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Achieve Great Things At Cognology


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We’re an HR tech company that helps bring people together to achieve great things. We started small with a smashing idea and, through hard work with what’s frankly a great team, we’ve built our brand and an awesome customer portfolio. Cognology is growing, and we’re on the lookout for talented people to join our team. Take a look at our SlideShare to find out more about why we do what we do, our values and more. Then get in touch with us if you’re keen to join our pretty special bunch of folks.

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Achieve Great Things At Cognology

  1. 1. ACHIEVE 
  2. 2. WHO IS COGNOLOGY? Our company started life as an HR software developer creating highly customized solutions for clients. 
 That’s how we cut our teeth and how we learnt to do HR Tech really well.
  3. 3. NOW WE’RE A PRODUCT COMPANY We built a suite of talent management modules that we know, and our customers say, are incredibly easy to use and amazingly customisable.
  4. 4. WHAT WE DO At Cognology, we are 110% committed to building technology that enables our clients to develop talent, drive collaboration, and share success.
  5. 5. We relentlessly seek out ways to make it easier for our customers to execute business strategy, align and develop their people and do great things together.
  6. 6. WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO We are excited about the future of work. Based on current trends, how we work today is set to become increasingly flexible and collaborative, and conversely less hierarchical and bureaucratic.
  7. 7. Nurturing talent in this new world is more important than ever before. When people contribute meaningful work that aligns to organisational goals, and have purpose, they are happier.
  8. 8. If the future of work is full of happy people, we say cheers to that.
  9. 9. Cognology’s solutions helps to give people purpose in their work, and a connection with each other that lets them do great things.
  10. 10. WHAT DRIVES US We’ve made it our mission to enable this new world of work. We are focusing our products on the best ways for groups of people to work on outcomes that are special, and that they’ll be proud to have achieved.   
  11. 11. WHAT BINDS US We share common values. They help us to truly do our best work, the kind of work that customers appreciate. Our values also set down the road rules, our culture, and how we do things around here. Here they are.
  12. 12. CUSTOMER We exist to help our customers achieve great things. Service and user experience are everything.
  13. 13. INNOVATION We will make the future and find new ways to help our customers achieve their dreams.
  14. 14. CAN DO If there’s a will, there’s a way. We will build the technology, just watch.
  15. 15. INTEGRITY We do what we say we will do, always.
  16. 16. IMPROVEMENT We love making things better and do it all the time. From our processes to our products.
  17. 17. HAPPINESS We believe happiness comes through purpose, being of service to others and developing great relationships.
  18. 18. WHO WE ARE There’s a bunch of Cogs at Cognology. The first one was Jon – he’s the founder and our CEO. Jon is down to earth, dependable, witty and genuine. And smart. Just what you need in a fearless leader!
  19. 19. The rest of us are also kinda clever (or so we’d like to think) and do a heap of different jobs, from developing product to customer support, business development to training, and marketing to design.
  20. 20. WE’RE GROWING We’ve been lucky, and we’ve made our own luck by living our values and believing in what people can do when they come together for a common purpose. We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in learning more about joining our team. Need more convincing?
  21. 21. WHAT OUR PEOPLE SAY ABOUT US “I love being able to have an opinion and give input into where the product is going and what the pipeline for development is.” Kristy
  22. 22. "Cognology provides you with a platform where you can learn and grow. I am really excited to be a part of the IT Support team.” Anirudh
  23. 23. “I have the freedom to use modern tools and techniques to solve problems in new and interesting ways.” Leon
  24. 24. "I really love being part of an organisation that is genuinely innovative and at the forefront of HR Technology as we transition to a new way of working. It's exciting!” Sarah
  25. 25. "The aspects I like about working at Cognology are the encouragement to innovate, the confidence to create and ability to influence.” Con
  26. 26. "I really enjoy being able to go out there and speak to prospective clients about what they're doing and the projects they are running.” Aaron
  27. 27. SOUND GOOD? If you like what you now know about Cognology, what we stand for and what we believe in, and you believe in those things too, you could be a great fit for our team. Visit our Jobs page and upload your details. We’d love to hear from you.