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2010 Sustainability Report for Cognizant Technology Solutions, a Fortune 500 company.

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  • Cognizant publishes its first Sustainability Report 2010: Responsibility at Work.
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Cognizant Sustainability Report

  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTSIntroduction 1 Commitment to Customers 16Letter from CEO 2 Educating for the Future 18Letter from VP of Sustainability 4 Governance and Ethics 24Organizational Profile 6 Stewards of the Environment 30The Big Picture of Sustainaility 10 Responsibility at Work 38Sustainability at Cognizant 14 GRI Indicators 48
  3. 3. Be Cognizant. Those two words deliver several essential messages about our mission.We want the readers of this report to “be cognizant” — and discover how a leading providerof custom information technology, business process and strategic consulting servicesredefines the way companies can become smarter and stronger through global services.We also want readers to be aware, to “be cognizant,” of new approaches — about thefuture of work, for instance — that will give their companies a competitive advantage.And we want readers to “be cognizant” of the way we do business and our positiveenvironmental, social and economic impact, because sustainability is a smart businessstrategy. Which brings us to our first formal 2010 Sustainability Report. In it, we employthe sustainability reporting framework of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) — thegold standard of environmental, social and governance, or ESG, indicators.Sustainability is defined in many ways but we believe it truly relates to meeting “theneeds of the present while not compromising the needs of future generations,” whichis how the United Nations’ Brundtland Commission defined sustainable development inits “Our Common Future” report.We hope you carefully read our 2010 report — and let us know what you think byemailing us at This report — a necessary benchmark ina journey to continually improve our sustainability performance — conveys Responsibilityat Work at Cognizant.
  4. 4. Letter from CEO Francisco D’Souza2 Cognizant Technology Solutions
  5. 5. At Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation, sustainability is vital to our success. Our internalperformance and client satisfaction depend on how we: • Provide what’s best for people and the environment. • Conduct our business affairs, employing the highest standards of personal and corporate conduct. • Serve and satisfy our customers; thus shaping our ability to sustain our own future.It also concerns how we support our employees, the communities where we work and the next generationof professionals. We do this through our Cognizant Foundation, Project Outreach for our global educationendeavors and Go Green for reducing pollution for our planet, among other initiatives. This also defines sus-tainability at Cognizant. We call it Responsibility at Work.While sustainability is not new to our 17-year-old organization, this is our first formal report. It reflects abroader sustainability program introduced in 2010 and an enhanced focus on its definition as set forth by theGlobal Reporting Initiative (GRI), the global leader in sustainability reporting.We have embraced the GRI’s foundation of environmental, social and governance, or ESG, indicators as well aseconomic considerations. We also appointed a vice president of sustainability to lead our efforts and engageour stakeholders. This engagement will inform how we will contribute to the value and sustainability of ourbrand and to our continued financial success.Education is essential to Cognizant: It ranks as the most significant issue in the IT services industry and, perhaps,of our time. A severe talent shortage is emerging on the horizon of developed countries like the United States andin Europe, underscoring the importance of education to address it. The United States is slipping in global educationperformance — especially in science, technology, engineering and math — the same fields vital for fulfilling manycritical jobs of tomorrow. We have developed a unique approach to The Future of Work and believe it will enhanceorganizations’ productivity and competitive advantage while guiding them in building a more sustainable business.We recognize we have work ahead of us. For example, we are committed to advancing a worldwide sustainablesupply chain. We are undertaking sustainability efforts globally and adapting them to local needs when necessary.2010 is our baseline year from which we will measure our progress with the ESG indicators. We expect our2011 report will demonstrate significant improvement in our Responsibility at Work.Francisco D’SouzaCEO, Cognizant Cognizant Technology Solutions 3
  6. 6. Letter from VP of Sustainability Mark Greenlaw4 Cognizant Technology Solutions
  7. 7. While we have been a socially responsible company since our establishment in 1994, Cognizantexpects to be an even smarter and more responsive organization ahead. We will achieve thisgoal by executing our sustainability strategy and measuring performance on the ESG indicators.We established our sustainability office in 2010, and I was appointed to oversee it. As our former chiefinformation officer, I knew our business inside and out, and therefore, recognized the business value ofmaking sustainability a priority.My office builds on Cognizant’s principles of integrity, service and expertise. It provides a framework forpursuing the challenges and opportunities that sustainable business practices spark. It also helps addressour performance to meet global targets by guiding how we measure and evaluate the impact of what wedo. This process takes time, but a chief sustainability officer can help quicken that task and enhance itsimportance within the organization.IT services companies, such as ours, must move beyond a focus solely on green IT and into what I call Sustain-able IT: using technology to address not only environmental but also social and governance issues. We arestriving to do this not only within Cognizant, but also by helping our customers use Sustainable IT practices.As a “born global” technology consulting and services company — headquartered in Teaneck, New Jersey, andwith operations in North America, India, Europe, Asia, and Latin America — we are committed to becoming theworld’s most sustainable IT company. This is our chance to contribute something bigger — and when you getthat rare opportunity, you must seize it and make a responsible difference.Mark GreenlawVP of Sustainability, Cognizant Cognizant Technology Solutions 5
  8. 8. Organizational Profile In just 17 years, Cognizant Technology Solutions technology innovation, deep industry and business-process Corp. has grown from a start up with 175 employees expertise with a global, collaborative workforce that to a company with over $4.6 billion in annual rev- embodies the future of work. Our clients increasingly turn enues and 104,000 associates worldwide in 2010. to us as they look to distribute a broader range of services globally, while simultaneously addressing the secular and We have prospered — our revenues surged 40 percent in technological shifts affecting their industries. 2010 — because we combine a passion for client satisfaction,6 Cognizant Technology Solutions
