the southern states in relation to the Negro1921 Book Brawley, B. G. (1921). A social history of the American Negro, being a history of the Negro problem in the United States, including a history and study of the republic of Liberia. New York: The Macmillan Company AAC E185.61.B82 Overview This book accounts for the history of the Negro in the United States and in Liberia.1922 Book: Gore, G. W. (1922). Negro journalism: An essay on the history and present conditions of the Negro press. Greencastle, Ind. AAC PN4888.N4 G6 Overview: This book shows the various stages of development through which the Negro press has evolved. It is too written to present the problems and inherent possibilities of Negro journalism, to point out progress which is being made today, and to suggest future possibilities
  14. 14. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121923 Book: Ertz, S. (1923). Madame Claire. New York: A.L. Burt. AAC PZ3.E737 Ma 7 Overview: A warm, engaging tale whose main character is an elderly lady who repairs the tangled romances of her children and grandchildren1924 Book Clinkscales, J. G. (1924). On the old plantation: Reminiscences of his childhood. Spartanburg, S.C: Band & White. AAC F273.C64 1924 Overview In On the Old Plantation, Clinkscales records his memories of life on his fathers plantation. Clinkscales recounts his childhood pranks, adventures, and school experiences, which combine to present his happy memories of antebellum South Carolina.1925 Book: Heyward, D. B., & Rouben Mamoulian Collection (Library of Congress). (1925). Porgy. New York: George H. Doran company. AAC PZ3.H1586 Po 1925 Overview: When Porgy returns home after his brief imprisonment he hopes in vain to find Bess. His neighbors inform him that a group of stevedores plied Bess with alcohol and then took her to Georgia. Certain that he will never see Bess again, Porgy allows his neighbor Serena, to take the couple’s adoptive baby. –Literature Resource Center
  15. 15. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121926 Book: Pickens, W. (1926). American Aesop: Negro and other humor. Boston: The Jordan & More press. AAC PN6161 .P58 1926 Overview: One of the last books written by orator, educator, and journalist William Pickens. 1927 Book: Peterkin, J. M. (1927). Black April. New York: Grosset & Dunlap.AAC PS3531.E77 B5 1927 Overview: Black April is characterized by a rugged power, despite its loose, episodic plot and its lengthy digressions on folklore; and the novel was well received by critics in such important journals as the Saturday Review and the New Republic. The narrative has definite and deliberate tragic overtones which suggest that Peterkin was a more self- conscious literary craftsman than most commentators have been willing to admit. But the approval she did receive encouraged her to write another novel which was to reveal an even greater ability to control and order her subject matter." ---Literature Resource Center1928 Book: Odum, H. W. (1928). Rainbow round my shoulder: The blue trail of black Ulysses. New York: Grosset & Dunlap. AAC E185.86 .O27 1928 Overview: The Black Ulysses Trilogy presents a compendium of African American folklore collected by pioneer sociologist/folklorist Howard W. Odum. The trilogy collects stories, songs, and folktales, which Odum uses to weave the narrative of his chief informant John Wesley Gordon (Black Ulysses) as he travels the country, fights in World War I, and returns to the South.
  16. 16. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121929 Book: Odum, H. W. (1972). Wings on my feet: Black Ulysses at the wars. New York: Kraus Reprint. AAC PZ3.O279 Wi Overview: One of the few depictions of African Americans in World War I, Wings on My Feet (1929) follows the tale of Black Ulysses, John Wesley "Left Wing" Gordon, begun in Howard W. Odums Rainbow Round My Shoulder.---Amazon Book Review1930 Book: Leavell, U. W. (1930). Philanthropy in Negro education. Nashville, Tenn: George Peabody College for Teachers. AAC LC2801 .L37 1930 Overview: Discusses those who helped make Negro education attainable.1931 Book: Spero, S. D., & Harris, A. L. (1931). The black worker: The Negro and the labor movement. New York: Columbia University Press. AAC E185.8 .S74 Overview: Discusses the job duties, responsibilities, and inequities associated with being African American in the Labor Movement
  17. 17. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121932 Book: Thurman, W. (1932). Infants of the spring. New York: Macaulay Co. AAC PZ3.T4258 In Overview: "… Throughout all these comings and goings, Thurman maintains suspense while he dissects his surroundings and, ultimately, uncovers a number of truths." --- Literature Resource Center1933 Book: Raper, A. F., & Southern Commission on the Study of Lynching. (1933). The tragedy of lynching. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press. AAC HV6464 .R3 Overview: "...providing an investigation of lynching crimes from mob formation to justice efforts." ---Literature Resource Center1934 Book: Carmer, C., & Baldridge, C. L. (1934). Stars fell on Alabama. New York: Farrar & Rinehart. AAC F326 .C27 Overview: Stars Fell On Alabama by Carl Carmer is a book of folkways. It is not journalism, or history, folklore, or a novel. It is at times impressionistic, and at other times it conveys deep insights into the character of Alabamas people and places. ---Google Books*Available as an E-book
  18. 18. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121935 Book: Du, B. W. E. B. (1935). Black reconstruction: An essay toward a history of the part which black folk played in the attempt to reconstruct democracy in America, 1860-1880. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Co. AAC E668 .D83 Overview: A blend of Marxist theories and how they fall short in explaining race.1936 Book: Van, E. E. (1936). Joe Louis: Man and super-fighter. New York: F.A. Stokes Co. AAC GV1132.L6 V3 1936 Overview: Biography of the legendary boxer Joe Louis.1937 Book: Bontemps, A. (1937). Sad-faced boy. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. AAC PZ7.B6443 Sad Overview: Sad-faced boy, written by poet Arna Bontemps, is a juvenile fiction book based on the adventures of Negro boys who visit Harlem.
