Mobile and Social Integration's Role in CEM Solution


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Competitive strategies of organization keeps changing with time. Companies that could make and distribute product better, faster and cheaper were leaders of the past. As products and services have become commodities, companies that can give the best customer experience would be the leader in today’s era, THE AGE OF CUSTOMER. The disruptive forces of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) are causing this shift. In this presentation, we talk about how social media and mobile have a great impact on customer experience and how they can be used better to create a competitive advantage in today’s era. The focus of this presentation is how enterprise can address Integration challenges faced due to SMAC. This presentation is an excerpt from the Cognizant presentation at IBM Impact event ( ) held in May 2013 at Las Vegas

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Mobile and Social Integration's Role in CEM Solution

  1. 1. 1 | ©2013, Cognizant ©2013, Cognizant Mobile and Social Integration : Its role in CEM solution
  2. 2. | © 2013, Cognizant2 The changed customer ecosystem What is CEM? Agenda Harness the Power of Social and Mobile
  3. 3. | © 2013, Cognizant3 The age of Customer  Customer is only an end point  Focus is on efficient operations  Protected market place  Discrete generation of data and limited conversion to information Old Playbook  Customer is the starting point  Focus is on smarter operations  De-regulation opening up the market place  Continuous data generation and dynamically conversion to information New Playbook Age of Manufacturing Mass manufacturing makes industrial powerhouse successful. Ford,RCA,GE, Boeing,P&G Sony Age of distribution Global connections and transportation systems make distribution key. Walmart, Toyota,UPS,CSX Age of information Connected PCs and supply chain mean those who control information flow dominate.,Google Intuite, MBNA Age of the customer Empowered buyers demand a new level of customer obsession. Contenders include Facebook,IBM,Best Buy, and Apple. Source: Forrester, Competitive Strategy in the Age of the Customer, June 6,2011
  4. 4. | © 2013, Cognizant4 Think Business = Think Customer Every customer has multiple touch points with my company Am I getting enough information from all our channels Is my digital marketing apt for the customers? But our company still manages data in fragmented manner *Source: Gartner The practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectation to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.* How do I win their absolute loyalty ??
  5. 5. | © 2013, Cognizant5 Why CEM? In the age of well informed customers companies have to now create and maintain a complete experience for the customers in order to maintain brand loyalty & advocacy. Depending on the industry, reducing your customer defection rate by 5% can increase your profitability by 25 to 125% CEM propels your customers from Satisfied to Advocate A 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect as decreasing costs by 10% Acquiring new customers can cost as much as five times more than satisfying and retaining current customers 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience Profitability Satisfied Loyal Advocate Perceived Value Source : From the Book - Leading on the Edge of Chaos, Forrester Research, ATG, Oracle
  6. 6. | © 2013, Cognizant6 The changed customer ecosystem What is CEM? Agenda Harness the Power of Social and Mobile
  7. 7. | © 2013, Cognizant7 The Nexus of Forces: Social, Mobile, Cloud and Information… Source: Gartner, The Nexus of Forces: Social, Mobile, Cloud and Information, June ’12 …is building upon and transforming user behavior while creating new business opportunities
  8. 8. | © 2013, Cognizant8 Social media boom… Social • Facebook has more than 1 Billion unique users • 110 Billion minutes spent on social sites (that is 1 out of every 4.5 minutes online)
