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Emailsme welcomemessages-100527132733-phpapp01

  1. 1. Email Marketing Best Practices“Party Like it’s 1999”– Just Don’t e-Mail That Way
  2. 2. Welcome MessagesFirst impressionsCompliance mattersViral opportunitiesSubscriber controlSubject lines
  3. 3. First ImpressionsWelcome messages represent a marketers’ firstimpression to their subscribersThey must go beyond saying “Hello” and “Thank you”First subscriber touch points represent a primeopportunity for marketers to reinforce the benefits oftheir email programs (why they should open, read, clickand buy), set expectation and promote brandawarenessEffective welcome messages quickly engage with theirsubscribers and generate satisfying experiences
  4. 4. A GreatExample…
  5. 5. Compliance MattersWelcome messages are the first greeting to a marketingprogram so they should be treated like marketing emailsThey must:• Be relevant• Be On topic• Carry a consistent design• Provide an opt-out option• Include a privacy policy• Include a physical mailing address• Ask subscribers to add you to their address book(called, “White-listing”)
  6. 6. It’s Never Too Early toStart Being ViralWelcome messages as a rule are not the best place toencourage forwarding because the marketer has not yetearned a high brand or value position with thesubscriberHowever, take every opportunity to encouragesubscribers to pass it along using• Included viral links – Make the link Easy to Find• Forms - Include a one-step form where users caninclude a personalized message
  7. 7. Subscribers Love ControlAllow subscribers to manage their settingsPreference centers allow subscribers to:• Set their choice of frequency• Choose an email format (HTML or text)• Update their email address and profile info• Subscribe to other useful options
  8. 8. Make Subject Lines Stand OutA key element of welcome message success is theemail’s subject lineAlong with the from address, subject lines are a majorfactor in influencing subscribers’ decisions to open andread emailOptimize Your subject line -• Make it enticing and actionable• You will establish dominance in the inboxThis Welcome message subject line is the first touchpoint in the subscriber-marketer relationship –• Use a Friendly Greeting
  9. 9. Make Subject Lines Stand OutMention any Welcome Offer, Gift or Relevant BenefitFollow Best Practices:• 55 characters or less• DON’T use ALL CAPS• DO Test• Use your company name to reinforce your brandmessage
  10. 10. Welcome E-Mailswith 21stCentury StyleAmidst increasing competition it has never been moreimportant to:• break through the clutter• consistently drive response• encourage brand loyalty• Welcome messages are your first opportunity to do thisWelcome messages can be the driver of response and thefirst step towards establishing relevancySubscribers who find your welcome message useful andinformative:• know what to expect from your email program• are more likely to open and click on future messages
  11. 11. Missed Opportunities25% of marketers don’t bother to send welcome messages at allOf the 75% that do,o only 14% include a welcome offer or incentive to make a purchaseo only 50% mention the welcome offer in their subject lines.37% don’t include white-listing instructions in their welcomemessagesOnly 2% provide information about the frequency of their emailprograms30% don’t include an opt-out link in their welcome messages81% do not personalize their welcome messagesOnly 12% include forward-to-a-friend (FTAF) links• 35% neglect to include information about how subscribers’ emailaddresses will be used or link to a privacy policyin their welcome messages.
  12. 12. To learn more about how Bayshore Solutionscan help your web results with a solid andintegrated E-mail marketing strategy,Contact Us