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All about me!


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All about me!

  1. 1. All about me!Hello!My name is Paula, I am 12 years old. Ihave got two sisters: Olga and Belénand my parents are Toño and Lydia. My sisters are pretty and veryfriendly.My mum is very nice and my dad isfunny.I have got two uncles and two auntstoo.My cousins are Andrea, Daniel yCarla.Blas, Rosario and Marisol are mygrandparents.
  2. 2. My hobbiesMy favourite hobbies are swimming, listening to music, dancing,skiing and meeting my friends.This year I go to a dance academy, I dance funky.In winter I like skiing with my family, we often go to Formigal.When I was eleven I swam in Club Atletismo Huesca, but this yearI prefer dancing.My sisters like dancing too.
  3. 3. My favourite foodPasta and meat are my favourite food. I love Sundays because wego to my grandamum´s house and she prepares very good meals, forexmple, maccaroni.My sister Belén prefers paella, and Olga omelette.Once a week, we have dinner with my family in a restaurant. I like itbecause you can choose the food that you want.I love chocolate!
  4. 4. My friendsI have got a lot of friends. They are Sofía, Lucía, Carla.M,Carla.L, Alba, Pilar, Marina, Macarena…Sofía , Alba and Pilar are very funny.Lucía and Marina are friendly.Carla.M , Carla.L and Macarena are very nice.I like go out with them and sometimes I prefer whatching a filmin a house.