  9. 9. | © 2013, Cognizant9 The networked customer 56% who use social media to interact with an organization say that they feel stronger connection 50% are more likely to buy a product or service from a company that they can contact using social media 16% want to interact with organizations using social media 51% trust online forum more than organization’s website use online forum to sort out problem with product or service 37% Taking age into account- for customer ages 16 to 24 52% Source : Avaya,
  10. 10. | © 2013, Cognizant10 Impact of social media on Customer Life Cycle • Creates opportunity for easy discovery Discover • Enables credible evaluations • Provides Inputs for new product/service Evaluate • Influences buying decision Buy • Keeps customer engaged • Enables co- creation of new product/service Access/Use • Provides a preferred medium for support Get Support US consumers create over 500 billion online media impressions about products and services every year 1 36% of US online adults are “Critics,” or users who contribute to ratings, reviews, blogs, and other social channels to voice their opinion 2 17% of users have bought something based on a friend’s post about it using social media 3 33% of users want to follow a brand on social media channels because they’re current customers 4 50% of all Facebook users and 80% of Twitter users expect a response to a customer support inquiry in 24 hours or less 5 1 Forrester Research Inc., “Competitive Strategy in the Age of the Customer,” June 2011 2 Deloitte Consumer Products Group, “Global Social Media Adoption,” June 2012 3 Forrester Research Inc., “The Purchase Path of Online Buyers in 2012,” September 2012 4 2012 study conducted by Get Satisfaction 5 Oracle, “Consumer Views of Live Help Online,” 2012
  11. 11. | © 2013, Cognizant11 Everyone is Mobile… 1 Gartner, Mobile • 1Billion+ smartphones out 5 Billion mobile phones in the world • 2nd among the top 10 CIO technology priorities in 2013 1
  12. 12. | © 2013, Cognizant12 Mobile Frenzy… Mobile and tablets are increasingly become center of customer life cycle with many activities being performed on mobile device Source: comScore MobiLens and TabLens, U.S., 3 Month Avg. Ending Dec-2012 39% 39% 38% 38% 33% 30% 21% 23% 24% 19% 34% 22% 19% 21% Researched product features Compared product prices Purchased goods or services online Found store location Found coupons or deals Checked product availability Made shopping lists Tablet Smartphone 80% have still not been marketed to by their favorite site using mobile device Opportunities galore Source : Avaya, 51% would be interested in receiving a time sensitive location based offer 57% Customers are interested if brands reach them on mobile would be interested in opting into brand loyalty club via mobile social sites like Facebook, twitter use barcoding scanning apps to compare prices use online coupons to get the best prices say that they always know more about the product or issue than the customer service agent Smart-phone users are better informed customers 16% 63% 69%
  13. 13. | © 2013, Cognizant13 Impact of Mobile on Customer Life Cycle Discovery Evaluation Buy Access/Use Get Support 20% emails in a marketing campaign are opened on a mobile device 1 1 Forrester Research, Inc., The State of Retailing Online 2012: Mobile and Tablet Commerce, July 2012 2 3 Aids brand discovery through mobile email, location based services, social media access Allows research on products Influences buying decision Use mobile for recurring activities like periodic payments, tracking usage etc. Mobile app and mobile sites provides an easy medium to do self-service
  14. 14. | © 2013, Cognizant14 Mobile & Social Media together make a lethal combination 62% MOBILE USERS use their device for SOCIAL NETWORK ACTIVITY Source : Accenture, Mobile Web Watch 2012,
  15. 15. | © 2013, Cognizant15 Web Email Contact Center Store Discover Evaluate Buy Access/ Use Get Support Social and Mobile adds complexity to Customer journey…
  16. 16. | © 2013, Cognizant16 Web Email Contact Center Store Discover Evaluate Buy Access/ Use Get Support Social and Mobile adds complexity to Customer journey… Social Mobile
