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Presentacion ingless


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project by students of 1st eso San Viator Huesca.

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Presentacion ingless

  1. 1. ALL ABOUT ME
  2. 2. ALL ABOUT ME Hi● My name is Sofia● I´m twelve years old● My favourite colour is green● My favourite food is pizza th● My birthday is on 13 November
  3. 3. MY FAMILY● My mother´s name is María Rosario.● My dad´s name is Miguel Ángel● I´ve got one brother,his name is Alberto● I´ve got two grandmas and one granddad
  4. 4. My friends in the classroom● My friends are: ● Nico has got brown hair he makes me● Pilar is very friendly smile when I´m sad.● Marina is very crazy ● Diego is a good and is pretty. friend. He has got● Carla is funny and brown eyes and she has got wavy brown hair too. dark hair ● Celia has got fair hair● Francisco has got and she has green dark hair and he has eyes. got brown eyes.
  5. 5. MY FRIENDS IN THE OTHER CLASS● They are:● Paula is very clever● Carla is beautiful● Lucía has got brown hair and she is a good friend.● Alba is thin and she has got brown hair.● Aitana has got brown hair.