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Medicaid planning; new free medicare checkup


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Learn about the new free Medicare checkup...

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Medicaid planning; new free medicare checkup

  1. 1. Medicaid Planning; New Free Medicare CheckupWe cant say this enough times: Medicaid planning is not an easy thing to do. Until January 1st, 2011,the only routine exam Medicare covered was the “Welcome Exam”. This exam is only for brand newbeneficiaries. Now, a new annual wellness visit has been established under the Affordable Care Act. Thisfree Medicare checkup was a big step in Medicaid Law, but can be very misleading.How to get your free Medicare wellness checkup; Boston, Raynham, AndoverMassachusettsWilliam Schmitz, a retired engineer from Maine, was upset when he found out Medicare Law haddefeated him once again and denied his claim when he went for what-he-thought was a free physical.“When I asked the doctor’s office what had happened, they clued me in that I was mistaken about thedifference between Medicare’s wellness exam and a physical”, William said.In order to get this free check up, don’t just set up an appointment for a physical. Specifically ask for thefree Medicare wellness visit, billing code G0438. Medicare does not cover the cost of a physical.Medicare wellness visits and doctors; Elder Law Attorneys Cohen & OalicanAs always with Medicare planning: be cautious and double-check with your doctor. All doctors do nothave to offer these Medicare wellness visits. Also, Medicare does not have the authority to tell a doctorwhat services to offer. If the beneficiary’s doctor will not perform this check up, the beneficiary has theright to go to another doctor. It is always good to choose a trustee to get the proper help you need withMedicaid planning.Attorneys Cohen & Oalican specialize in Elder Law; where protecting your assets and your dignity is theircore mission.