  17. 17. | © 2013, Cognizant17 Strength of Mobile and Social across Customer Life Cycle Discover Evaluate Buy Access/ Use Get Support Strength of social is strong across the life cycle except the buy stage Strength of mobile is strong across the life cycle. Its weakest in the discover phase StrongWeak Social and mobile have varying strength of influence at the various stages of customer life cycle
  18. 18. | © 2013, Cognizant18 B2B CEM A sale being made to a business is typically a major investment in terms of time and capital as opposed to a direct sale to a customer which is usually a rapid phenomenon with a very narrow window of opportunity Higher Time and Higher Capital Business buyers are people like you and me and are present on social media Social Media A disgruntled customer will talk about his experience. 84% B2B Buyers trust Word of Mouth (Forrester) Word of mouth The potential of damage in case of lower loyalty is much higher as the number of customers are small and churn can lead to significant reduction in revenue and hence, profit Less no. of customers, Higher value per customer
  19. 19. | © 2013, Cognizant19 B2B Vs. B2C use of Social Media 55% 47% 27% 39% 18% 18% 26% 8% 3% 43% 37% 34% 33% 29% 27% 25% 7% 3% Improve customer engagement Increase website traffic Increase content reach Increase sales revenue Increase lead quality Increase lead quantity Improve search engine ranking Reduce marketing costs Reduce customer support costs B2C B2B Source: Ascend2, “Marketing Strategy Report: Social Media” in partnership with Research Underwriters, Mar ‘13 B2C have established their presence in social marketing channels, B2B are rapidly gaining social traction
  20. 20. | © 2013, Cognizant20 Social Media is important in B2B world 13% 40% 24% 12% 5% 45% 23% 11% Very effective Somewhat effective Somewhat ineffective Very ineffective B2B B2C Business marketers are more than twice as likely to consider social media “very effective” Source: Ascend2, “Marketing Strategy Report: Social Media” in partnership with Research Underwriters, Mar ‘13
  21. 21. | © 2013, Cognizant21 Are organization prepared to face the challenge? Unpreparedness: Percent of CMOs reporting under preparedness CMOs priorities for managing the shift towards digital technologies Source : IBM, The 2011 Global CMO Study,
  22. 22. | © 2013, Cognizant22 The changed customer ecosystem What is CEM? Agenda Harness the Power of Social and Mobile
  23. 23. | © 2013, Cognizant23 CEM Imperatives Customer Needs Business Goals • Enterprise Mobility to enable "always-on" connection to clients, customers, and employees • Structured analytics to provide real-time, deep customer insights • Integration capabilities to process large, unstructured data from social media and other sources leveraging existing IT Assets. • BPM to enhance STP & CEP to gain real time actionable insights for a Customer • A seamless, cross-channel Capability for increased Customer Experience • Better access and use of insights about consumer needs and preferences • A holistic view of the customer & an efficient platform for managing the product and service portfolio • Efficient business processes and infrastructure management • Integrate the customer’s data & voice in real time into processes and employee activities for actionable Improvements Foundational Capabilities Required Key IT Enablers ExceptionalCustomerExperience Cloud Mobile Social Information
  24. 24. | © 2013, Cognizant24 Connecting inside out and outside in views Discover Evaluate Buy Access/ Use Get Support CustomerPerspectiveCompanyPerspective Customer Experience Low High Process & Systems Disconnected Sub-optimal Website Mobile Email Call Center Store/Kiosk Social Channels Touch Points Customer Journey
  25. 25. | © 2013, Cognizant25 3I’s for delivering delightful customer experience You can deliver a delightful customer experience when you INTERACT with the customers, anytime, anywhere, and on any channel giving them real time, contextual, and consistent INFORMATION. To achieve this, INTEGRATION of the various enterprise business processes is the key.
