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Trabajo definitivo(maria pilar)ingles


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Trabajo definitivo(maria pilar)ingles

  1. 1. Who do you admire?MIGUEL ANGEL
  2. 2. Introduction• He was an important architect, painter andsculptor.• He was one of the best artist in thehistory.• He was born in Caprese Italy (1475)• He died in Roma in (1584)
  3. 3. Why I admireMiguel Angel?• Because he was goodin everything he did.• For is perfectionism.• Because he did a lotof projects.
  4. 4. His works…• He worked in the vault of the SixtinaChapel. His most famous work.• He worked in his old age in the Basilicaof St Peter.• He has got a lot of sculptures; forexample: “el David” or “La Piedad”.• He also painted a lot of pictures, forexample: “La creación de Adán” or “Eljuicio final”.
  5. 5. The final juice• He was painted between 1536 and 1541.• It is his most important work,and it´s in theSixtina chapel.
  6. 6. Like an architect…• He did a lot of proyects, a lot of therein Florencia.• He restaured a lot of buildings in Roma.• Some of his works:–The library of Florencia.–Capitolio,s scuare.–Farnese,s palace
  7. 7. The end