From Arduino to ADK


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From GTUG 4 Athens 'The Rise Of The Robots' 5 Sep 2011
E. Kosmas

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From Arduino to ADK

  1. 1. From Arduino to ADKwhats all the fuss about ADK and why we should care please direct your complaints and threat mail to: E. Kosmas
  2. 2. histerical dataHow ADK came into existence?
  3. 3. The problem:using USB gadgets with your Android ● USB is asymmetric ○ host: controls bus, enumeration, initiates communication, acts as a power source ○ device: needs endpoints to speak to host, describes capabilities to host on enumeration, standard or vendor specific functions, draws juice (power) from host ● Most Android devices had no (or limited) USB host capabilities. ● No USB standard APIs.
  4. 4. The solution(s) Provide a USB Host API on Android 3.1 &Create Android Open Accessory devices to act as USB hosts
  5. 5. So whats Android Open Accessory● Accessory acts as host● Android acts as device● Two bulk endpoints for 2way communication
  6. 6. So how we create AccessoriesAccessory Development Kit ● Hardware ○ ADK board: Arduino Mega2560 + Circuits@Home USB Host Shield ○ ADK shield: provides input/output via LEDs, a joystick, temp and light sensors ● Software ○ USB host lib ○ Arduino sketch ○ Android Open Accesory library ○ other libs ○ Android demo app
  7. 7. open source hardware and softwareSchematics and source code for ADK provided under CreativeCommons BY-SA and Apache 2.0 license. ● Several companies released ADK compatible boards ● PIC based implementation available ● Arduino can be used as an ADK device.
  8. 8. Where to buy ADK boards● Arduino Store: Its the ADK board from the original Arduino makers.● DIY drones: ADK for RC and UAV enthusiasts (I for one welcome our flying Android ovelords)● Microchip: PIC based ADK (mass production anyone)● Modern Device: Freeduino based ADK● RT Corp: The one Google gave away at Google I/O● Seed Studio: Seeduino based ADK● SparkFuns IOIO board: has beta support for ADK development (and its IOIO)
  9. 9. ADK using Arduino Uno and USB hostshieldSince ADK is Arduino + USB host shield you can make yourown until your purpose built ADK board arrives.Follow the instructions on this URL:
  10. 10. So what you can make! just a few examples of Open Accessory Devices
  11. 11. external LCD screens
  12. 12. voice controlled Roomba
  13. 13. Android controlled labyrith
  14. 14. Arachnoid robot
  15. 15. Music beta: LED matrix now playing
  16. 16. ...the sky is the limit