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All about me


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project by students of 1st eso San Viator Huesca.

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All about me

  1. 1. ALL ABOUT ME
  2. 2. MEMy name is Pilar.I was born on the26th August in 2000.Now Im twelve.I´m tall and my hairis dark and mediumlength.
  3. 3. FAMILY● My mum´s name is Mª Jose and my dad´s name is Alberto. My borther´s name is Alberto like my dad. In this picture we were eight and ten.
  4. 4. placesI like going to thebeach.I like playing in thesand and swimming inthe sea.I live a long wayaway from the beachbut I go whenever Ican.
  5. 5. friends● I´ve got a lot of friends. We have a lot of fun together. Some of them are in this photo. We were at my birthday party in 2012.
  6. 6. pet● I had a tortoise but when I was at a summer camp a bird tried to eat it and of course it died. Its name was Tina and she was very small.
  7. 7. food● My favourite food is pasta. I like macarroni, spaghetti, ravioli, etc.. I also like ice cream but this food is very unhealthy so I don´t eat it very often.
  8. 8. My hobbiesMy hobbies areswimming, dancing,playing paddel andalso staying with myfriends and mycousins.I like looking afterand playing withthem.
  9. 9. THE END
  10. 10. THE END