eCommerce NG "Maximize the Potential of Mobile Commerce" (2)


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This is the second presentation from the eCommerceNG event "Maximize the Potential of Mobile Commerce" that took place in Leeds on 19-Apr-2013.

This was delivered by Stephen Sumner, Sales and Marketing Director of Moda in Pelle and hugely experience eCommerce expert.

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eCommerce NG "Maximize the Potential of Mobile Commerce" (2)

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  3. 3. Stephen Sumner - Marketing &eCommerce Director
  4. 4. Proposition:Shoes for every look and occasion we operate in three key market sectors…fashion, style and celebrationThe Insight:We are a credible 35+ year old brand making original footwear. Developing ourown designs with interesting detail is what sets us apart. Style, quality andcomfort are essential to our audience…it’s all in the detail!Brand TargetAimed at affluent 30+ sophisticated women who like to look good and feel greatThe Customer:Female age 30-54, affluent professionals, homeowners with assets, income£75k+, interests in fashion, travel and eating outWho are westuff?
  5. 5. “I like to look after myselfso I eat well and takeregular exercise …particularly before goingon holiday!” age 40“Quality is important to meand I like to be comfortable.I’m prepared to spend a bitmore to get good quality”age 40/50“I do go out, but usually fordinner with my husband, ora nice lunch with the girls”age 30/40“We tend to bookactivity holidays withthe kids and gosomewhere with apool ” age 35/40’s“Cooking is a favourite hobbyof mine…I went on a greatcookery course recently whichwas handy for dinner partiesand entertaining” age 40/50“I always do my foodshopping online it’sso much moreconvenient” age 50What doesshe say?
  6. 6. The UglyStuff
  7. 7. The ‘Real’ UglyStuff
  8. 8. WhyMobile?
  9. 9. WhyMobile?
  10. 10. Show me themoney?Q -Who has an App & Who hasa Mobile version?
  11. 11. Why are wedoing this?
  12. 12. Mobile revenues are expected to exceed £6.1billion in the UK by 2017, according toForresterThe stats and predictions are overwhelming:• Mobile app downloads doubled in2012 to 46 billion• Downloads will double again in 2013,reaching 81 billion, on their way to310 billion by 2016• Mobile apps will generate $35 billionin revenue by 2014 and $74 billionby 2016.• 10% of online retail dollars spent in Q32012 were on mobile devices, and thatshare is expected to increase to 12-13%during Q4 2012.• Customers expect apps to be part of howthey interact with your business• Gartner predicts that “by 2016, mobileapp use will surpass the use of Internetdomain names, making apps the No. 1way of engaging with brands.The IndustryStuffBrands are starting to treat theirapps as more than just anotherchannel – they’re treating themas a business. And they’regetting serious about marketingtheir apps, by putting themarketing resources behindthem and incorporating apps aspart of their ongoing strategy.Source – Fiksu.comThe majority of eCommerce platform providers see mobile as an ‘add on’
  13. 13. • From January to September 2012we received £205k worth of salesvia mobile devices at a 1%conversion rate.Top devices– Apple iPad 143k 1.67%conversion rate– Apple iPhone 49k 0.6%conversions rate– (not set) 2k 0.4% conversionrate– Samsung Galaxy S 1.7K0.47% conversion rateOur Stuff
  14. 14. • Poq Studio to develop a mobileApp and website for Moda inPelle, on a commission only basis.• Project start date end Oct 2012• Ambitious launch goal of 4 weeks.(Nov/early Dec 2012)– Leverage Xmas trafficstore/online– Pre-Sale period• App only available on iPhones andiPads at launch• Single payment option – ‘Paypal’• Multi-channel marketing launch– In-Store POS & downloadIncentive– Online e-mail & homepage– PR activityThe Approach
  15. 15. App in action
  16. 16. App in actionSocial sharing In- app purchasing Push-messaging
  17. 17. The UglyStuff
  18. 18. The ‘Real’ Ugly Stuff