  19. 19. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121938 Book: Aptheker, H. (1938). The Negro in the Civil War. New York: International Publishers. AAC E453 .A67 Overview: Explains the Negro experience in the Civil War.1939 Book: Du, B. W. E. B. (1939). Black folk, then and now: An essay in the history and sociology of the Negro race. New York: H. Holt and Co. Heritage Collection HT1581 .D75 Overview: Describes the Negro experience beginning with our African ancestral roots.1940 Book: Wright, R., & Herman Finkelstein Collection (Library of Congress). (1940). Native son. New York: Harper & Bros. Heritage Collection PZ3.W9352 Nat 16 Overview: Set in Chicago in the 1930s, Richard Wrights novel is just as powerful today as when it was written -- in its reflection of poverty and hopelessness, and what it means to be black in America.
  20. 20. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121941 Book: Handy, W. C., & Bontemps, A. (1941). Father of the blues: An autobiography. New York: The Macmillan Co.AAC ML410.H18 B6 Overview: Autobiography of blues star W.C. Handy describing his life before and during the height of his career.1942 Book: Walker, M., & Hubbard, C. M. (1942). For my people. New Haven: Yale University Press. AAC PS3545.A517 F6 1968 Overview: Powerful poem expressing the hardships endured by African Americans.1943 Book: Miller, B. (1943). George Washington Carver: Gods ebony scientist. Grand Rapids, Mich: Zondervan Pub. House. AAC S417.C33 M5 1943a Overview: The story of scientist George Washington Carver and his role as a philanthropist, educator, and empowerer of farmers.
  21. 21. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121944 Book: Korngold, R. (1944). Citizen Toussaint. Boston: Little, Brown and company. AAC F1923 .T855 Overview: An understanding and intelligent biography of the Haitian patriot and martyr Toussaint Louverture.1945 Book: Woodson, C. G. (1945). The history of the Negro church. Washington, D.C: Associated Publishers. AAC BR563.N4 W6 1945 Overview: Explains the early foundations of the African American church.1946 Book: Means, F. C. (1946). Great day in the morning. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. AAC PZ7.M5124 Gr Overview: Fired from her job after her ideas clash with those of her conservative school board, schoolteacher Lilybelle Lawrence attends college, where a series of accidents leads her to consider a career in nursing.
  22. 22. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121947 Book: Franklin, J. H. (1967). From slavery to freedom: A history of Negro Americans. New York: Knopf. AAC E185.F825 Overview: This is the dramatic, exciting, authoritative story of the experiences of African Americans from the time they left Africa to their continued struggle for equality at the end of the twentieth century.1948 Book: Ottley, R. (1948). Black odyssey: The story of the Negro in America. New York: C. Scribners Sons. AAC E185.O85 Overview: "This readable history skillfully combines anecdote with breadth of observation. Making available to a wider audience the results of the excellent scholarship in this field, Mr. Ottley covers the early days of slavery, the Revolutionary period, the pre-Civil War era, the Civil War and Reconstruction." --Morroe Berger The New York Times October 24, 19481949 Book: Sprigle, R. (1949). In the land of Jim Crow. New York: Simon and Schuster. AAC E185.61.S75 Overview: The African American Experience from when Jim Crow laws were in effect.
