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  1. 1. 7th Session of the PUIC Conference and Other Related Meetings 7ème Session de la Conférence de l’UPCI et Les Reunions y Afferentes Palembang, 24 - 31 January/Janvier 2012 6 th E d i t i o n , M o n d a y, 3 0 th J a n u a r y 2 0 1 2H.E. Dr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono,the President of the Republic ofIndonesia, the Custodian of PUIC,inaugurates the Conference today.S.E. Dr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono,le Président de la RépubliquedIndonésie, le Protecteur de l’UPCI, inaugure la conférenceaujourdhui. Monday, 30th January 2012 ------- 09.00 - 13.00 7th Session of the PUIC Conference ------- 17.00 - 20.00 7th Session of the PUIC Conference
  2. 2. Islamic State of AFGHANISTAN Republic of ALBANIA PD Republic of ALGERIA Republic of AZERBAIJAN Kingdom of BAHRAINPeople’s Republic of BANGLADESH Republic of BENIN BURKINA-FASO Republic of CAMEROON Republic of CHADRepublic of COTE D’IVOIRE Republic of DJIBOUTI Arab Republic of EGYPT Republic of GABON Republic of The GAMBIA Republic of GUINEA Republic of GUINEA-BISSAU Republic of GUYANA Republic of INDONESIA Islamic Republic of IRAN Republic of IRAQ Hashemite Kingdom of JORDAN Republic of KAZAKHSTAN State of KUWAIT KYRGYZ Republic Republic of LEBANON National Transitional Council of LIBYA MALAYSIA Republic of MALI Islamic Republic of MAURITANIA Kingdom of MOROCCO Republic of MOZAMBIQUE Republic of NIGER Sultanate of OMAN Islamic Republic of PAKISTAN State of PALESTINE State of QATAR Kingdom of SAUDI ARABIA Republic of SENEGAL Republic of SIERRA LEONE Republic of SOMALIA Republic of The SUDAN SYRIAN Arab Republic Republic of TAJIKISTAN Republic of TOGO Republic of TUNISIA Republic of TURKEY TURKMENISTAN Republic of UGANDA UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Republic of YEMEN
  3. 3. Conference 7thPUIC the interview H.E. Dr. Marzuki Alie Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia S.E. Dr. Marzuki Alie Président de la Chambre des Représentants de la République dIndonésieAssalamu’alaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,We have come to the 7th Session of PUIC Conference. It would be a historical moment forIndonesia to host the first PUIC Conference to be held in Southeast Asia, particularly ourbeloved country, Indonesia, a home for almost 200 million Muslims. On behalf of all Indonesianpeople, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for your participation. Your presence isour pleasure.For the past several years, we have seen the vast development of PUIC. As the General Com-mittee Meeting starts today, I believe that we all will make positive contributions towards inthis meaningful event and create a better future for the development of PUIC Member States,particularly for all Muslims.I would also like to welcome all delegates to the beautiful city of Palembang, a historical cityfor the development of Islam in Indonesia. I wish you an enjoyable and memorable stay.Wassalamu’alaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Assalamou’alaikoum warrahmatullah wabarakatuh C’est un grand plaisir pour moi et pour tous les Indonésiens de vous accueillir à cette belle ville de Palembang. Laissez-moi exprimer mes remerciments pour votre soutien généreux et la participation à la 7ème session de la Conférence de l’UPCI. Nous sommes arrivés à un moment historique où pour la première fois, la Conférence des Femmes Parlementaires Musulmanes est organisée dans le cadre de l’UPCI. Je souhaites que le résultat de la Conférence soit positifs pour la création de l’UPCI comme une Organization Interparlementaire éminente ayant la capacité d’améliorer son influence au niveau mondial. Je crois que la 3
  4. 4. de l’UPCI 7ème Conférence représentation des femmes musulmanes dans l’UPCI pourrait également maintenir et améliorer notre institution pour qu’elle soit plus démocratique ansi que développer la position des musulmans au niveau international. Encore une fois, je vous remercies pour votre participation à cet événement et je vous souhaites un séjour mémorable et une expérience agréable à Palembang. Wassalamou’alaikoum warrahmatullah wabarakatuh 4
