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Analytics for mobile users


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Analytics for mobile users. Analytics for visitors based on the monitoring for mobile phones. Google Adsense for real places and real visitors.

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Analytics for mobile users

  1. 1. Analytics for mobile usersDmitry NamiotLomonosov Moscow State
  2. 2. • Analytics for visitors based on themonitoring for mobile phones• The final goal – an analogue for webstatistics (a-la Google Analytics), but forthe real places and real visitors• Additional services based on thedetection of physical presenceAbout
  3. 3. ContentsIntroductionPassive Wi-Fi monitoringPlayersDirections for research
  4. 4. Common tasks• How can we detect the presence formobile phone?• Key moment: it should be done withoutany additional activity from mobile users• Network proximity: the detection is basedon the wireless sensors. Mostly: Wi-Fi.Technically: we can use Bluetooth too.
  5. 5. Passive Wi-Fi monitoring• Wi-Fi probe request• Client (even notconnected) can sendrequests to AP• AP can analyzerequests• We can collect MAC-addresses for clients
  6. 6. Advantages and disadvantages• Does not require special mobile applications• For mobile users it works automatically andtransparently• It is anonymous monitoring. MAC address isused for re-identification only. It could bereplaced with some hash-code (privacy)• It is not 100% reliable. There is no warrantythat Wi-Fi client will send probe request
  7. 7. Passive monitoring examplesNavizon
  8. 8. Passive monitoring examples.Cisco MSE
  9. 9. Passive monitoring examples.Libelium
  10. 10. Meraki (Cisco)
  11. 11. Walkbase
  12. 12. Y-Find
  13. 13. More players• AirTight• Euclid• Nomi• Swarm• Nearbuy• Boldstreet Wireless
  14. 14. Spotique
  15. 15. Spotique
  16. 16. Future development• At the end of the day, we expect mobileanalytics to be included into almost everyWi-Fi router• The key moment – additional servicesbased on the physical presence detection.• For example: detect routes indoor,behavior patterns and unusual behavior,local area messaging