100724 perkembangan ekonomi kreatif di indonesia artepolis 2010 rev 1


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Perkembangan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia

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  • hidup ekonomi kreatif, ayo kita dukung program ekonomi kreatif
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100724 perkembangan ekonomi kreatif di indonesia artepolis 2010 rev 1

  1. 1. Visionary planning and creative collaboration in Indonesia COKORDA ISTRI DEWI SPECIAL STAFF OF MINISTRY OF TRADE Bandung, 07.24.10
  2. 2. Outline: 1. Milestones of Creative Economy Development 2. The Vision of Creative Economy Development 3.The Next Step of Creative economy Development 4.Ministry of Trade contribution in Creative Economy Development Pengembangan Ekonomi Kreatif 2010-2014 2
  3. 3. Milestones of Creative Economy Development in Indonesia President: PPBI 2007: Presidential handicraft Creative Economy Instruction Industry and the Development No.6/2009 nation creativity Design, Creative about Creative must be Industry Mapping Economy endorsed 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Trade Expo: encouraging services Creative Economy sector development & Development Grand providing creative Design economy zone 3
  4. 4. MILESTONES PENGEMBANGAN EKONOMI KREATIF DI INDONESIA Result : Social Capital Creation Creative City Branding has able to lift the character of a city as the source of attraction and economic driver Awareness Creation Creative Community Formation Creative Activity endorsement Networking Expansion Creative People Collaboration 4
  5. 5. Creative Industry or Creative Economy in Digital Media Creative Industry and Creative Economy Pages in National Digital Media 600.000 5 519.600 500.000 466.300 400.000 300.000 Number of Pages 200.000 164.400 100.000 343 817 17.915 - 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 (Until June) 5
  6. 6. Creative Community Top Ten Creative Community Rank Nama Komunitas WEBSITE Rata2 Pengunjung per hari 1 Fashionesedaily http://fashionesedaily.com/ 23464 2 Kementerian Desain Republik Indonesia http://menteridesainindonesia.blogspot.com/ 2450 3 Musikator http://www.musikator.com/ 2094 4 Desain Grafis Indonesia http://desaingrafisindonesia.wordpress.com/ 2041 5 Komunitas Kreatif Bali http://komunitaskreatifbali.wordpress.com/ 562 6 Republik Kreatif http://republikkreatif.com/ 431 7 Common Room http://commonroom.info/ 342 8 Bandung Creative City http://bandungcreativecityblog.wordpress.com/ 310 9 Masyarakat Industri Kreatif Teknologi http://forumtelematika.com/id/node/17 240 Informasi dan Komunikasi Indonesia (MIKTI) 10 Inside http://www.ins-ide.org/ 186 Top Ten Creative Mailing List Rank Subsektor Website Jumlah Member 1 Layanan Piranti Lunak http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ITCENTER/ 17767 2 Layanan Piranti Lunak http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ilmukomputer/ 13452 3 Penerbitan & Percetakan http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pasarbuku/ 8499 4 Musik http://groups.yahoo.com/group/komunitasmusik/ 4492 5 Penerbitan & Percetakan http://groups.yahoo.com/group/1001buku/ 4353 6 Desain http://groups.yahoo.com/group/belajardesain/ 4134 7 Layanan Piranti Lunak http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/APWKomitel/ 3932 8 Desain http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/forumgrafikadigital 2793 9 Penerbitan & Percetakan http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Sablon/ 2530 10 Fotografi http://groups.yahoo.com/group/komunitas-fotografer/ 1182 6
  7. 7. Creative activity in Indonesia is widely spread There are hundreds of creative events were held in Indonesia, either by the government, community, and private with an effort to give a room for self actualization and expanding network to creative people. • Bandung : Helarfest, Braga Festival, Artepolis • Jakarta : Festival Kota Tua, PRJ, Jak Jazz, Jiffest • Solo : Solo Batik Carnival, pasar windu jenar • Yogyakarta : Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta, Pasar Malam Sekaten, Biennale • Bali : Bali Fashion Week, Bali Art Festival • Lampung : Way Kambas Festival • Palembang: Festival Musi • Community and private: Pesta Blogger, Java Jazz, HelloFest, KickFest, • Government & State-Owned Enterprise: Indigo, MIKTI, virus K campaign, indonesia kreatif digital communication platform 7
  8. 8. Outline: 1. Milestones of Creative Economy Development 2. The Vision of Creative Economy Development 3.The Next Step of Creative economy Development 4.Ministry of Trade contribution in Creative Economy Development Pengembangan Ekonomi Kreatif 2010-2014 8
  9. 9. Vision, Mission, and Target of Creative Economy Development 2009-2025 (1) Vision: Vision “Internationally reknown nation of creativity and quality of of life”. Creative Economy <2015 (Strengthening 2015-2025 Mission Foundation & Pillars) (Acceleration) 1. Increasing GDP contribution 7-8% of GDP 9-11% of GDP (Implies CI GDP growth 7-9%) (Implies CI GDP growth 9-11%) 2. Increasing export contribution 11-12% of Export 12-13% of Export (Implies export growth 9-11%) (Implies export growth 10-12%) 3. Increasing job absorption 6-7% job absorption 9-11% job absorption 4. Increasing the number of highly Increase 1,5-2 x of total number Increase 13-4 x of total number of CI qualified CI company of CI Companies in 2006 Companies in 2006 9
  10. 10. Creative Economy Contribution United Kingdom Australia GDP Contribution 7.9%. GDP Contribution 3,3% Annual Growth of GDP 9% Annual Growth of GDP 5,7% New Zealand Indonesia (2005-2008) GDP Contribution 3.1% GDP Contribution 7.56% Annual Growth of GDP 3,8% Economy Contribution of Creative Economy in Indonesia (2008): – GDP contribution: 151 trillion rupiah (7.28% of National GDP) – Labour absorption: 7.7 million worker with 7,53% of labour participation – Export :114.9 trillion rupiah and contributed 7,52% to the total national export value 10
  11. 11. Vision, Mission, and Target of Creative Economy Development 2009-2025 (2) <2015 (Strengthening (Strengthening Creative Economy Mission 2015 2015-2025 (Acceleration) (Acceleration) Foundation & Pillars) Pillars) 5. Providing sustainable benefit Support the decrease of Continuing support deforestation for Indonesia's natural deforestation of 1 milion and carbon emission descent resources & future generations hectares/year and carbon according to post-Kyoto 2012 emission of 1,2 million tons /year agreements 6. Creating innovation with • 4% growth of registered • 4% growth of registered domestic economic value, especially domestic patent patent based on local wisdom and • 39% growth of registered • 39 % growth of registered cultural heritage domestic intellectual rights domestic intellectual rights • 6% growth of registered • 6% growth of registered domestic domestic trademark trademark • 40 % growth of registered • 40% growth of registered domestic design industry domestic design industry 7. Developing potential creative Increase and develop potential Increase and develop potential zone creative zone twice than the creative zone twice than the number of current creative zones number of creative zones in 2015 8. Developing a creative image Establish 200 local brands which is Establish 504 local which is for Indonesia's goods & acknowledged in domestic & acknowledged in domestic & services to increase national international market international market branding in the international market 11
  12. 12. Creative Economy Development Model One Main Foundation and Five “The Triple Helix” Main Pillars that need to be strengthened in developing creative economy is: 1. People is people as a creative individuals and also Intellectual Business Government community which consist of creative people; 2. Industry is a group of companies in the creative industry field Intermediary Technology Resources Institution 3. Technology is the enabler in realizing the Financial Industry individual creativity to a real work form. 4. Resources are inputs other than individual creativity and knowledge which are required in creative process, for instance: land, natural resource People 5. Institution is the social order, public places & spaces (norm, value, policy and law) that regulate the interaction among humans 6. Financial Intermediary is the financial intermediary institution 12
  13. 13. Creative Economy Roadmap *Presidential Instruction No. 6 /2009 about creative economy, involving 27 central goverment institution and all regional government 2009 2025 • Facilitate creative talent “Society with creative mindset & moodset which People • Quantity & quality of Creative Worker is supported by talented & creative workers” • Creative mindset • Entrepreneurship Making the industry attractive “Successful and thriving creative Optimize Efficiency Industry Create Innovation based on local content as source industries serving the domestic & foreign market” of competitive advantage Establishing clusters based on technology/knowledge Enhance skill capacity of supporting technology and ”Technology to support design & in line with the Technology computer literacy needs of the market” Conducive business climate for investment and business infrastructure Enhancing management of use of natural resources Greater appreciation for environment sustainability “Use of resources which creates value and Resource Create clusters based on resouces management is environmentally sustainable: Going technology Green is profitable” Ensuring availability of resources for inputs • Enhance appreciation of culture & cultural heritage “ Open Minded Society who appreciates Institution • Creative community which respects knowledge and consumes local creative products” (Role of IP) and creativity and willing to share the knowledge and creativity • Enhance relationship between CI Actors and Building information links, knowledge Financial Financial Intermediaries and thus trust between CI Actors and Intermediary • Create applicableScheme & Financing Institution for those with funds CI 13
  14. 14. Main Role The Leading Actors in Creative Industry Development INTELLECTUAL MAIN ROLE •Disseminator of science, art, and technology •Implementor of science, art, and ACTORS COLLABORATION OUTPUT •National, Regional, and Sectoral technology Strategy •Constructive value creator in the •Community/network creation society •Policy/Regulation/Program/Activity •Creative Curriculum •Creative Product and Services •Jobs Creation •Creative Entrepreneur •Creative Technology GOVERNMENT MAIN ROLE •Public Spaces & placess •Catalisator & Advocator •Regulator •Consumer, Investor , even Entrepreneur BUSINESS MAIN ROLE •Hub Agency & •Creator (Market, creative Facillitator product & services, jobs creation) •Public Outreach •Creator of community and Ministry of Trade Main Focus in Creative creative entrepreneur Economy Development 2010-2014 14
  15. 15. Creative Industry Cluster Framework Analysis Resource Intensity Film, Video, IT & Photography Software Interactive TV & Music Architecture games Radio Performing art Design Advertising Art & Antiques R&D Printing & Market Publishing Fashion Handicraft Media Art & Culture Design Science & Technology Dominant Substance in The Industry *) Sectors with the same color will require similar development strategy since they face similar situation 15
  16. 16. Outline: 1. Milestones of Creative Economy Development 2. The Vision of Creative Economy Development 3.The Next Step of Creative economy Development 4.Ministry of Trade contribution in Creative Economy Development Pengembangan Ekonomi Kreatif 2010-2014 16
  17. 17. Creative Economy Development Process Industry People Tech- Blue Financial nology TARGET EVALUATION Print Interme- diaries Resources Institution Planning Organizing & Actuating Controling Pengembangan Ekonomi Kreatif 2010-2014 17
  18. 18. Creative Economy Development Coordination Mechanism *Presidential Instruction No. 6 Tahun 2009 about Creative Economy Pengembangan Ekonomi Kreatif 2010-2014 18
  19. 19. The Challenges of Creative Economy Development in Indonesia Quantity And 1. Development Financing Quality Of Human Coordination Resources 2. Strategy Implementation Conducive Business Availability of Climate For 3. Development Natural Start Up and Resources Doing Programme & Business Activity Collaboration & Information Recognition Technology & harmonization communication and appreciation Technology 4. Prioritization 19
  20. 20. Contribution of Each Main Actor To Strengthen The Foundation And Pillars of Creative Economy Development Financial People Industry Technology Resources Institution Intermediary 1 2 3 4 5 6 How intellectual How intellectual actively involved Intellectual creating How intellectual technology which How intellectual How intellectual in financial building the How intellectual intermediary encouraging the can be supporting the developing knowledge and competitive implemented and use of renewable tollerance in institution creativity of increasing creative resources Indonesian society creation which creative people creative industry support creative industry competitiveness industry development 7 8 9 10 11 12 How business How business How business using and supporting the Business How business How business developing preserving social order How business empowering the creating a strong technology to resources which creation which collaborating with creative people & stable creative support the needed by support the the financial industry development of creative industry creative industry insitution creative industry as raw materials development 13 14 15 16 17 18 How government Government How government giving the How government How government creating and How government incentives for guarantee the developing How government attracting creative creating the business and sustainability of institution which helping and people to work in competitive intellectual who is raw materials support creative facilitating Indonesia creative industry succeeded in availability industry financing resources technology development innovation 20
  21. 21. The Preparation of Action Plan According to Presidential Instruction No.6/2009 All the government institution TARGET that responsible in developing creative industry, must DIRECTION generate the strategy to become action plan STRATEGY The implementation of action plan must be reported to PRESIDENTIAL INSTRUCTION President in each semester NO.6/2009 ATTACHMENT The creative industry development is monitored and controlled by UKP4 MINISTRY ORGANIZATION/ (Presidential Working Unit for ACTION PLAN GOVERNMENT National Development INSTITUTION Monitoring and Controlling ) Pengembangan Ekonomi Kreatif 2010-2014 21
  22. 22. Outline: 1. Milestones of Creative Economy Development 2. The Vision of Creative Economy Development 3.The Next Step of Creative economy Development 4.Ministry of Trade contribution in Creative Economy Development Pengembangan Ekonomi Kreatif 2010-2014 22
  23. 23. Creative Economy Development focus by MoT 2010-2014 • Creativepreneur Creation Creative • Domestic and global creative network expansion People • Capacity building of Creative people Facilitation • Support the marketing & commercialization Public Outreach • Creative Industry Study updating and enhancement • Communicate the development of Creative Hub Agency economy in Indonesia • Creative economy development Helpdesk • Creative economy development coordination • Policy & strategy implementation harmonization 23
  24. 24. Creative Economy Development Phase by MoT Increasing the brand awareness of Indonesia Sustainability of design and Creative product and innovation to fulfill the local services and global demand Creating & Stabilizing the local & global demand as well as increasing the productivity & efficiency of Creative Industry Well Targeted in: facilitating the Creative People and disseminating the information of creative economy development Improvement of creative economy information quality & outreach Five major creative economy development phase to achieve five main goals 24
  25. 25. Creative Economy Online Communication Platform 1. Indonesia Kreatif Portal (www.indonesiakreatif.net); 2. Indonesia Kreatif Microsite; 3. Social Media Networking: Facebook (ekonomi kreatif) dan Twitter (#idkreatif); 4. Showcase (http://showcase.indonesiakreatif.net); 5.Marketplace http://bazaar.indonesiakreatif.net/ 8/13/2010 25
  26. 26. Indonesia pavillion raise a positive spirit to national character building and positive image of Indonesia in the world. Indonesia pavillion is designed by Indonesian designer which is acknowledged as one of favourite pavillion in WESC area.
  27. 27. Australia Pavillion: Spanyol Pavillion : On July 8th,Indonesia & Australia Pavillion were Spanyol Pavillion was visited by 2 million on June visited by 3 million visitors 21st, while Indonesia pavillion on June 19th America Pavillion : Netherland Pavillion : America Pavillion was visited by 2 million on June On June 19th, Netherland Pavillion was visited by 1,85 million 26th, while Indonesia pavillion on June 19th visitors, while Indonesia was visited by more than 2 million visitors
  28. 28. 28
  29. 29. ‘Enak!’ Restaurant is the fourth favourite restaurant in the world expo area after Germany, Japan and France. Visitor can enjoy the Indonesian meals and drinks especially fried rice and chicken satay which are the most favourite meals in the restaurant.
  30. 30. Refrigrator Magnet Peta World Expo 2010 Post card World Expo 2010 “Expo 2010 Shanghai China Album Official”
  31. 31. Candi Borobudur in World Expo 2010 stamp set Paviliun Indonesia in four types of World Expo 2010 passport China Goverment will give a reward to visitor who is successful in collecting all pavillion stamp in his/her passport
  32. 32. Thank you Together we can…!