  5. 5. Open Ended Drafting Committee MeetingLa Réunion du Comité de la Rédaction Non-Limitée Yesterday, the Open Ended Drafting Committee Meeting agreed on the Palembang Declaration and the Communiqué. The Meeting was led by Dr. Hidayat Nur Wahid. Palembang Declaration expressed the thoughts of the PUIC member states toward the changes in politics, economics, and socio- culture aspects at their own countries as well as at regional and international levels. Hier, la Réunion du Comité de la Rédaction Non-Limitée s’est mis d’accord à adopter la Déclaration et le Communiqué de Palembang. La réunion était dirigée par Dr. Hidayat Nur Wahid. La Déclaration de Palembang exprime les idées des États membres de l’UPCI vers les changements politiques, économiques et socio-culturelles aux pays membre ainsi qu’à niveaux régional et international. 5
  6. 6. 67thPUICConference
  7. 7. de l’UPCI 7ème Conférence Consultation Meeting of the African GroupLa Réunion de Consultation du Groupe Africain The English translation into French made by Handewi Pramesti, SS, MA 7
  8. 8. Consultation Meeting of the Asian Group La Réunion de Consultation du Groupe Asiatique8
  9. 9. Conference 7thPUIC Consultation Meeting of the Arab GroupLa Réunion de Consultation du Groupe Arabe 9
  10. 10. de l’UPCI 7ème Conférence Dinner for all Delegates hosted jointly by PT. Pupuk Sriwidjaja (National Fertilizer Company based in Palembang) and PT. Batu Asam (Coal mining company based in Palembang) Dîner pour tous les délégués organisée conjointement par PT. Pupuk Sriwidjaja (L’Entreprise d’État de l’Engrais basée à Palembang) et PT. Bukit Asam (l’Entreprise Minière de charbon basée à Palembang). 10
  11. 11. The English translation into Arabic made by Prof. Dr. Hj. Amany Lubis, MA 11
  12. 12. 127thPUICConference
  13. 13. de l’UPCI 7ème Conférence Musi River CruiseLa Croisière sur la Fleuve Musi 13
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. Conference 7thPUIC Visiting Fikri Songket WeavingLa Visite de Tissage de Songket Fikri 15
  16. 16. Cheng Ho Sriwijaya Mosque Promotes Unity, HarmonyTraces of Admiral Cheng Ho’s journey through this country hundreds of years ago are still remembered eventoday. After three years of painstaking efforts, Muhammad Cheng Ho Sriwijaya Mosque stands proudly in theJakabaring neighborhood in South Sumatra’s capital city Palembang in 2008.Strategically located near the Jakabaring marketplace, this mosque is always packed with worshipers. The ideato build the mosque in Palembang was first broached following a visit to the Cheng Ho mosque in Surabaya,East Java, several years ago. However, Muhammad Cheng Ho Sriwijaya Mosque is larger than Surabaya’s ChengHo mosque. Built on a plot of 4,995 square meters, its structure measures 625 square meters with four smalldomes framing its corners. It followed the concept of Cheng Ho in Surabaya but has more varied colors.Historical accounts describe how the Ming Dynasty legend Cheng Ho, also known as Zheng He, embarkedwith an entourage of 30,000 soldiers, officials, accountants, merchants, healers, fortunetellers and interpreterson a world voyage to advance trade, exploration, diplomacy and exchange of scientific and cultural knowledge.The devout Muslim set out on seven missions of exploration all told, reaching Sri Lanka, India, the Middle East,Africa and many parts of this country.The Palembang mosque, originally planned for the Simpang Patal area, ended up in Jakabaring when a Muslimof Chinese descent granted his plot of land for the purpose.The mosque, large enough to accommodate 2,000people, has a unique architectural design with touches of Palembang, Islam, China and the Middle East.Its main dome resembles the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina whereas its 17-meter minarets employ a Chinesepagoda style with octagonal perimeters. Rooms for ritual ablutions are located on both sides of the mainbuilding. That symmetry is reinforced by the exterior stairways on the left and right sides. The mosque gate Source: Khairul Saleh, The Jakarta Post, 29 October 2008is topped with a typical Palembang pyramidal roof. Its architecture is designed to symbolize the unity andharmony of the Muslim community.The combination of red as China’s distinct color and green which invokes Islam is prominently featured inthe mosque, which construction started in June 2005 to commemorate the centenary of commander ChengHo’s arrival in the country. Its main dome is 12 meters in diameter and about six meters high. The tip of thedome will later be decorated with the transparent word “Allah”, through which light from inside can escape,illuminating the night sky. House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia Committee for Interparliamentary Cooperation Nusantara III Building Phone: +62 21 5715 841 Fax: +62 21 573 2132 e-mail: