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Michael10 fin

  1. 1. Michael jackson
  2. 2. MICHAEL JACKSONI admire Michael Jacksonbecause he sang and dancedvery well.He was a good actor too..● Michael Joseph Jackson(August 29, 1958 – June 25,2009) was an American dancer, arranger, music producer,actor...He is often referred to as the "King of Pop".When he was young hedebuted in Jackson5
  3. 3. Michael JacksonIn 1986, he was diagnosedvitiligo, so his skin lostpigmentation.Has started a strictvegetarian diet and hewanted a "dancers body"He also suffered fromanorexia.He published his firstautobiography which soldtwo hundred thousandcopies and became abestseller.
  4. 4. MICHAEL JACKSONIn the morning of June 25 th,2009, the artist suffered aheart attack at his rentedmansion.He called the emergencyphone number.Paramedics, arrived nineminutes later, and they foundno pulse or breathingDespite the efforts of doctorshe was pronounced dead.Nowdays people listen to hismusic although he is dead.
  5. 5. THE ENDThe end
  6. 6. THE ENDThe end