  26. 26. | © 2013, Cognizant26 Mobile
  27. 27. | © 2013, Cognizant27 Mobile can change the model of engagement Customers Partners Employees Smart Products Social and Mobile can connect customers to other customers and the organization. Customers can interact with organization at the moment of decision and need. Business value can be extended by provisioning partners with tools in their daily workflow and context. Business decision can be accelerated by putting data dashboards into executives’ hands Mobile app can work as control interface and extend product value and differentiation Better Customer Experience Source: Forrester Research, Inc., Mobile Is The New Face of Engagement, February 2012
  28. 28. | © 2013, Cognizant28 New demands in era of the customer… Factor or competency Systems of record (PC era) Systems of engagement (mobile age) Devices Hundreds of millions of computers Billions of computers, smartphones, and tablets IT’s value-add to the business Application developer and operator Solution broker Technology investment priorities Automate back-office and front-office processes Improve customer and employee interactions Key vendors Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP Apple, AT&T, Cordys, Deutsche Telekom, Google, and Delivery architecture Internal, proprietary client/server or browser External, open Web, mobile app Internet Middleware and associated APIs Function-specific, modular, SOA Task-specific, atomized, REST Security approach Look down the perimeter Secure the device, access, application, and data Development process Waterfall, yearly releases Agile, weekly or quarterly updates Partnering strategy Not invented here Managed supplier ecosystem Application provisioning IT-controlled software pushed to desktops Self-service app store with social features Source: Forrester Research, Inc., Mobile Is The New Face of Engagement, February 2012
  29. 29. | © 2013, Cognizant29 Enterprise Mobile Landscape Mobile Transformation Extend existing business capabilities to mobile devices Transform the business by creating new opportunities Differentiate the consumer experience Build Integrate Run Manage Secure
  30. 30. | © 2013, Cognizant30 SHOPPING StoreEnter the Store Exit Store Items Scan QR Code In Store Customer Experience Cart Processing Request Security Gateway ESB Layer Application Layer D M Z
  31. 31. | © 2013, Cognizant31 Reference Solution Architecture for Mobile Security Layer Transport Layer Security Message Layer Security - Secured Hashing - Authentication Header - Encapsulating Security Payload Business Process Layer IBM DataPower Appliances (XS40, XI50) IBM Websphere Message Broker IBM Websphere Enterprise Service Bus IBM BPM Orchestration Transformation Protocol Mediation Routing Enrichment Caching Layer Connector Layer IBM DataPower XC10 IBM Extreme Scale Elastic Caching IBM Cast Iron IBM WBI Adapters Cloud Connector Enterprise Apps Connector IBM Worklight Auditing EnterpriseApplications Data Flow Web API Management
  32. 32. | © 2013, Cognizant32 Online Wallet SMS based Payment OTP Mobile Web Payment Credit cards QR Codes Payments Near Field Communication Mobile Payment Channels Channel Effectiveness Security Issues • OTP based payments are fast and provide Two-factor authentication • QR codes facilitates easy communication but implementation for payments is limited due to technical limitations of the format used for payment • Online Wallets provide seamless integration with operator and credit card payments. • Mobile web payments provides high customer satisfaction and ease of use • NFC has complex ecosystem of standards and requires state-of-art mobile infrastructure. Solution Weak Cryptographic Algorithms Unauthorized access Replay attacks ImpersonationRepudiation Mobile Malware/spyware Identity Management Idempotence MAC based Data Integrity XML Threat Protection AAA Mobile Payments
  33. 33. | © 2013, Cognizant33 Account Snapshots Transaction Snapshots Payment History ATM & Banking Location Account Activity Data Bill Payments Remote Cheque Deposit Mobile Banking Use Case - Application Features
  34. 34. | © 2013, Cognizant34 Mobile Banking Use Case - Architecture Web Service Proxy Tivoli Access Manager VPN Tunnel X509 Security Token Providers CRM Content Mgmt System SOAP/HTTPS Consumer Layer ESB Layer Provider Layer IBM DataPower SOAP/HTTPS …
  35. 35. | © 2013, Cognizant35 Mobile Banking Use Case – Addressing QoS Aspects • Site to Site Persistent VPN connection used between mFoundry and the bank’s extranet environment that will reach only Data Power • All communication happens using SSL • Binary Security Token passed along with the message from mFoundry to ensure message level security. TAM used here along with Data Power for the authorization • Two Factor Authentication Model used involving username/password based authentication followed by a challenge question Security • Data Power’s inbuilt XML processing capabilities & security featured used to create a scalable solution • Data Power configured in a clustered mode for high availability and failover Availability & Scalability Transaction Response Time (in secs) Logon 1.699 Get Payee 1.349 Approve Payment 3.719
  36. 36. | © 2013, Cognizant36 How to mobilize existing apps ?  Import the WMB8 project into IBM Worklight Studio to view the list of functions the Mobile Application can perform  Test the Mobile Application within IBM Worklight/using an Emulator(ex: Android Emulator)  Deploy the Application to the Mobile Phone  For reference IBM Worklight Adapter Mobile Service Pattern that comes with WMB 8’s in built pattern repository can be leveraged
  37. 37. | © 2013, Cognizant37 Challenges with Implementing Mobile for CEM  Highly fragmented set of platforms, devices, channels, languages, and tools increases cost and complexity of development and testing and makes it difficult to deliver a consistent user experience  Choosing not to support one or more platforms reduces the reach of an application Developing for multiple mobile platforms & delivering consistent user experiences Use IBM Worklight for App Development and Version Management Delivering high quality apps that engage users and meet business objectives  Poor quality can negatively impact brand image  Bad ratings and comments can cause other users to avoid trying a mobile app Use IBM Worklight for App Development
  38. 38. | © 2013, Cognizant38 Challenges with Implementing Mobile for CEM  Recreating instead of leveraging existing business logic increases maintenance costs and risk of inconsistent behavior  Lack of ready back-end services slows front-end development and increases potential for last minute integration issues  Existing back end systems need to be able to handle increased load due to the introduction of Mobile as a new channel Integrating with enterprise systems Use IBM Cast Iron for integration with a multitude of systems Implementing Mobile Application Security  Mobile devices also host other applications and can potentially be affected by malware/viruses that can affect the systems within the enterprise  Sensitive data such as credentials may be stored locally on mobile device and this poses a risk in case the device is stolen/lost  Some applications also store data on the device to ensure offline availability. This introduces additional security concerns Use IBM Data Power for enforcing XML Threat Protection and for securing access to enterprise systems
  39. 39. | © 2013, Cognizant39 Challenges with Implementing Mobile for CEM Testing Mobile Applications  Testing functionality and performance in real business context - with all the integrated services, applications and data is time consuming and complex  The size of the device configuration matrix is vast and continues to expand thus making it a volatile landscape  More network considerations such as Multiple carriers , Variable throughput and latency, Disconnected use and Network switching need to be taken into consideration Use IBM Work light to Test Mobile Applications
  40. 40. | © 2013, Cognizant40 Social
  41. 41. | © 2013, Cognizant41 Use social to improve all facets of your internal organization Marketing Sales Products Support Use social media insights to reduce customer churn and determine the best intervention to drive trust and advocacy, driving more sales Use insights from social analytics anticipate trends and new opportunities to provide value Use social media listening to solve customer support issues and anticipate and plan for issues that might have taken a long time to uncover Use social media insights to better understand customer sentiments about brand
  42. 42. | © 2013, Cognizant42 Social Computing Framework Listen Analyze Engage Integrate • Relate analysis to business strategy & other business intelligence information • Respond to conversation or take appropriate action Link enterprise data systems • Customer • Product • Net Promoter Score • Satisfaction numbers • Sales • Product Comparison • Sentiment Analysis • Unusual occurrence • SME identification • Content Analysis Social Listening Who, What, When, Where, How Actionable insights after aligning with business Integrate social with business strategy