  9. 9. Cognizant is a leading provider of information technology, At Cognizant, we embrace six cultural value drivers:business process and strategic consulting services and is • We are Open, providing an environment of openpublically traded on the NASDAQ (CTSH). Headquartered doors and open Teaneck, New Jersey (U.S.), we utilize a seamless glob- • We are Transparent, our communications, whetheral sourcing model that combines technical and account positive or negative, are always proactive, directmanagement teams located on-site at the customer loca- and honest, and we view transparency as criticaltion and at dedicated global development and delivery to the health of our company.centers located primarily in India, China, the United • We are Driven, with a “can do” approach focusedStates, Canada, Argentina, Hungary and the Philippines. on delivering excellence at all times, and weOur primary customers are Global 2000 companies and expect and reward personal and team initiative.our business is organized around four vertically-oriented • We are Empowered, our associates have thebusiness segments: Financial Services; Healthcare; Manu- freedom to find the best way to meet a customer’sfacturing, Retail and Logistics; and other, which includes needs within the structure of our Code of Conduct.Communication, Information, Media and Entertainmentand High Technology. We primarily serve the United • We are Flexible, able to adapt in real time to eachStates and Europe, although we are growing our pres- new marketplace challenge.ence in various international markets. • We are Collaborative, predicating the growth of individ- uals on their contributions to their team’s success in delivering exceptional customer experiences.OUR DIRECT ECONOMIC VALUEBelow is a summary of our Consolidated Statements of Operations taken from our 2010 Annual Report. Twelve Months Ending December 31 (In thousands, except per share amounts) 2010 2009Revenues $ 4,592,389 $ 3,278,663Operating expenses:Cost of revenues (exclusive of depreciation and amortizationexpense shown separately below) 2,654,569 1,849,443Selling, general and administrative expenses 972,093 721,359Depreciation and amortization expense 103,875 89,371Income from operations 861,852 618,490Total other income, net 16,728 18,461Income before provision for income taxes 878,580 636,951Provision for income taxes 145,040 101,988Net income $ 733,540 $ 534,963Basic earnings per share $ 2.44 $ 1.82Diluted earnings per share $ 2.37 $ 1.78 Cognizant Technology Solutions 7
  10. 10. Indeed, we believe our deep interest in the future of work — with its forces of globalization, virtualization, millennials and technology — puts us at the forefront of the new economy. It is changing the way in which businesses, consumers, employees and others relate to and interact with each other. It is also driving businesses to be more transparent and more accountable for the positive and negative impacts they have on society. In addition, we believe our intense commitment to education will help drive sustainable development across the world. We strive to help people gain the education necessary to participate in the global economy. Our support also under- lines the critical business case to meet the increasing demand for highly educated workers. At the same time, we recognize that improved education can bring more people out of poverty and give them the knowledge nec- essary to solve some of our world’s biggest social and environmental challenges. Further, we are an extremely well-managed company, with strong governance, ethics and a track record of providing rewarding careers to our associates. In addition to robust economic and social performance, we are working prag- matically to improve how we manage our environmental impact. We are committed to lead our industry in conserv- ing energy, reducing and disposing of waste, and recycling. Cognizant actively supports national and international climate-change policies, protocols and initiatives. Further, we proactively teach our associates best practices for conserving energy and shrinking individual carbon foot- A People-Intensive Company prints — all in an effort to operate in an environmentally We are a people-intensive company. In December 2010, friendly manner and drive sustainable economic growth. we hired our 100,000th associate, a milestone we are celebrating by planting 100,000 trees around the world Through our 50-plus development centers on five continents, to support a healthier planet. We rank No. 68 on HR we grow skilled labor markets and stimulate economies Executive magazine’s 2010 roster of the 100 largest U.S.- in developing nations, particularly India, by helping more based non-government employers. As a result, we have a than 700 clients worldwide grow their businesses and run significant and positive economic impact in terms of the them efficiently and effectively. compensation we pay our employees. We also provide solid career opportunities with rapid advancement, primar- On the hiring front, 83 percent of our senior managers ily because we have always focused on building a global are local hires, meaning they live locally and are citizens team and accessing top talent from leading universities or legally authorized to work within the country in which and the lateral market. We believe this emphasis on talent, they are hired. While we do not have explicit procedures coupled with our unique global culture, rank among our for local hiring, factors considered include skill availability key differentiators. in the marketplace, migration regulations, geography, and local customs.8 Cognizant Technology Solutions
  11. 11. While awards cannot truly measure a company’s contri- • Top recruitment honors at leading business andbution either to the corporate world or broader society, they technology schools in Indiacan serve to reflect its commitment to responsibility and • “Green IT company of the Year” by the IT & ITEStrust. Among the awards Cognizant received in 2010 were: Industry Association of Andhra Pradesh • Forbes’ “Most Admired Companies” list for the second year in a row PROPORTION OF SENIOR MANAGEMENT AND • Fortune’s 100 Supercharged Performers and ABOVE HIRED FROM THE LOCAL COMMUNITY All-Star List (As of December 31, 2010) • Institutional Investor All–America Executive Team Region Local Hire % • First place in EquaTerra’s Performance and Client Satisfaction Rankings in Europe Asia–Pacific 62% • Bloomberg BusinessWeek 50 Top Performing Europe 69% Companies for third consecutive year India 98% • Forbes’ “25 Fastest-Growing Technology Compa- Americas 72% nies in America” for the sixth year in a row Total 83% Cognizant Technology Solutions 9
  12. 12. The Big Picture of Sustainability10 Cognizant Technology Solutions
  13. 13. Strategically, corporate sustainability focuses on • Globalization: allowing companies to leveragethe management of social, economic and environ- expertise anywhere and everywhere it exists.mental risk and the ultimate link to shareholder • Millennials: an ethnically and racially diversevalue. The Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes — generation of young adults whose oldest members have just hit 30 and whose mindset is revampingthe first global indexes tracking the financial everything from communication to innovation outperformance of the leading sustainability-driven side and inside the organization.companies worldwide — define sustainability as • Virtualization: the new way to work that enablesa business approach, not peripheral activities. real-time teamwork between project membersCorporate sustainability seeks to create long-term share- regardless of time or place.holder value, not make a quick profit. It embraces oppor- • Technology: the new ideas that include the Cloud,tunities with the public agenda, which alone generates new mobility, social tools and predictive analysis thatbusiness possibilities that encompass more than energy are creating transformative new business processes.efficiency and accessibility. It builds a business that is not They may be changing the nature of business and IT, butonly successful today, but is prepared for the business do these forces impact sustainability? Definitely.demands of tomorrow. Globalization Unites UsReflecting what we do and our need for top talent to do Globalization levels the economic playing field. It unitesit, we at Cognizant concluded that our own sustainability people from different nations and cultures as partners orefforts should concentrate on the dynamic changes shap- co-workers to solve business and social problems. It fostersing the future. They demand our ardent attention, not new understanding and appreciates different culturesonly for our success but for that of our clients. Forging and their associated social issues. As a result, our planetthis strategic view has been a white paper entitled “The seems a little smaller and offers the sense of a broaderFuture of Work,” written by Cognizant Senior VP Malcolm commitment to all people on the planet, both environ-Frank and TCG Advisors Managing Director Geoffrey Moore mentally and socially.(see Frank andMoore identified four powerful forces shaping the Future Millennials, who are 60 million strong, want corporations toof Work and also the levers available to enterprises to en- demonstrate responsible, authentic and transparent behav-gage them. They translated these strategies into action. ior. This sentiment is shared by staff of all generations: nearly 90 percent of employees say they are more likelyThe forces shaping the Future of Work — influences that, to work for an ethically and socially responsible company,fundamentally, are changing the nature of business and says a 2010 article in Staffing Industry Review magazine.IT, are: Cognizant Technology Solutions 11
