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Nursing home rights and eligibility


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Nursing homes can be very costly...

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Nursing home rights and eligibility

  1. 1. Nursing Home Rights and Eligibilty Nursing homes can be very costly. Medicaid is just about the only insurance that will cover nursing home expenses, although some private insurances will pay a certain amount. Nursing Home eligibility rules are not so easy to understand. There are rules that can help protect your home and protect your spouse when using Medicaid. Nursing Home Resident's Rights; Elder Law The rights of nursing home's residents are no different than the rights of any citizen. Unfortunately, nursing home residents aren't always treated as they should be. In 1987 laws were passed for elder law by Congress that help protect you or your spouse while in a nursing home. Here are just a few laws that were passed: • Resident has the right to see all of their records • Residents must be informed of services available and how much they will cost • Residents can share a room with their spouse • Residents can get up and go to bed whenever they want Disputes in the nursing home There are certain steps that can be taken if needed when you feel you or your spouse or loved one has been mistreated. • Talk to the nursing home staff • Talk to nursing home supervisor/administration • Request a meeting with nursing staff • Talk with the ombudsperson that is assigned If all else fails contact Elder Law Attorney's Cohen and Oalican, LLC. Attorneys Cohen & Oalican specialize in Elder Law; where protecting your assets and your dignity is their core mission.