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Ejercitación s ii


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Ejercitación s ii

  1. 1. Período de Orientación y Evaluación Diciembre 2017/Febrero 2018 History II Senior II 1st Term: a) What was “The Red Scare”? Provide examples of intolerance in the 1920s. b) Why was prohibition introduced? what was its impact? c) What was the experience of women in the 1920s in the USA? Essay question: Choose either d) or e): d) “Speculation caused the Wall Street Crash”. How far do you agree with this? e) “The New Deal was highly successful”. How far do you agree with this? 2nd Term: a) How did the economic depression affect the League? b) Which was, according to you a greater failure for the League: The Manchurian crisis or the Invasion of Abyssinia? c) Why did the Disarmament Conference fail? d) Essay question: “What weakened the Weimar Republic the most was hyperinflation”. How far do you agree with this? 3rd Term: a) How did Hitler get involved in the German Workers’ Party? b) Why were the Nazis able to rise in the 1930s? c) How did the Nazis control Germany? d) “For those who did not fit Nazi ideas life was terrible”. How far do you agree with this?