  14. 14. local reach: Year Up Workforce– Development Program RAMALO SINGH Coordinator, Network & System Services Since Cognizant’s own sustainability depends on its 100,000-plus knowledge workers, education ranks as its most critical sustainability issue. That’s why the firm is focusing its sustainability platform on initiatives geared toward educating and developing tomorrow’s knowledge workers — like Ramalo Singh, a 21-year-old college student from Queens, N.Y. Ramalo, a native of Guyana, is finishing his degree but, thanks to an innovative workplace- development program, called Year Up, also has nearly a year of experience at Cognizant. Year Up provides Ramalo and other young adults from underserved neighborhoods six months of technical and professional education and real-world training and opportunities in IT or investment operations. All of its qualified students gain internships and 84 percent land full or part-time jobs. Cognizant has benefited from hiring Year Up graduates. “It just made sense to us,” explains Mark Greenlaw, Cognizant’s VP of sustainability & educational affairs. “Engaging in Year Up underscores our responsibility as a company to ensure there’s a pipeline of talented recruits like Ramalo. The program is good for society and it’s just good business.” Ramalo is also thankful. After studying computer repair at Thomas Edison High School with aspirations for higher education, he was unable to afford college. He worked at a supermarket until a cousin who had participated in the Year Up program encouraged Ramalo to apply. He was accepted into a curriculum of technical-skills training and lessons in professionalism. After his internship at Cognizant, he was hired full-time at our Teaneck headquarters. “It was a great fit,” Ramalo says. “Almost everything I learned translated into what I do today at Cognizant. I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity.”12 Cognizant Technology Solutions
  15. 15. As customers, Millennials want transparency and informa- ability to provide virtual volunteer opportunities, allow-tion about the products and services a company offers so ing them to tap into a much broader volunteer base.they can understand how they impact society and the envi- Technology, such as Cloud, social and mobile computing,ronment. As employees, they have a greater expectation also have a profound impact on both companies and NGOsof work-life balance, desire fair and rewarding workplaces, by promoting greater internal and external collaboration,and strive to find meaning and purpose in their work. more efficient business models and rich communicationsThe virtualization of the organization enables businesses between organizations and their stakeholders. Throughand non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to tap into technology, customers and employees are having conver-talent and capital wherever it exists worldwide. With virtual sations, aided by social and mobile platforms. This drivesorganization models, work becomes an activity rather greater transparency between businesses, customers andthan a physical place, and employees can contribute from other stakeholders. In addition, Cloud, and social and mobilewherever they reside, reducing the need to commute long platforms are delivering new tools to engage and sharedistances, cutting energy consumption, and improving collective knowledge with stakeholders and enlisting themwork-life balance. This phenomenon also gives NGOs the to address environmental and social issues.FUTURE OF WORK FORCES AND SUSTAINABILITY >> GLOBALIZATION >> MILLENNIAL Allowing companies to leverage An ethnically and racially diverse expertise anywhere and everywhere generation of young adults whose it exists. oldest members have just hit 30 and whose mindset is revamping everything from communication to innovation outside and inside the organization. >> VIRTUALIZATION >> TECHNOLOGY The new way to work that enables The new ideas that include real–time teamwork between project the Cloud, mobility, social tools members regardless of time or place. and predictive analysis that are creating transformative new business processes. Cognizant Technology Solutions 13
  16. 16. Sustainability at Cognizant14 Cognizant Technology Solutions
  17. 17. At Cognizant, we view sustainability broadly; it not only encompasses environmentalsustainability, but also social and economic sustainability. Our deep commitmentto a sustainable business can be best viewed by examining five major themes:commitment to customers; educating for the future; governance and ethics; stewardsof the environment; and responsibility at work. Cognizant Technology Solutions 15
  18. 18. Commitment to Customers16 Cognizant Technology Solutions
  19. 19. As a highly customer-centric company, we consider cus- quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Customerstomer satisfaction to be our primary value discipline. within client organizations are nominated for inclusionPlacing our customers first is embedded in our culture, in the study and vetted by the client organizations. Aand we put that commitment to the test. minimum of 40 percent of the nominees participate in the quantitative portion. Since customer satisfaction isEquaTerra, a provider of IT advisory services, recently one measure of an organization’s sensitivity to its cus-ranked us No. 1 in Europe for customer satisfaction. In our tomers’ needs, from an organizational perspective, it ismost recent annual customer-satisfaction survey, and for essential for long-term success.the fourth year in a row, more than 90 percent of ourclients expressed a high degree of satisfaction, and that’s Customer Satisfaction Provides Insightsconsidered extraordinary in our industry. Very simply, we In the context of sustainability, customer satisfactionrarely lose a customer. Each of our business units devel- provides insight into how the organization approaches itsops an action plan to address issues that may rise with its relationship with one stakeholder group, its customers. Itscores on customer-satisfaction surveys. also can be used in combination with other sustainability measures. Customer satisfaction can provide insightsWith our client-first mindset, we place a senior partner into the degree to which an organization considers theonsite with a client team to ensure flawless alignment. needs of other stakeholders. Results: Our clients tell usThis Client Partner is the team’s leader and by working that we truly excel at partnering closely. Our clients tellonsite, absorbs a client’s culture, operational processes, us that we take extraordinary lengths to solve problems,challenges and business goals. The Client Partner, who or just help out. Our associates take a “can-do” attitude,often has an advanced degree and at least a decade finding flexibility beyond the contractual terms of ourof experience, pairs with a senior Cognizant Delivery partnership.Manager as part of what we term our “two-in-a-box” client-engagement model. This approach lets us provide superior Our customers entrust us not only to solve some of theirservice to help each customer reduce IT operational costs, more pressing business and technology problems, butembrace best practices and undergo sustainable busi- they also grant us access to their sensitive and privateness transformation. data and information. To ensure that we protect this in- formation, Cognizant has appropriate operational andWe Offer Deep Experience technological processes and procedures designed toMany of our senior people originate from the businesses safeguard against unauthorized access, loss, destruction,we serve, so we are able to offer deep experience across theft, use or disclosure of data. In 2010, we had no incidentsnearly all major industries. Our advanced technology of breaches of customer privacy or loss of customer data.also helps us serve clients better. Built on the latest Web We take extraordinary care to ensure the security of our2.0 technologies, our new Cognizant 2.0 global delivery data and information. We house our servers in secureplatform lets our associates, business partners and clients data centers and use a wide range of industry leadingworldwide work as one. This fosters sharing of experi- tools for scrambling test data provided by clients, as wellence and insights, and collaborating more in real time to as sanitizing and shredding files on old computers we re-achieve superior results. deploy. We also use an extensive set of filtering and dataWe also want regular client feedback. Every year, we loss-prevention tools to ensure that sensitive informa-conduct a customer-satisfaction study, employing both tion does not leave our network without authorization. Cognizant Technology Solutions 17
  20. 20. Educating for the Future18 Cognizant Technology Solutions
  21. 21. The new knowledge worker is defining the Future cent of those students study beyond grade 8; the restof Work — but where will we find them and can we drop out at various stages. School capacity in the coun-educate enough of them? These concerns explain try is heavily skewed towards primary- and middle-levelwhy education is so important to Cognizant. Tomor- education. Only 13 percent of schools provide secondary- and higher-level education. In order to provide universalrow’s knowledge workers will have a significant school education by 2015, India will need anotherimpact on sustainability. In today’s workforce, 250,000 schools. Most of these schools will have to beknowledge workers are critical for their ability to set up through private investment.handle information and data for clients. U.S. Education CrisisThese workers will play a crucial role in solving the Meanwhile, in the U.S., despite billions of dollars spent onworld’s most pressing social and environmental problems education reform, students continue to fall behind other— from climate change and health issues to water and nations in the key disciplines necessary for tomorrow’sfood shortages and cities of the future. The need for workforce. Among global developed nations, for instance,highly educated talent for our company and our custom- the U.S. ranks 15th in reading, 23rd in science and 31st iners’ businesses grows, but significant shortages of these mathematics. Just one-in-three eighth graders were rat-workers have emerged in the U.S. and Europe. ed proficient or higher in a national math test, and moreTalent Shortage Exists than one in four scored below the basic level.We are much more aware of this scarcity because of our We also are feeling the economic and business effects ofborn-global DNA — a U.S.-based company with roots in too few U.S.-based graduates in STEM fields — science,India — and world view on how education has driven social technology, engineering and math. While the number ofand economic transformation. India’s focus on education, degrees awarded in the STEM fields has edged up over thefor instance, enabled the creation of a dynamic IT industry past five years, only 15.6 percent of bachelor’s degreesthat continues to fuel economic growth and lift millions were awarded in these fields, and the overall share ofout of poverty. More than 3,800 business schools in India such degrees shrank during the same period. Meanwhileoffer two-year MBA or equivalent programs, and they China awarded nearly half (47 percent) of its undergrad-are awarding more than 100,000 management degrees uate university degrees in STEM fields; South Koreaannually. India also is producing 437,000 four-year degree awarded 38 percent; and Germany, 28 graduates each year, compared to 85,000 inthe U.S. By 2018, according to a Center on Education and the Workforce report, job openings in STEM-related fields willHowever, there are serious challenges within the public number eight million, although the next generation ofeducation system in India. Only 230 of the 360 million U.S. workers will be unprepared and under-qualified toschool-age children are enrolled in school. Only 53 per take advantage of many of those positions. Cognizant Technology Solutions 19
  22. 22. Helping the Comprehensive Learning Center Individuals with autism spectrum disorders often need highly individualized help, and that’s what The Comprehensive Learning Center (CLC) does for 3-year-olds up through adults. Success of CLC’s program relates directly to the ongoing support of its sister organization, The AJ Foundation for Children with Autism. The AJ Foundation conducts fundraising activities to offset the deficit between funding provided and the actual costs of providing services. In October 2010, 25 members of the Cognizant Outreach Team in the U.S. Mid–Atlantic states, along with many of its offshore colleagues, helped the AJ Foundation with its 3rd annual AJF50 Bike Ride for Autism. In the previous two years, registrations for the event were handled manually. In addition, it was difficult to encourage riders to solicit financial support from family and friends. A software-development team from Cognizant’s offshore locations in India came to the rescue, volunteering time to develop a website that facilitated online registrations and donations, specifically by allowing riders to solicit outside donations through the website. As a result, donations more than doubled those received in 2009. The website’s functionality was truly the difference that made the 2010 AJF50 Bike Ride for Autism a great success. As for Cognizant Outreach, it’s an example of the global approach we take to the sustainability of quality education in the communities where we serve.20 Cognizant Technology Solutions
  23. 23. Cognizant has a unique volunteer led program called Outreach in Bangalore has collaborated with a trainingOutreach to promote the cause of education through a institute, Peoplepro, to introduce life skills-based learn-combination of voluntary efforts of associates and admin- ing modules to the classroom curriculum, and in Pune, inistrative and financial support from the company. In India, association with the NGO Akshar Bharathi, 12 libraries werefor instance, more than 8,000 of our associates volunteered established to help rural schoolchildren gain access toin 2010, primarily with underprivileged children in the quality books and educational materials. The Life Sciencespublic schools, positively impacting an estimated 130,000 Outreach council partnered with another NGO, Give Life,lives. Since it was launched in 2007, Outreach has made to provide holistic education and nourishment to 300a deep and very-lasting impact in the communities we orphan and single parent children. In January 2010, 400operate in. More than 9000 Cognizant associates have associates reached out to about 7,500 students by organiz-participated in over 1000 community service projects ing more than 50 science-related events.and events and have reached out to 300,000 children. For its part, Cognizant contributes about $10 million annu-Outreach works with 116 schools and 26 other institutions ally to education and infrastructure investments acrosssuch as orphanages and juvenile homes in six Indian states, the globe.and it also has established a presence in China, the United What effect do these Cognizant Outreach programs haveStates, the United Kingdom, Argentina and the Philippines. on associates? “Both new employees and those who haveFrom setting up computer labs to refurbishing class- been here many years have said that they feel really proudrooms and science labs, Outreach in small ways makes a to be part of Cognizant because of the Outreach programhuge difference. Volunteers also teach in select subjects and the incredible difference it is making to the lives ofand offer life skills and leadership training for the students, underprivileged children,” says Archana Raghuram (pic-among other engagements with the schools. tured below), the program’s manager.Making A Lasting DifferenceOutreach goes beyond funding and illuminates the spiritof volunteerism and the chance for our associates to makea lasting difference. TalHunt, an interschool competition,is a flagship initiative of Outreach begun in 2008 to providea platform for young minds to showcase their talents.Over the past 3 years, TalHunt has created a first timeopportunity for 30,000 students from 60 schools toshowcase their creative capabilities. 2,700 Cognizant asso-ciates volunteered to train the students in dance, music,painting, and Chess. Winning schools receive financial aidto help improve their facilities.Our associates also have contributed to campaigns tofund children’s notebooks. In the past three years, 360,000notebooks have been distributed to 53,000 students in115 schools. Over 28,000 Cognizant associates contrib-uted more than $130,000 to make this possible. Outreachalso has partnered with NGOs, such as Junior Achievement,to work for children in the education sector. Over 700associates have participated in Junior Achievement activi-ties, helping nearly 23,000 students think about and makea career choice from a world of opportunities. Cognizant Technology Solutions 21
