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Gothic Period Art History


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Gothic Period Art History

  1. 1. The Gothic Period
  2. 2. Cathedral ofTarragona, Spainbegun 12th century
  3. 3. Gothic Architecture• followed the Romanesque period• Took advantage of some advances in architecture• best examples of Gothic architecture are found in cathedrals, particularly in Spain and France
  4. 4. The Pointed Arch• the pointed arch shape is the most recognizable shape from the Gothic period• a change from the rounded arch from the Romanesque period• More emphasis on the vertical (arch is “pointing” upwards)
  5. 5. Facade• Facade = the front of the church• Detailed, ornate sculpture all over the facade Reims Cathedral Reims, France Begun 1255
  6. 6. Cathedral of Burgos, Spain begun 13th century
  7. 7. Flying Buttresses• new system engineered to redirect the weight of the walls and the roof away from the walls
  8. 8. Flying Buttresses• new system engineered to redirect the weight of the walls and the roof away from the walls
  9. 9. Avila Cathedral, SpainFlying buttress detail
  10. 10. • Shifting the weight away from the walls allows for massive windows instead• big difference from Romanesque, which had thick walls and almost no windows
  11. 11. Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France• Ornate stained glass windows allow beautiful coloured light to stream into the cathedral• Windows are both decorative and / or depict scenes from the Bible
  12. 12. RibbedVaultsRomanesque Vault Gothic Vault ribbed vaults lighten thick walls the load
  13. 13. • flying buttresses and ribbed vaults allow for a soaring vertical space inside
  14. 14. ReimsCathedral
  15. 15. Gothic SculptureSacramental Portal, Burgos Cathedral, 13th Century
  16. 16. • Sculpture becomes more realistic, well-crafted and detailed
  17. 17. • Strasbourg Cathedral, France
  18. 18. GargoyleNotre Dame, Cathedral
  19. 19. Gothic ManuscriptsManuscripts aren’talways just pretty roses! The Martydom of Thomas a Becket Carrow Psalter 13th Century
  20. 20. Gothic Painting• still uses very flat space• more realistic depiction of people The Calling of the Apostles Peter and Andrew Duccio di Buoninsegna 1308-11 Tempera on Wood
  21. 21. Giotto: Master Painter • figures show lots of emotion • they are less “wooden” in their body positioning • one of the few painters of the time period who was not a nameless craftsman Lamentation Giotto Fresco c. 1305 Arena Chapel, Padua, Italy
  22. 22. Fin