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Ejercitacion t3 s5 biology feb 2018


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Ejercitación T3 AS Biology Feb 2018

Published in: Education
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Ejercitacion t3 s5 biology feb 2018

  1. 1. Colegio Las Cumbres Nivel Medio AS Biology Senior 5 Ejercitación para el período de orientación Febrero 2018 3er Trimestre Label the following revision graphs, and complete the charts providing as much information as possible: 1 CIRCULATORY SYSTEM 2 GASEOUS EXCHANGE SYSTEM 3 VENTILATION 4 IMMUNITY 5 IMMUNE RESPONSE
  2. 2. CIRCULATORY SYSTEM – Label the picture and trace with arrows the flow of the blood.
  3. 3. GASEOUS EXCHANGE SYSTEM Label the picture:
  4. 4. VENTILATION Inhalation Exhalation External intercostal muscles (contract or relax) Ribs & sternum move (⇑ or ⇓) Diaphragm (contracts or relaxes) Diaphragm (⇑ or ⇓) Volume of thorax (+ or -) Air (in or out) IMMUNITY Type of immunity Natural Artificial How long does it last? Active (explain here): Passive (explain here):
  5. 5. Using the following summary as a guide, write a paragraph explaining the process of IMMUNE RESPONSE.