  24. 24. In the United States, Cognizant is a member of Change the Our desire to contribute to STEM educational advance- Equation, a new initiative led by more than 100 CEOs who ment goes beyond simply contributing cash gifts. Among collectively pledged more than $5 million in first-year other endeavors, we and our associates have donated more funding to improve awareness and effectiveness in STEM than 3,000 books to middle-school children in several education. Our CEO, Francisco D’Souza, attended the White states as part of the Sally Ride Book Donations program; House launch of the initiative on September 16, 2010. begun a Junior Achievement pilot program in six schools Among other things, Change the Equation has begun advo- in Chicago, Illinois and Hartford, Connecticut; and part- cating greater participation by the corporate community in nered with the School for Autism to record books for the numerous programs that utilize the STEM disciplines to blind and dyslexic. fuel youth creativity, improve professional development for In 2010, we began a comprehensive review of ways we can teachers, and increase student participation and success in better engage in advancing STEM education, and in 2011, Advanced Placement math and science courses. we will launch a substantial nationwide program to inspire We also are a national corporate underwriter for NPower, young learners to explore and develop STEM-related skills a nonprofit organization that brings IT services to other necessary for the 21st century. We are committed to raising nonprofits and training to young adults, with its workforce- student performance in STEM disciplines and encour- development program that helps disconnected young aging more students to pursue STEM higher education adults find IT careers. One of our senior vice presidents, and careers. Prasad Chintamaneni, recently joined NPower’s board. We also support the New York Hall of Science, where Francisco also serves on its board. COGNIZANT IS A MEMBER OF CHANGE THE EQUATION, A NEW INITIATIVE LED BY MORE THAN 100 CEOS WHO COLLECTIVELY PLEDGED MORE THAN $ 5 MILLION IN FIRST–YEAR FUNDING TO IMPROVE AWARENESS AND EFFECTIVENESS IN STEM EDUCATION.22 Cognizant Technology Solutions
  25. 25. Quenching Students’ Thirst for More than EducationBala Prasad, a Cognizant associate, graduated from A.P.S.W.R. Hr. Secondary School in Uppalwai, India,located in a remote part of Andhra Pradesh state. As a student, Bala and his classmates walked twokilometers to carry drinking water back to the school.After joining Cognizant, Bala learned about the “You can help a school” program, an initiative launchedthrough Cognizant’s Project Outreach. The program empowers associates to nominate deserving ruralschools to receive Outreach-sponsored infrastructure improvements, such as new libraries.Bala submitted a proposal to establish a reverse osmosis water plant for his former school and today,the plant provides clean drinking water to its 500 students. Bala is glad that students no longer must gothrough the arduous trek he did just for a glass of drinking water. The system also enables students tobetter focus on education priorities.In 2010 Cognizant’s “You can help a school” initiative was piloted in Pune and Hyderabad and has sincereceived more than 80 referrals. Cognizant Technology Solutions 23
  26. 26. Governance and Ethics24 Cognizant Technology Solutions
  27. 27. We take our governance responsibilities very • Instill trust and confidence in the minds of ourseriously at Cognizant and have gained a strong associates, customers, shareholders, vendors andreputation as an ethical company with strong gov- other stakeholders.ernance policies and practices. Indeed, strong ethics, The Code contains our policies and procedures on myriadtransparency and openness ground our values. issues that apply to honesty and integrity. They include the acceptable use of Cognizant and client assets; accu-As our CEO emphasizes in our Code of Ethics, “Our win- racy of books, records and public reports; competingning mentality isn’t just about doing great things. It’s honestly and fairly in the marketplace; compliance withabout doing great things the right way. That’s how we laws, rules and regulations; confidential information andcontinue to build trust with our customers and protect intellectual property protection; conflicts of interest; giftsthe valuable asset that is Cognizant.” and gratuities; insider trading; media, analyst and investorWe have not had any major negative incidents occur in this communications; political activities; respectful treatmentarea. We have developed a software product — Governance- of associates, customers and business partners; and respon-in-a-Box — that delivers a structured approach to gover- sible use of social networking.nance and compliance, and reduces risks for our clients. The Code also serves as an aid to associates and managersTo us, business ethics comprise rules of conduct and ethical when making decisions. It contains industry-specific exam-principles applied in the workplace. They go to the heart ples, frequently asked questions, key contacts and linksof our integrity — our honesty, accountability, fairness to internal policies, among other things. All associates areand transparency — and this is absolutely critical to us. We required to complete annual ethics training and vicebelieve in providing a positive work environment that is presidents and above must certify their compliance withfair, safe, rewarding, enjoyable and fuels high productivity the Code’s provisions annually. In 2010, 91 percent of ourin service to our clients. We consider ethical behavior the employees received training on ethics, for a total ofcornerstone of our long–term business success. 37,244 hours. Additionally, our Enterprise Risk Management group conducts annual risk analysis surveys covering allWe live by a Code of Ethics that reaffirms our core values business units and corporate functions to assess the like-and standards of conduct that is designed to: lihood of various risks including corruption. • Communicate the basic principles of policies, business ethics and legal requirements. Rigorous Controls • Protect Cognizant’s reputation and ensure that all Like all U.S.-based corporations, Cognizant is subject to associates understand the rules of the game. the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, which covers financial • Assist in making decisions to make sure our disclosure and addresses controls over financial report- business is conducted with integrity and honesty ing, audit committees, external auditors, codes of ethics, as well as in accordance with legal requirements. whistleblower protection and attorney conduct. Since it Cognizant Technology Solutions 25
  28. 28. Three recent Cognizant U.S. Campus Program hires joined in ringing the NASDAQ opening bell on the first trading day of 2011 on January 3. Pictured are Charles Esipila and Jennifer Mosquera, both of Pennsylvania State University, and Vishal Ramani of Purdue University. went into effect, we have complied with all of Sarbanes- Compliance Resources Oxley’s provisions and have never reported a “material Our dedicated compliance resources include our general weakness” in controls over financial reporting. Our com- counsel, compliance director and chief security officer. pliance is tested independently by our external auditors. They ensure that management and associates comply Additionally, we have had no legal actions for anticom- with all internal policies and external laws and regulations. petitive behavior, anti–trust, or monopoly practices. Nor As for professional guidance, we retain both outside legal have we had any significant claims against us regarding counsel and independent accountants to ensure that good the use of our products or services. governance practices and regulations are followed. We might consult with these professionals regarding board Our board of directors includes an independent, non- approval of acquisitions and related-party transactions; executive chairman and six of our eight directors are complete and accurate disclosures in public filings such “independent” under rules of the NASDAQ, where Cognizant as our annual report; and the performance of annual audits is listed. Directors are required to complete an extensive of our financial statements. annual survey to guard against conflicts of interest that could interfere with the exercise of independent judg- Our internal audit capabilities include audit teams in the ment. We also have had great continuity with our board, United States, India and the United Kingdom/Europe. They with four independent directors serving at least 10 years have direct access to the board’s audit committee and and the other two independents serving two years and their scope is set annually based upon risk assessments, four