  19. 19. • 85% of our mobile visitors useiPhone/iPads.• 83% of our online customerspurchase using a discount code.• Only 30% use Paypal – resulting inabandoned baskets.• Key changes via website back-endat the same time as the App wasbeing developed• Poor communication between MIP &Poq Studio– Image & Feed problems– Delay in App submission– Delay in App launch– Reached 8thplace in ‘Cataloguerankings’– Could have reached No1….Doh!
  20. 20. The Not so UglyStuff
  21. 21. • Over 6,700 downloads so far…• On average that’s 56 downloads a day.• When we were ranked 8thin the ITunes app store – we reached 200 in one day!Result?
  22. 22. • The majority (85%) of downloadscome from the UK.• The average order value is £48(website higher)• Average number of orders per dayis 2.• ‘Push Notifications’ see a triplejump in usage.• The app was particularlysuccessful during the Januarysales, which brought the biggestsingle order so far of £225.• The app has also beendownloaded in more than 50countries, including Venezuela,Kazakhstan, Brazil, Luxembourg,and The Phillipines!Result?
  23. 23. • Number of session are increasing over time – but especially during sales andnew collection launchesResult?
  24. 24. what time of the day dothey shop on mobile?
  25. 25. 1. Bring Mobile/App stakeholderstogether as one team2. Put dedicated marketing resourcesbehind your Mobile/App3. Set Mobile/App-Oriented marketinggoals4. Market Your Mobile/App on mobilemedia5. Target Optimal App Store Rank6. Target loyal users7. Use optimization technology to drivemarketing performance8. Choose a proven Mobile MarketingTechnology Partner9. Test, Learn, Implement, Repeat10. Establish A Feedback Loop WithMobile/App development andbusiness stakeholdersIf I did itagain
  26. 26. • Rank – Reach (and maintain) a target appstore rank, either overall and/or in-category• Downloads – Generate a certain number ofapp downloads on a daily/weekly/monthlybasis• Loyal user acquisition – Drive downloadsfrom users that make a purchase, use theapp repeatedly, or take other actions thatsupport your overall app strategy• Revenue – Hit targets for revenuegenerated directly through the app• Organic user acquisition – Acquire atarget number of organic users – those whodownload the app without paid marketinginfluence• KPIs – Post-download user actions: repeatuse, clicks, session length, clicks to onlinestore, in-app purchase• Competition – Achieve higher app storerank or more downloads that competitors• New customer acquisition – Acquire atarget number of new customers• Existing customers – Generate a targetnumber of downloads from existingcustomers• Velocity – Meet defined metrics withinspecific timeframeMeasure
  27. 27. What needed to beimproved?• Slow loading whenopening the app(only reason for badreviews)• More branding andmerchandisingopportunities• More engagementto incentivize repeatuse• Search / sorting ofproducts• Product wish-listsLaunching new Modain Pelle app
  28. 28. Launching new Modain Pelle app• Stockclearancefeatures:discounts /promotions• More paymentoptions:PayPal &SagePayRedesignedproduct page:•Wishlist button•Easiernavigationbetweenpictures•More space forproductdescription
  29. 29. Launching new Modain Pelle appStore finder:•Location-based sortingof the neareststore.•Direct click-to-call the store•Direct link tofind directions•Opening hoursShoppablelookbook:The new appallows us to re-use ourlookbooks toengage fashionshoppers andsell moreproducts.
  30. 30. Just onemore thing?What happened to your Mobileversion Sumner?
  31. 31. • Poq Studio to develop a mobileApp and website for Moda inPelle, on a commission only basis.• We already pay for traffic to ourwebsite.• Directing traffic to our mobileversions meant we would bepaying commissions twice.• We are re-platforming and usingthe platform providers capability –only one relationship to manage.• A chance to pause and review ourlearnings from the App.• We will be live for our A/W seasonwith our mobile version.What about ourMobile site?
  32. 32. BREAK
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