Patrick the shark


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a fairy tale

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Patrick the shark

  1. 1. Once upon a time a little fish called Bubbleswas swiming throught the sea when he saw the sharkwho used to scare the other fish.The shark was called Patrick, he was very big and heliked to frighten the fish.
  2. 2. Bubbles decided to help the squid and defend him fromPatrick.Patrick didn’t listen to Bubbles and he went on attackingfish.Fish couldn’t live safe in the sea, and they lived scared everyday.
  3. 3. One day Bubbles found Patrick trapped under a rock.He offered to help Patrick if he stopped scaringfish.
  4. 4. Patrick stopped scaring fish. He started piano lessonsand became a famous piano player who everybody inthe sea knew. From that moment theshark and the rest of thefish are friends and theyall live happy and safe.