years, respectively. e.g., finance, compliance and security. The internal audit teams perform reviews of Sarbanes-Oxley section 404; Our audit committee, whose members are in regular compliance with laws and regulations, such as immigration communications with the chief financial officer (CFO), statutes; control reviews at entities that are not covered controller, general counsel, and heads of compliance and by Sarbanes-Oxley; compliance with internal policies that internal audit, consists of four independent directors, one cover banking, travel and expenses; accounting processes; of whom serves as chairman and who is an audit commit- and payroll. tee financial expert, having served as CFO at Paine Webber and Pan American Airways. Our nominating and corporate Cognizant has established a stringent policy covering governance committee develops and recommends cor- insider trading and black-out periods for stock transac- porate governance policies and oversees the evaluation tions. This policy is designed to prevent the occurrence or of the board’s effectiveness. appearance of improper trading in our stock by associ- ates and directors. It assures shareholders, analysts and We have a whistleblower hotline, called the Compliance others that the market for our stock is a fair one and not Helpline, which serves as a vehicle for employees, clients, influenced improperly by those that may possess non- vendors and others to report concerns anonymously about public information. The black-out period that covers all ethical behavior. Complaints are routed jointly to the com- associates extends from 15 days before each quarter ends pliance director and general counsel with a detailed account to the third business day after we release earnings. of all reported incidents sent monthly to the audit committee chairman and to executive management.26 Cognizant Technology Solutions
  29. 29. We Survey Associates Annually exchange for an internal service. While the monetaryWe offer exit interviews to all terminated associates and amount was insignificant, the contractor responsible wasthe results of those interviews are communicated to the terminated and additional screening procedures werecompliance director and the general counsel if they con- put in place for contractors in India.tain allegations of fraud or unethical conduct. In addition, We are in the process of writing a Sustainable Procurementwe conduct an annual survey of associates to monitor Policy, which will be published in the coming year. We ex-their satisfaction levels and solicit feedback on leadership, pect this policy will include a supplier survey which willmanagement and other concerns, including on ethics and draw from the GRI G3 guidelines. We are also working withbusiness conduct. An outside party tabulates the survey our procurement team to embed corporate responsibilityresults and they are reviewed annually by management clauses into our contracts. The supplier survey will be oneto determine if any actions need to be taken. mechanism to ensure these clauses are followed.We are striving to ensure that the vendors within our As for political activities, we encourage participation in thesupply chain employ the highest ethical standards within political process on an individual basis and not on behalftheir own business and we investigate and respond to of the company. Regarding policy advocacy activities, ourany allegation of bribery or corruption. In January 2010, associates are prohibited from lobbying the governmentwe received a single substantiated report of bribery in or other policy-making organizations on Cognizant’s behalf Cognizant Technology Solutions 27
  30. 30. unless it is explicitly part of their job to do so. Those en- gain access to the skilled talent Cognizant needs to compete gaged in policy advocacy on behalf of Cognizant comply and innovate. with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, and our Education. Building on our Public Outreach, Cognizant Standards of Business Conduct. participates in broad-based industry associations and co- Public Policy Advocacy alitions to support policy initiatives geared to increase In terms of public policy, a wide range of policies are in curriculum quality and student participation in math and place or are being considered by governmental bodies in science fields. capitals from Washington to London to Delhi that can and Tax. Tax laws have a substantial impact on capital invest- do have a material impact on our business. We consider ment and economic development. We advocate for tax policy advocacy on issues of importance to our business, policies that facilitate innovation, improve competitiveness, customers, employees, shareholders and industry an es- and fuel investment and job creation. sential component of our strategic planning. We work to ensure that our public policy positions complement or Market Access. Trade agreements that reduce barriers advance our global sustainability and citizenship objectives. and improve access to new markets are vital for improved commerce and collaboration for Cognizant, our partners Fundamentally, Cognizant’s public policy objectives are and our customers. We advocate for bilateral, regional focused on issues that we consider essential to advancing and worldwide trade agreements that facilitate trade in innovation, competitiveness, job creation, economic growth services, enable temporary migration of skilled profes- and sustainable standards of living. Our policy agenda is sionals, increase protections on intellectual property, and centered on workforce development, education, tax, mar- allow for greater regulatory transparency. ket access and information privacy and security. Information Privacy/Security. Today’s technology infra- Workforce Development. Cognizant’s success depends structure facilitates global commerce and communication, significantly on recruiting, hiring and retaining highly skilled drives the creation of new consumer products and services, professionals. Cognizant and its customers face near and and provides a foundation for governments to better long-term skills gaps in developed countries, which neces- serve its citizens. To protect this infrastructure, which is sitate workforce development and migration policies to mostly owned and managed by the private sector, govern- ments work with private entities to protect their citizens from cyber attacks and data breaches. We support policies that improve cyber-security through effective informa- tion management and technological innovation. Cognizant also recognizes the critical importance of fun- damental human rights such as the prohibition of child labor and forced labor. Cognizant does not use child or forced labor in any of our operations. As a technology ser- vices company, such issues are not a significant risk factor in our business operations. In our daily operations, we adhere to all International Labor Organization standards and are studying our supply-chain policies and procedures to ensure that all our suppliers conform to the same high standards as we do.28 Cognizant Technology Solutions
  31. 31. Cognizant Technology Solutions 29
  32. 32. Stewards of the Environment30 Cognizant Technology Solutions
  33. 33. We believe protecting the planet is everyone’s Our two-and-a-half-year-old Go Green program drives ourbusiness. Cognizant stands committed to leading environmental initiatives, led by our Chennai, India-basedour industry in energy conservation, waste reduction director of sustainability, Premkumar Pandurangam. Theand disposal, and recycling. We have established a program currently targets carbon emissions, energy and paper use, and will soon include waste, hazardous materi-greenhouse gas policy that is reducing emissions als and water use.across our global delivery network. Go Green has engaged many associates in environmentalWe follow industry best practices and statutory require- programs, using a sophisticated approach to organizationalments aimed at protecting the world’s environmental change-management practices to engage associates inhealth. We also actively support national and international the discussion.climate-change policies, protocols and initiatives, such asthe Carbon Disclosure Project and the former U.S. Environ- With Cognizant Go Green, we have set and met mile-mental Protection Agency (EPA) Climate Leaders program. stones that include: • Reduced per capita carbon emissions byIn addition, we are proactively working with our employees 28% since put into effect best practices for conserving energy • Reduced per capita energy consumption byand shrinking individual carbon footprints. Collectively, 