  43. 43. | © 2013, Cognizant43 Social integration impacting business Shared Services Infrastructure Service Oriented Architecture Business Process Management Order Mgmt Call Center Website ECommerce Partner Billing … FeedbackforImprovement SOCIAL NETWORK Enterprise Social Monitoring & Engagement CreateIncreasingBusinessValue Source: Oracle, Transforming Customer Experience The Convergence of Social, Mobile and Business Process Management, Jan 2013
  44. 44. | © 2013, Cognizant44 Social BPM Use Case Submit Claim Claim Processing 2. Claim Check 8. Process Claim 3. Reprise Claim 5. Collaborate 7. Complete Task 4. Assign Task 1. Submit Claim Manual Process 6. Get additional information from Customer
  45. 45. | © 2013, Cognizant45 Real time actions • The ability to collect information about a customer’s activities • The analytics management capability • Ability to take real time decisions on social activity Source : IBM, Smarter Analytics: Driving Customer Interactions with the IBM Next Best Action Solution
  46. 46. | © 2013, Cognizant46 Leveraging Cast Iron Web API for Social Business • Allows enterprises to extend their services to support the community of developers for building new social, mobile and cloud applications • Helps users deliver, socialize and manage business APIs • RSS feeds to keep app developers posted with latest updates • Hooks into popular social media sites like twitter and Facebook • Dashboard to monitor usage and statistics IBM DataPower …as Security Gateway (OAuth) Create Socialize Manage API Assembly API Management API Exposure Developer Community CAST IRON WEB API Public Community Private Community Enterprise Apps
  47. 47. | © 2013, Cognizant47 Cognizant Social PrismStrategicData Inputs Manage Risk Effectively Improve Operational Efficiencies Create New Business Opportunities Brand Monitoring Competitive Intelligence Sales & Marketing Digital Marketing Analytics Customer Service Enterprise Data Management Enterprise Data SocialData Industry News Competitor Information Compliance Data R&D Information Customer Feedback Employee Data ValueDrivers Business Enablers LENS/FILTER ALGORITHM/MODEL INSIGHTS/ DASHBOARD …is Cognizant’s Social Media Monitoring and Intelligence platform
  48. 48. | © 2013, Cognizant48 An adaptable lens provides a unique view of the Social Media ecosystem domain lens source lens data lens temporal lens company aspects monthly quarterly weekly yearly daily half yearly spatial lens Abcd Life|| Abcd life || abcd life|| Abcd || abcdlife || abcd Life || Abcdlife || AbcdLife || abcdLife “Any of these” filter Establishing the Lens Abcd Life Service Coverage Claims
  49. 49. | © 2013, Cognizant49 Managing the algorithm A configurable model makes it easy to adapt our solution to a specific business requirement Opinions Reasons Topics Sentiments Model-driven approach makes the algorithm adaptable Abcd Life Alico Life Universal Life Coverage Claims Service Whole Life edelivery Term Life because due to since as owing to bad poor worst good great awesome tricky unacceptable intolerably unvalued victim costly prevent value unwilling cheap
  50. 50. | © 2013, Cognizant50 Presenting the Insights A real-time dashboard provides a 360°view of the data with drill-down capability Single dashboard view Filteringdataby topics Filteringdataby sentiments Document-level viewofthedata Marketing & Sales team, Analysts C-level execs, department heads
  51. 51. | © 2013, Cognizant51 Challenges with Implementing Social for CEM  Maintaining perception generated by the consolidated customer experiences across entire customer lifecycle to boost the Brand experience is an challenge. Brand Management Use IBM Web Content Manager for managing branding Customer Satisfaction  Frequent service revisions/upgrades required to meet ever-changing demands from consumers/consumer trends  Faster time to market to ensure customer satisfaction is maintained  Service adaption to local cultural context is essential for global services. Use IBM Customer Experience Suite & collaboration Tools such as IBM Connections to ensure & enhance customer satisfaction
  52. 52. | © 2013, Cognizant52 Customer Experience Management Discover Evaluate Buy Access/ Use Get Support Business Goals Improve brand value & perception Increase profitability & customer base Competitive difference Reduce operational cost Repurchase, retention, advocacy Customer Needs Consistent messaging Connected interactions Personalized journey Efficient service Rewarding relationship Re-engage Leave Customer Life Cycle
  53. 53. Thank You 