5 Ways to Engage with Online Consumers


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Still struggling to fill your pipeline with new prospects? Why not show customers the love online? New research suggests consumers have a brighter outlook after engaging in social networking and are more mobile than ever. Does your marketing plan take these two findings into account? If not, join us for some insight, tips and strategies to find new customers during our Small Business Marketing 101 webinar. We’ll provide the latest findings and break down what that means for the small business marketer. We’ll provide some actual examples and ideas you can use.

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5 Ways to Engage with Online Consumers

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Super Bowl 47Jim Harbaugh John Harbaugh
  3. 3. Ravens Won 3
  4. 4. Blackout 4
  5. 5. Oreo’s Slam Dunk 5
  6. 6. Session Framework Consumers who engage with companies via social media: •Spend 20-40% more money with those companies •Are 33% more loyal http://www.bain.com/publications/articles/putting-social-media-to-work.aspx Lora Ullerich Digital Media •5 ways to reach online consumers. SpecialistCole Information •Five action points.
  7. 7. Then and NowCole Directory • Published in 1947 • “Blue Book” • Crisscross directory of addresses and phone numbersInvaluable information for a number ofindustries: • Telemarketing • Debt collection • Law enforcementToday, web-based lead generation forbusiness
  8. 8. Features: • Webinars • Playbook download • Articles • Buddy’s Blog • Resources
  9. 9. Engage Visually• Let me tell you how I can help you find new customers!
  10. 10. Engage VisuallyLocal level:•Highlight storeemployees•Partners•In-store specials•New products•Customers 11
  11. 11. Video Videos should be: •Interesting •Short •How to •Testimonial •National ads 12
  12. 12. Pinterest 1. Figure out how much bandwidth you will needPin:/Repin on the size of your office/needs. based•Interesting Features•Videos 2 different Internet providers. 2. Get•Articles 3. Identify the best vendor for your VoIP package.•Pictures 4. Tie your sales process & lead nurturing process into your VoIP package. 5. Tie your marketing efforts into your VoIP package. 13
  13. 13. Bandwidth 14
  14. 14. What’s Your Relevance? 15
  15. 15. Engage Relevantly
  16. 16. Engage RelevantlyKeep Relevant:•Time of year•Frequently askedquestions•Weather•Life events
  17. 17. Future Focus“Focus on promoting what’s next. Leadthe way as opposed to following.” ~Frank Eliason Runs Citigroup Social Media 18
  18. 18. Be a Good Listener•Search.twitter.com•Google Alerts•Think outside thebox 19
  19. 19. Industry Triggers•Interruption vs. time of need? •Insurance: x-dates/age triggers •Real estate: just listed/just sold, expired •Home Services: roof damage, fallen tree 20
  20. 20. Bridge the Gap•Use a QR Code on direct mail Practical uses: •Email address •Additional information •Promotional video •Landing page •Coupon/registration How: •http://bitly.com/ •http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ •http://qr.net/ •http://qreateandtrack.com/ 21
  21. 21. Direct Mail
  22. 22. Direct Mail
  23. 23. •Add a QR Code•Link to mobilewebsite or video orboth!
  24. 24. •Add a QR Code•Link to mobilewebsite or video orboth!
  25. 25. Articulate Your Value •Being local is a huge asset! •You live and work in the community. •You understand the needs of your neighbors. •Harness your power. •Customers’ needs come first!
  26. 26. Market Hyper LocallyTrade Show Campaign•Captured emails duringshow•Emailed deal next day•Response: 29.7% openrate & 19.7% CTRBe sure to:•Use a permission-basedemail-marketing platform.•Keep lists up-to-date. 27
  27. 27. App Ads•Become a LivingSocial/Daily DealGroupon Merchant•Builds brandawareness•Find newcustomers•Make more money 28
  28. 28. App Ads 29
  29. 29. Location! Location! Location! TMDrive traffic using location-basedapplications What is foursquare: •Location based marketing using a cell phone Why it’s important: • Both foursquare and smart-phone use are on the rise • More buzz = More traffic = More sales • Foster customer loyalty How: • foursquare.com/add_venue • Choose appropriate “badge” • Implement loyalty rewards program
  30. 30. Rewardcustomerswho“check in”
  31. 31. Drive Online Reviews Via DM•Offer a Discountfor rate userexperience.•Make sure youcan track theresponse.
  32. 32. Reward Reviews
  33. 33. Five Action Points• Be consistent in look and feel.• Set up Google Alerts.• Create CTAs that are clear and concise.• Determine relevance prior to posting.• Track to see what’s working. Do more of that.
  34. 34. 8