29% since 2008.these measures ensure that we operate in an environ- • Constructed three new green campuses tomentally friendly manner and drive sustainable economic environmentally friendly building standardsgrowth. We are proud that on the Newsweek Green Rank- that won LEED® Gold rated awards.ings, Cognizant moved to No. 138 in 2010, up from No. 449 • Deployed PC power management to 50,000the previous year. Within the tech industry list, Cognizant desktop computers, saving thousands of tonsmoved to No. 25 from No. 49, and we continue to lead that of carbon in terms of our environmental impact, which re- • Instituted double-sided printing, print quotas andflects our low per-capita emissions. power-saving modes on our printers across India.Managing Our Environmental Impact • Reduced paper consumption by 2.2 millionWith more than 100,000 associates and numerous data pages a year.centers worldwide, we work to better manage our offices’ To help reduce our energy and carbon footprint, we imple-environmental impact. In our employee centers in India mented a Six Sigma building energy-optimization projectand around the world, we work to increase the efficiency in order to benchmark the energy efficiency of all of ourof our office air conditioning, desktop computers, light- large development facilities. Our goal was to reduce ouring, heating, and electronics. India power consumption to 1.8 kWh/sqft/month in 18 Cognizant Technology Solutions 31
  34. 34. global reach: ‘Go Green Anthem’ Inspires Environmental Action PREMKUMAR PANDURANGAM Director of Sustainability A stirring rock song can inspire listeners to a cause. Cognizant associates have their “Go Green” anthem to spark environmental initiatives. Written by the Cognizant Pune rock band, Harmonic Recession, it helps the company spread a message of the “individual’s responsibility towards the environment” across its global offices. Fresh and young in spirit, the “Go Green” anthem encourages people to recognize the planet’s environmental realities. It also adds practical suggestions for associates to follow in their daily lives. The song was played in all company offices to a rousing response. It now is played at every Go Green occasion so associates are quickly mastering the lyrics, which include: In rhythm and rhyme, this is our time, let’s join our hands, here’s what we say: Let’s start a movement the world has never seen. Go Green! Go Green! Go Green!” This initiative and the larger Go Green program are managed by Director of Sustainability Premkumar Pandurangam. Prem, pictured above, leads Cognizant’s efforts to track and reduce its Greenhouse Gas emissions, water consumption and waste. Along with his team, he works to enlist all 100,000+ Cognizant Associates to do their part to reduce their personal impact on the environment through communications, education, events, competitions and other forms of employee engagement and recognition.32 Cognizant Technology Solutions
  35. 35. months, down from 2.1 kWh/sqft/month. We identified best In addition to Cognizant’s major efforts to improvepractices used in Cognizant’s most efficient facilities and building energy efficiency, we acknowledge that, as ahave rolled them out to other facilities, driving significant busy global company, travel is a major part of our envi-energy efficiency improvements. ronmental footprint. We have placed a significant corpo- rate emphasis on video conferencing and telepresenceThe energy-optimization project covered all aspects of facilities, using this technology to reduce travel to meet-our infrastructure — office space, utilities, desktop hard- ings and other business-related sessions. To date, withware, and data centers. Our process was determined and environmental impact in mind, we have deployed morereplicable: we identified operational levers to optimize than 500 telepresence and high-definition video units,energy usage and reduce waste. We formed small teams reduced our air travel and, in the process, improved ourfocused on key energy consuming equipment and ran Six associates’ work-life balance and our collaboration withSigma Green Belt Projects for HVAC-Chillers, HVAC-Air customers. The telepresence project was so successfulHandling Units, Uninterruptable Power Supplies, Lighting that we documented it in a white paper and video availableand Generators. at andThis project also addressed IT infrastructure, focusing on hardware (triggering sleep-mode in non-working The Impact of Climate Changehours), server hardware (using virtual servers instead of At Cognizant, we take climate change very seriously.physical servers for new projects) and data centers (con- Climate change may pose operational risk to our facili-solidating data centers). Through these efforts, over the ties located in coastal cities around the world. It couldlast two years we have achieved 20 percent reduction in also cause disruptions to our operations if severe weatherper square-foot and 29 percent reduction in per capita caused by climate change impacts goods and services inenergy consumption. our supply chain. An escalation of electricity and transpor-In Cognizant’s annual Carbon Disclosure Project declara- tation costs with fluctuations in the price of hydrocarbontion, we reported a 7 percent per capita reduction in could also impact our business.2010, achieved through our Go Green program’s focus on Climate change has provided us an opportunity to reas-several energy-reduction initiatives. As a member of the sess our energy dependence and energy productivity. Weformer U.S. EPA Climate Leaders program, we set a 25 identified opportunities to conserve energy and improvepercent per capita emissions-reduction target between the energy efficiency and productivity of our facilities and2008 and 2013. We have already exceeded that target and equipment. It is not possible for Cognizant to quantify theare looking to extend it further. Reflecting our efforts, our financial impact of the risks or opportunities associatedCognizant facility in Hyderabad, India won the Tishman with climate change.Speyer Waverock award for the Best Green IT Company ina leased facility. In our quest for energy efficiency, we also We also anticipate opportunities to assist our customersgave Energy Leadership Awards to vendor partners and in being more energy efficient with adoption of green ITfacility managers at several of our buildings and campuses. by way of server consolidation, virtualization, cloud com- puting and business process optimization that can resultAs for environmental management system (EMS) certifi- in reduced materials or energy consumption.cation, we have two large facilities ISO 14001 certifiedand intend to certify three more large facilities in thenext year. Cognizant Technology Solutions 33
  36. 36. Cognizant and our associates also have participated in When Cognizant hired its 100,000th employee in December several energy-conservation initiatives in various Indian 2010, we committed to planting one tree per associate. communities. Under Project LULU (Light up Life up), Cog- We have partnered with NGOs to complete the tree nizant’s Green Brigadiers distributed solar lanterns among plantings in early 2011. 100 families in the remote hamlet of Malliamman Durgam, which is not connected by roads or by an electricity grid. Conserving Water Associates also planted 2,500 trees in and around Chennai 2010 was the first year we captured and reported water to make the city greener. And to decrease air pollution, use information at Cognizant. Because we do not use water associates on December 10, 2010, hung up their car keys in our supply chain and the main use is for drinking and and walked, rode bicycles or took public transportation to personal hygiene, we do not see significant opportunity celebrate Car Free Day at Cognizant. for reducing water use, but we will study this data and look for opportunities to conserve water in 2011. In many facilities, we have sewage water treatment plants to recy- cle water for watering landscapes, but do not have flow monitors in place to measure the volume recycled. However, after compiling the data and studying this area, we may identify additional opportunities for water conservation. Cognizant has measured consumption of water pro- cured from external sources for the majority of its India operations. For some facilities, we do not receive water consumption data, so we extrapolated this information based on usage at similar facilities. We chiefly use water for: 1. Utility, including air conditioning, personal hygiene, cleaning, landscaping and domestic purposes 2. Drinking and cafeteria operations Based on a total consumption of about 787,452 kilo-liters of utility water, the average associate uses about 1,074 liters per month at the office. Similarly, based on a total con- sumption of 22,399 kilo-liters of drinking water, the average associate drinks 24.48 liters per month at the office.34 Cognizant Technology Solutions