  23. 23. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121950 Book: Redding, J. S. (1969). They came in chains: Americans from Africa. Philadelphia: Lippincott. AAC E185 .R4 1968 Overview: The dramatic history of the American Negro.1951 Book: Rubin, M. (1951). Plantation County. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press.AAC F215 .R8 Overview: Rubin’s conceptual scheme for the study of culture and social structure in a rural county of the Old South includes the structural-functional, the situational, and the culture-personality approaches.1952 Book: Du, B. W. E. B. (1952). In battle for peace: The story of my 83rd birthday. New York: Masses & Mainstream. AAC JX1908.U6 P375 Overview: Lays out much of DuBoiss thinking on the struggle to achieve peace.
  24. 24. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121953 Book: Eppse, M. R. (1953). A guide to the study of the Negro in American history. Nashville: National Publication Co. AAC E185 .E69 1953 Overview: History of African Americans in the United States.1954 Book: Hughes, L., & Smythe, M. M. (1954). Famous American Negroes. New York: Dodd, Mead. AAC E185.96 .H8 Overview: Langston Hughes’s Famous American Negroes is a collection of brief biographical essays highlighting the individual achievements of seventeen African Americans who have contributed to the history and development of the United States.1955 Book: Humphrey, L. M. (1955). Aggie. New York: Vantage. AAC PZ4.H926 Ag Image Unavailable Overview: Written by a Florida-born and educated school teacher.
  25. 25. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121956 Book: Stampp, K. M. (1956). The peculiar institution: Slavery in the ante-bellum South. New York: Vintage Books. AAC E441 .S8 1956 Overview: The research sweeps over the geographic, agricultural, economic sources of slavery, pries into the so-called psychological predispositions of oppressor and oppressed and their tragic symbiosis, gathers statistics and breakdowns on the spread and prevalence of slavery, seizes details about individual planters and their domestic tribulations, blows clean and terrible through the moral rationalizing of the South and the unthinking lachry- mosities of the Yankee humanitarian.1957 Book: Shapiro, M. J. (1957). Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers. New York: Messner. AAC GV865.R6 S51 Overview: Recreates the phenomenal athletic career of the Black baseball player who became the first Negro to play in the major leagues.1958 Book: Gibson, A. (1958). I always wanted to be somebody. New York: Harper. AAC GV994.G5 A3 Overview: Life story of former FAMU tennis star Althea Gibson the first African-American to ever win at Wimbledon.
  26. 26. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121959 Book: Hansberry, L. (1959). A raisin in the sun. New York: Modern Library. AAC PS3515.A515 R3 1994 Overview: A Chicago South Side black family experiences the impact of an unexpected insurance bequest. Each family member sees it as the means of realizing long-nurtured dreams and of escape from grinding frustrations.1960 Book: Anti-negro prejudice : when it began, when it will end (1960). Retrieved from Overview: Explains the history of slavery and prejudice in America.1961 Book: Achebe, C. (1961). No longer at ease. New York: I. Obolensky. AAC PZ4.A17 .No 2 Overview: The story of a man whose foreign education has separated him from his African roots and made him parts of a ruling elite whose corruption he finds repugnant. More than thirty years after it was first written, this novel remains a brilliant statement on the challenges still facing African society.
  27. 27. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121962 Book: Frazier, E. F. (1962). Black bourgeoisie. New York: Collier Books. AAC E185.61 .F833 1962a Overview: Studies the origin and development of the Black middle-class, accentuating its behavior, attitudes, and values1963 Book: Neyland, L. W., & Riley, J. W. (1963). The history of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Gainesville: University of Florida Press. AAC LC2851.F63 N4 Overview: The history of the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University from when it was founded as the State Normal College for Colored Students, to present day as an established university.1964 Book: Baldwin, J. (1964). The fire next time. New York: Dell Press. AAC E185.61 .B195 1964 copy 4 Overview: The Fire Next Time galvanized the nation and gave passionate voice to the emerging civil rights movement. It consists of two "letters," written on the occasion of the centennial of the Emancipation Proclamation, that exhort Americans, both black and white, to attack the terrible legacy of racism.
