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Ejercitacion siv


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Published in: Education
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Ejercitacion siv

  1. 1. Per�odo de Orientaci�n y Evaluaci�n Diciembre 2017/Febrero 2018 History II Senior IV 1st Term: a) What do you think was the most significant reason for the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789? b) Why did the French Revolution lack a single leader? c) Why and how were the radicals able to rise? 2nd Term: a) Was Robespierre more a success or a failure as a revolutionary leader? b) How did Napoleon ensure his continued popularity in the period 1799-1804? c) Explain the reasons why Napoleon introduced social and economic changes in France during his time as First Consul. 3rd Term: a) What were the causes of the Industrial Revolution by 1800? b) How did the growth in population from the mid 18th Century influence the development of the revolutions in agriculture and industry? c) How and why did the railways rise in Britain?