  37. 37. Helping the Blind Envision New WorldsMahua Seth, an associate on the Cognizant 2.0 team, learned music from a visually challengedteacher who also ran a residential school for visually challenged children. From a young age,Mahua recognized that these children cherished access to the fantasy world of stories throughverbal storytelling. After her classes and during the weekends, Mahua would read to them.Another Cognizant 2.0 team member, Vishnu Priya, had acted as a scribe for visually challengedpeople since her college days and felt a deep connection to wanting to help.At Cognizant, Mahua and Vishnu realized their shared passion for serving the visually challenged.Together they founded the Third Eye Charitable Trust, which makes non-curriculum readingmaterial accessible in Braille for the visually challenged. In India, only an estimated five percentof printed matter is available in Braille.On January 4, 2011, in conjunction with World Braille Day, ‘Third Eye’ released its first set of 25Braille titles for children, spanning the genres of fiction, biography, environmental awareness,morality and short stories. Cognizant Technology Solutions 35
  38. 38. Energy saved due to conservation and efficiency improvements – 202,673 MWh TOTAL DIRECT AND INDIRECT GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS BY WEIGHT (METRIC TONS CO2E) 2010–2009 2009–2008 2010–2008 GHG Emissions 2010 2009 2008 Change Change Change Scope 1 28,647 21,567 22,981 33% –6% 25% Scope 2 147,288 129,354 123,593 14% 5% 19% Scope 3 46,270 27,738 35,964 67% –23% 25% Total 222,205 178,659 182,538 24% –2% 22% Scope 1 Intensity 0.28 0.28 0.37 0% –26% –26% Scope 2 Intensity 1.42 1.66 2.00 –15% –17% –29% Scope 3 Intensity 0.44 0.36 0.58 25% –39% –24% GHG Intensity 2.14 2.29 2.96 –7% –23% –28% CO2E Emissions computed using The Greenhouse Gas Protocol: A Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard (Revised Edition) published by the World Resources Institute. EMISSIONS OF OZONE DEPLETING SUBSTANCES BY WEIGHT (METRIC TONS) HFC Weight HCFC Weight 134a 1 .6 1 MT R–22 4.54 MT 407C 0.60 MT 125 0.07 MT IMPACT OF TRANSPORTING MEMBERS OF THE WORKFORCE (METRIC TONS CO2E) 2008 % Reduction Business Travel Related Emissions 2010 2009 (baseline) from baseline Scope 3 Intensity MT per associate 0.44 0.36 0.58 24% ENERGY CONSUMPTION (MWh) Type of Energy Usage Direct energy consumption – 100% from use of non–renewable diesel fuel 26,961 MWh Indirect energy consumption – 100% from purchase of non–renewable electricity 193,161 MWh36 Cognizant Technology Solutions
  39. 39. Cricket for Charity 2010Anyone for cricket — and charity? Cognizant associates certainly were in the mood for thatcombination on a warm Saturday in September 2010. They participated in or watched the secondannual Cricket for Charity 2010 in Hartford, Conn., a fundraiser hosted by Cognizant Senior VicePresident Ben Bengtson, head of the Insurance practice, and by five major insurance companiesin the New England area.Eight teams competed against each other in a knock–out format to decide the champions, andthe teams included the CognizanTrav Huskies, who won the championship match against a teamfrom Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company.More than 500 people attended the event, enjoying many family- and child-based activities.A disc jockey played live dhol, a traditional Indian percussion instrument, and upbeat musiccheered the teams. Throughout the day, raffles were conducted with generous donations. Thefundraiser collected more than $10,000 for United Way. Cognizant Technology Solutions 37
  40. 40. Responsibility at Work38 Cognizant Technology Solutions
  41. 41. At Cognizant, our primary asset is human capital; In addition to the formal learning in classrooms, Cognizantour 100,000-plus associates essentially determine Academy brings learning to our employees’ desktops. Weour economic performance. So we commit much use multi-modal methods, such as content-managementattention to attracting and retaining high-quality systems, blogging, Wikipedia, video-based training and dis- tance education/higher education, as well as Technology-associates and nurturing a culture of service, caring, Based Training. In 2010, over 7.1 million hours of trainingand passion. were provided, with the average employee receiving 84While our headquarters are in the U.S., the majority of our hours of training. Associate-level employees received anoperations are in India where we enjoy high standing as a average of 103 hours of internal training and Management“local” player. Most of our senior managers have exten- received an average of 37 hours of internal training. Thesesive international business experience and educational numbers do not include hours of training at externalbackgrounds. As an example, Francisco, our CEO, was born events such as workshops, conferences and Kenya, educated in Asia and the United States and has Our primary focus in 2011 includes ensuring a robustlived throughout the world. As for our global reach, we learning enablement at crucial career junctures such asmaintain more than 35 regional sales and client-relation- transitioning from college to corporate, becoming a first-ship offices in 19 countries and more than 50 development time lead, changing to a different geography, and workingcenters in 24 cities and eleven countries. directly with the customer for the first time. We also in-Training and Professional Development tend to identify opportunities with account teams whereWe consider our training and development capacities the learning can make a strong impact by penetrating andbest in the IT industry, emphasizing process and method- strengthening many more key accounts in 2011 and 2012.ology as well as client satisfaction. Our staff turnover hastypically been favorable when compared with the industry.For 2010 our turnover rate was at 18.3 percent. We con-sistently receive the highest employee-satisfaction marksamong software companies with operations in India, wherewe are among the largest technology employers.We are committed to continuous learning, giving our asso-ciates opportunities to stay current with leading-edgetechnologies and to develop communication skills so theycan perform their roles effectively and efficiently. Ourlearning programs are conducted through CognizantAcademy, our in-house training center. It offers manyconventional and leading-edge educational programs foremployees at all levels. Cognizant Technology Solutions 39
  42. 42. global reach: Cognizant Womens Initiative COLLEEN DOHERTY Director, Talent Management When a company grows rapidly, its infrastructure often is slow to catch up. That’s what happened at Cognizant, which in 2010 made Fortune’s fastest-growing companies list for the eighth year in a row. Now its leadership is moving swiftly to mesh its infrastructure with its workforce by focusing on matters such as engaging female employees. In November 2010, Colleen Doherty, a recent recruit from Wall Street to Cognizant’s Talent Management staff, established the company’s global Women’s Initiative to help attract, engage and retain more female talent. Women comprise about one-third of the company’s employees, and Colleen is establishing, among other initiatives, an interactive forum for women to connect, share ideas and best practices. Thanks to the company’s global collaboration platform, dubbed C2.0, women will be able to blog, tweet and post relevant articles, data and events on the internal communications site. She also is partnering with outside organizations to identify successful initiatives and practices around women in the workplace and overall diversity efforts. “Over the next few years, we expect this initiative to increase the number of women we have in leadership roles around the globe,” says Colleen. A survey of Cognizant women (who average 28 years of age) by the Women’s Initiative found they want more job flexibility and an improved work-life balance. Colleen, a mother of two preschoolers herself, is now working to identify specific programs or assistance to help deliver on those two issues. She is expecting that by 2012, the Women’s Initiative will have gotten well off the ground and will have begun making a significant positive impact for women at Cognizant.40 Cognizant Technology Solutions