  28. 28. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121965 Book: Johnson, P. A. (1965). Call me neighbor, call me friend: The case history of the integration of a neighborhood on Chicagos South side. Garden City, N.Y: Doubleday. AAC F548.9.N3 J6 Overview: As pastor of Salem Lutheran Church in Chicago, IL, Philip A. Johnson earned death threats and civic awards for his drive to peacefully integrate a large section of the citys South Side. The minister and social activist described his work in the book.1966 Book: Eckman, F. M. (1966). The furious passage of James Baldwin. New York: M. Evans; distributed in association with Lippincott, Philadelphia. AAC PS3503.A5527 Z65 Overview: Biography based on the life of James Baldwin.1967 Book: Styron, W. (1967). The confessions of Nat Turner. New York: Random House. AAC PZ4.S938 Co Overview: A fictionalized account of the 1831 slave revolt led by Nat Turner in Southampton County, Virginia.
  29. 29. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121968 Book: Walker, A. (1968). Once: Poems. New York: Harcourt, Brace & World. AAC PS3573.A425 O5 1968 Overview: This first volume of poetry established Alice Walker as a poet of unusual sensitivity and power. The collection is remarkably mature and varied: the opening group of graceful, witty poems remains an enduring "snapshot" of Africa viewed by a black American woman, while other works focus on the civil rights struggle, the South, and love.1969 Book: Phillips, U. B. (1969). American Negro slavery: A survey of the supply, employment and control of Negro labor as determined by the plantation regime. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press. AAC E441 .P549 1969 Overview: The author shows his primitive views and opinions on the subject of slavery.1970 Book: Neyland, L. W. (1970). Twelve Black Floridians. Tallahassee: Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Foundation. AAC E185.93.F5 N4 *Available as an Electronic Resource Overview: Twelve notable blacks who have given fifteen or more years of service to the state of Florida who have been selected and historical adaptations of their lives and works are presented in an interesting manner.
  30. 30. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121971 Book: Gaines, E. J. (1971). The autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman. New York: Bantam Books. AAC PS3557.A355 A89 1971x Overview: Presents the story of the long life of Miss Jane Pittman, who began her life as a slave in the South and who marched for her civil rights in the 20th century at the age of 110.1972 Book: Leyland, J. (1972). Adventures in the far interior of South Africa. Cape Town: C. Struik. AAC DT756 .L68 1972 Overview: A traveler’s expedition about the notices of native tribes and wild animals.1973 Book: Hogg, P. C. (1973). The African slave trade and its suppression: A classified and annotated bibliography of books, pamphlets and periodical articles. London: Frank Cass. AAC Z7164.S6 H63 1973 Overview: A comprehensive bibliography dealing specifically with the African slave trade.
  31. 31. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121974 Book: Bontemps, A. (1974). American Negro poetry. New York: Hill and Wang. AAC PS591.N4 B58 1974 Overview: With 200,000 copies in print, this anthology for decades has been seen as a fundamental collection of African-American verse.1975 Book: Segy, L. (1975). African Sculpture Speaks. New York : Da Capo Press. AAC NB1098 .S44 1975 Overview: Seeking to bring the African carvers work within the scope of the Western observer, Segy stresses the need for appraising African art within its own context, suspending established procedures for art appreciation and viewing the object as it actually is, not as we think it is or should be.1976 Book: Wesley, C. H. (1976). The quest for equality: From Civil War to civil rights. New York: Publishers Co. AAC E185.5 .I58 W49 1976 Overview: In period details, showing how much African-Americans have come a long way since slavery to the era of the Civil Rights Movement.
  32. 32. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-20121977 Book: Association of Research Coordinators. Bicentennial Committee. (1977). Development of Research at historically Black Land-Grant institutions. s.l: s.n. AAC LC2781.D48 Overview: Exploring the history and achievements of some popular historically black colleges and universities.1978 Book: Robertson, I., & Whitten, P. (1978). Race and politics in South Africa. New Brunswick, N.J: Transaction Books. AAC DT763 .R27 Overview: Explains the history of race and struggles between the blacks and whites, and the rise of Apartheid.1979 Book: Parker, M. H. (1979). Alpha Kappa Alpha in the eye of the beholder. Washington, D.C: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. AAC LJ145 .A4967 1979 Overview: Donated by former Dean of Student Affairs Annie L. Cooper, Alpha Kappa Alpha In The Eye of the Beholder describes the history and the legacy of the oldest Black Greek-letter sorority.
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  44. 44. Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence in Literature: 1887-2012Acknowledgment: Thanks to Ms. Khalilah Hayes, former Special Collections Librarian at Florida A&M University Libraries for coordinating this project and making it a reality.